Top 10 Android Apps for College Students


Android Apps for College Students- Today, almost every college student has smartphone or various types of new gadgets coming up in a market. With these types of gadgets, the need of various apps has also been a trend amongst college students. Basically, android gives us a vast variety of apps which are very helpful for students and can also make their work easier. Well, you can also say that some good things in life are free and this includes these android apps.

Smartphones was originally designed to help the person and to do maximum work in less time and these android apps will help any university or college student, whether they are dealing with physics, maths arts or any other subject. Another best thing with these apps is that most of them are free.

Further, in today’s scenario, it is also true that you will not find a student who does not use gadgets and various types of apps that make their work easier. With this, android provides a huge variety of apps which will help you in almost aspect of life. On the other hand, it is no surprise that college students have a very busy life schedule and many of them are also working part time to earn some money. So, in that case these types of android apps make their life easier. Further, according to one study, students who use tablets and smartphones score high grades in exams as compared to others who do not use that.

Below mentioned is the list of top 10 and best android apps for college students:

Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

10. RefME Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

The first app in the list of top 10 is RefMe. It becomes very tiring fora student to do research, write papers and search bibliography in a short span of time. But, this superb app solves this problem and helps the students to make their task much easier. Further, you can also take a scan of the book or journal’s bar code, and can make a nicely formatted bibliography.

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9. Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

The second superb app for college students is Anydo. There are millions of students who use this app to organize their tasks and this app is also perfect for the students who need to create a task list. Further, it can also synchronize all your tasks with other devices so that the list can be accessed from anywhere.

8. Tasker Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

Another useful android app for college students is tasker. It offers a huge range of features and total automation on your smartphone. It is a programming tool that lets you set your own triggers based on your requirement. This app can also detect when you are at the library and keep your phone on silent.

7. Studious Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

This is the other interesting app which can be very useful for students. You can replace your old planner by downloading this app. Further, you can also track your daily class schedule, future exams and homework assignments.

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6. Dropbox Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

Another one of the best android apps for college student is Dropbox. It can be very easily accessed on several platforms like android, mac and many more. It also allows users to save photos, documents and videos.

5. Evernote Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

Evernote is the other superb app which is widely used for the purpose of note taking and its recent updates are even more interesting. Further, its clean  and uncomplicated interface makes it perfect for students to take notes without any hassle.

4. Feedly Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

Another most commonly used app by students is Feedly which also one of the best RSS aggregators. Basically, college students always want to know everything but lack behind due to deadlines and part time jobs and feedly is the one solution to solve all these problems. It also lets you consolidate all news into one feed.

3. Mint Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

Mint is one of the best apps for any college student because it helps in managing all financial decisions which can make the life of a student easier. It basically tracks your budget while you are busy with other things. Further, you can also view up to date information about your accounts, see your transactions and various other things related to your account. It is also password protected, in case you lost your phone you will not lose your data or private information.

2. EasyBib Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

Another most useful app for college students is EasyBib which takes over one of the most time consuming parts which is related to writing a research paper. This app also helps you to format your list of references in thousands of styles. You have to just type in the name of the book and this app will give you various options to choose from and then it will also make a citation for you.

 1. Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

Another perfect android apps for college students is this one. This is last but not the least app which is the perfect application for words lovers and even for everyone who has to read many books on different topics in which students also come across some difficult words. Further, it also makes it easy to find the definition of every word you don’t know or you are not sure about. With this app, students can save lot of their time.

So, as discussed above, these are some of the best and most useful Android apps for college students. You can chose the one which suits your needs the best.


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