Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for Students


Mobile phones! This is the growing craze among the youngster. The increasing availability of various student-eccentric apps has wooed the students towards using phones more. The study apps in specific have made it very easy for the students to acquire information.

College life is the most important part of one’s life. We learn all kinds of new things. Lets us spottily a list of top ten mobile apps for students largely installed and used.

Top 10 Best Mobile Apps for StudentsTop 10 Best Mobile Apps for Students

10. Desmos Graphing Calculator

You must already be having a calculator on your phones. If you do not have, Desmos Graphing Calculator will be an excellent alternative. It works similarly to a graphing calculator. Input your equations and get the graph. You can graph as many equations as you want, save the prior equations for a quick recall which even comes with a scientific calculator. It the most popular android phone app for students of mathematics. The download is completely free and is good for students on a budget. It is definitely one of the best apps for students.

9. Flashcards

The use of this app can easily be guessed from the name. It helps to create flashcards- learning complex words and phrases, studying a second language, and other types of study. The free version of the app allows a download of 50 free flashcards. You will have to pay $ 2.49 to create the rest. The interface is easy and the use is very simple. The app is quite new but the developer has rather been active. Well, this is one of the most useful mobile apps for students.

8. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

HiQ MP3 Voice Recorder is one of the best apps for voice recording. It helps to record the lectures and voice notes. The recording is done in an MP3 format. This means the app can virtually work on any piece of tech. You can record in 320kbps which comes along with widget for quick recording and support for dropbox. You can make use of microphones if you want to. The free version of the app records ten minutes clip and it is a must-try for college students.

7. Microsoft Office 365 Education

Microsoft offers students with a good number of college apps to play for free. One is the full-time subscription to Microsoft Office 365. You just need to enter a valid school email address and get access to excel, Microsoft Word, OneNote, and more. Microsoft Office 365 Education features collaboration so that you can work on the project with your fellow students. Anybody with a specific email address and is at least 13 years old can have easy access to this. If it still comes up problems, you still have Google Drive that is free for everybody. Download it from Google play and avail the benefits. Microsoft Office 365 Education is one of the best mobile apps for students.

6. RealCalc

RealCalc is one of the apps that always has been around us. It supports RAD, DEG, and GRAD and is called a standalone scientific calculator. It additionally supports 32-digit extended precision, 12-digit display, and can perform all kinds of calculations. There is not much to look at but the functionality is well known. RealCalc and Desmos Graphing calculator mentioned above are the only two calculators that must by every college student. The unpaid version gives half of the overall features whereas the paid version offers you almost everything. This is a free download app for students to make their college life easier.

5. Scribd

Scribd is the finest resource for students. It provides a good collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and articles from well known new resources. Along with this, there are innumerable scientific studies, dissertations, government reports, and more. To avail of the complete benefit, you will have to pay $8.99 per month. However, with that price you will one audiobook and three books per month. You will have access to unlimited reports, academic stuff, and studies. This mobile app for students is a must-try.

4. SoloLearn

SoloLearn can help those opting for software development that can have a ton of college apps available to them. This provides a number of free apps that helps to learn the fundamentals of any computer language you can think of. It comes with web kinds of stuff like that of CSS and HTML, popular languages like Java and C++, and even stuffs such as SQL, Python, PHP, and others. This is the most downloaded app for students to augment the knowledge and enhance the programming horizons.

3. Wunderlist

Now, this is probably the best to-do-list app on the Google Play. This app reminds of the stuff you have to do. That can include reminding yourself of the homework you have to do, the reminder that your class is at 8:30 PM, the date when you have to go to the library and study, and more. It takes a bit of time but otherwise an excellent app to make you organized by staying updated with the schedule with just a touch of a button. The best is most of the app is free.

2. Dictionary

A Dictionary is a handy tool and consists of many features such as the word of the day to expand your vocabulary. The first-time language learners can find them very useful for defining the words they do not know the meaning.

The Dictionary app provides three sources. The words come from The American Heritage Dictionary, Webster’s dictionary, and Roget’s Thesaurus. The app comes with the word of the day along with a thesaurus, a dictionary, and a translation to 40 languages and more. Additional features include audio pronunciations, idioms of the day, word etymologies, and many others.

1. myHomework

The basic and the most required of all apps is the app to remind you of the homework you have to do. It will help you to keep track of classes and projects and manage assignments. It is difficult to stick to deadlines but this app will remind you of the dates and the projects you are assigned.

Well, the above is the specified list of 10 mobile apps for students. Download as per your need and enjoy the benefits.


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