Top 10 All Time Super Hit Songs of Arijit Singh


Arijit Singh is the soul of music in the Bollywood at this time. He is one of the most popular Bollywood singers of current time. There are a lot of fans, infect this singer has more fans than actors in some calculation. Arijit Singh gave his precious voice to Bollywood from the song “Phir Mohabbat” in Murder2. This was the time, Bollywood founds a singer of soul. The one of the main thing which is always considered that nobody makes Arijit in section or limited as he can sing all kinds of songs with full of emotions. He has sung so many super hit Bollywood songs of every genre. The list of most popular hit  songs of Arijit Singh is very long and thus, very difficult to list out all his best songs here. The all songs sung by Arijit Singh is all time ever green songs and that’s why he is known as by evergreen super hit singer.

Although, there are a lot of Arijit Singh songs but some are really heart touching. So, we have those songs with list of top 10 all time super hit songs of Arijit Singh.

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Top 10 All Time Super Hit Songs of Arijit SinghTop 10 All Time Super Hit Songs of Arijit Singh

10. Tum Hi Ho

The starting songs of the Arijit were really ultimate. TUM HI HO was just like an entire story in a song and still this is one of the most popular super hit songs of Arijit Singh. The song is just like the symbol of peace in the heart. Music, voice and coordination in the song are awesome and cool. The one of the best thing is that, the song was launched in 2013 but it’s still on that tongue which is the real madness about the music. The one of the best thing is that, it makes the heart soothing at all the time as this song is always counting in the evergreen songs Arijit.

Download- Tum Hi Ho

9. Raabta(Kahte hai khuda ne)

The Raabta is just an amazing song. It’s not easy to sing a song without taking a break for several times. The long lasting line which can’t be recorded easily but not for the Arijit as told that, he can sing all kinds of songs easily. That’s why he has given so many Bollywood super hit songs. The lyrics and voice in the songs are just amazing. There are many surveys which are always eager to make this song in top three.

The Raabta is the song from Agent Vinod which was the movie of Saif ali Khan. The Raabta was counting in most likely songs by the public still now. The purity in the song and the best lyrics are the reason of this songs ultimate demand. So, Raabta is just a different and precious song in the list of hit songs of Arijit.

Download- Raabta(Kahte hai khuda ne)

8. Muskurane

The song from city light is an amazing and incredible song. No doubt the peaceful lyrics and awesome singing by Arijit in this song is watchful. The one of the best thing is that, everything in this song is quite awesome and cool like lyrics, singing and composition etc. there was a lot of things to notice in this song but the main thing is that, the peaceful lyrics and voice is the reason of soul touchy moment of this song. The one of the best thing about this super hit song is that, the Muskurane song is always on the tongue of those people who want some peace in the special moments of their life.

Download- Muskurane

7. DilliWaali Girlfriend

The song was sung in Yeh Jawani hai diwani but it is necessary to have some noise in the special moments of life. Dilli wali girlfriend is just a different type of song what Arijit generally does. The one of the best thing about this song is that, a lot of motivation with a curiosity which is particularly needed at sometimes. The full of energetic song is which can makes some fast blood is called Dilli wali girlfriend.

Download- DilliWaali Girlfriend

6. Kabira

The most peaceful and lovable songs at all the time because it is always makes something like tearing in eyes whenever it feels the real situation of the lyrics used in this song. The one of the best thing is that, it is really awesome to make the heart rewind those lovable things and silly fight with lover. The most enthusiastic lines are enough to feel everyone good or real in few minutes.

Download- Kabira


Arijit Singh chooses this song which is beyond the imagination in each and every section of this song as lyrics, composition and singing, everything was ultimate in this song. Infect, this is the best combination of feeling and message in a single song. The poetry like lyrics and incredible voice of Arijit makes everyone hearts cherish at all the time.

Download- ILAHI

4. Sanam Re

The most compassion of love and trying to make agree the lover is fully define with the origin in this song. There are a lot of peoples who have their hearts connected with this amazing song. The one of the best thing is that, Arijit didn’t make anything boring in any moment as the classic message has given through this song.

Download- Sanam Re

3. Channa Mereya

The song is ultimate and always stands upon the head of true songs lovers. This is an amazing combination of singing and feelings. The thing which makes this extra beautiful is the classic type music in this song which is enough to cherish the heart of people with the voice of Arijit Singh. The song is very common at all the time and can be found easily in the music source of the general people that makes the sense of popularity of this song.

Download- Channa Mereya

2. Enna Sona

The amazing singer, amazing songs this is the power of Arijit only that makes everything stands in a raw. The Enna sona is something like a true magic. Everything is superb in this song like lyrics, music composition and voice. It is not less than magic that this song is always trends on some websites constantly. Overall there is no match for Enna sona in various situations.

Download- Enna Sona

1. Phir Bhi tumko chahunga

The song is the heart beat of peoples especially of youngsters. The one of the best thing is that it is enough to cherish the voice of Arijit but with the lyrics and music of this song makes everybody mad. The song is more than words.

There are a lot of songs sung by Arijit Singh but these are some special songs. All songs are good by this collection will never let you disappoint as this list have all kinds of amazing songs by this popular singer.  

Download- Phir Bhi tumko chahunga


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