Top 10 Best Dino-Mite Birthday Party Ideas

Are you thinking to celebrate your kids birthday with a dinosaur theme? If yes, check out these top 10 best Dino-Mite birthday party ideas.

Gone are the days of celebrating birthday parties in conventional ways simply by cutting cakes and wishing “Happy Birthday to You”. You can enhance your birthday experience by adopting an interesting Dino-mite or dinosaur theme while celebrating a birthday.

In fact, people are actually using the Dinosaur birthday theme for their birthday. If you are also looking for some great Dinosaur birthday party ideas, you are lucky to here. We at Top 10 About are going to suggest the top 10 best Dino-Mite birthday party ideas of all time.

Thus, you can learn here how to give a totally Dino-Mite birthday party. Have you imagined yourself amidst the “Jurassic Park” at your birthday party?

Steven Spielberg’s 1993 movie “Jurassic Park” has made Dinosaurs the favorite prehistoric animals of children. To throw a prehistoric birthday, below are certain tips for planning, decorating, activities preparing food and playing games. You can get from them, basic requirements of supplies, such as decorations, cups, plates, and napkin.  You may also like to purchase, borrow or rent the following items:

  • Dinosaur Posters
  • Bags of Sand
  • A Sand Box
  • Fossils
  • Dinosaurs Movies
  • Disposable cameras
  • Large Plastic Dinosaur Eggs

Below are some great ideas for your dinosaur themed Birthday party. You can throw the best Dinosaur birthday party to your kids using these Dino-Mite birthday party ideas.

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Top 10 Best Dino-Mite Birthday Party Ideas

10. Innovative Invitation

Innovative Invitation- Top 10 Best Dino-Mite Birthday Party Ideas

If you like to experience the excitement and thrill, before the celebration of your Dino-Mite birthday party, you may adopt the following ideas.

  • Call the invitation card, a ‘dinosaur egg’ and insert a large plastic egg inside a transparent cellophane bag and tie a ribbon over it.
  • Write your party’s program on one side of a construction paper.

9. Creation of Cards

Creation of Cards- Top 10 Best Dino-Mite Birthday Party Ideas

For creating a card, fold the construction paper in half and put a foam dinosaur on the front. After rolling out some play dough, cut out the bone shapes and fix a bone on the front of each invitation by applying glues. This will create the excitement of your dinosaur themed birthday party. And no doubt, this would be a great Dino-Mite birthday party idea.

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8. Main Decorations

Taking chalk, draw large footprints of dinosaurs on the pavement that leads to your door. Sounds Good! Yes, this is truly one of the best Dino-Mite birthday party ideas on this theme. It will create a proper environment of Dinosaur birthday theme.

  • Hang a banner at the entrance of the party, with the writing “Welcome to (your last name), Dinosaur Dig.
  • Decorate the party area with dinosaur toys and place some such toys on the cake plate.
  • Putting big rocks and ferns will create a natural environment. Make the ferns out of wide green crepe. You can make three or four pieces of rocks out of brown grocery bags and keep them in the corners of the party area.
  • Without sewing, make caveman costumes for your guests. For this, you need to make a hole at the center of a piece of faux fur or fabric with animal print. It should fit a child’s head. For securing the costume, tie a rope belt around the waist of the child.
  • Fill a sandbox with sand and put the dinosaur’s bones on its top and bury it beneath. Later, your guests will dig up the bones.
  • For creating the effect of rising steam, place dry ice in a Volcano Centerpiece.

7. Dinosaurs Cake

Dinosaur Birthday Cake- Top 10 Best Dino-Mite Birthday Party Ideas

There is such kind of bakeries that can help you in gifting a birthday cake to your child in the form you wanted too. The Dinosaur cakes are available on different range and design, choose as per your requirements. If you planning Dino-Mite birthday party ideas, mark this one of them. This will be really cool and exciting for your birthday boy or girl.

6. Animatronic Dinosaurs

You can also have Animatronic Dinosaurs to create the most true-to-life environment at your birthday party. These personalized products will become the cynosure of all eyes, and your guests can enjoy your birthday in a true-to-life environment. This will complete your dinosaur theme based Birthday party and will become the center of conversation at the birthday party.

5. Food Ideas

Pizza or hotdog can perfectly satisfy your guests. But to give them a pre-historic feeling, you can consider the following ideas.

  • Put dinosaur-related labels on the food. Think of the names; Dinosaur Bones for Pretzel Sticks, Tyrannosaurs Burgers, Dino Dogs, Dino Eggs for Grapes or Tater Tots, Pterodactyl Chicken Wings or Hot Lava for Ketchup.
  • Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets
  • Make two separate sections; one marked “Herbivores” the other “”

4. Serving Ideas

This is one of the best Dino-Mite birthday party ideas for kids birthday. Keep a piece of bone-shaped candy, hidden in a cup of chocolate pudding and sprinkle some chocolate cookies on it. Guests are to be told that it is a bone of dinosaurs which is stuck in the mud. Tell them to eat it to the candy bone. This will really make them that they are truly celebrating a dinosaur themed Birthday party.

3. Dino-mite Party Favors

Din-mite Party Favors- Top 10 Best Dino-Mite Birthday Party Ideas

Extend your thanks to“Dino-mite” party favors that may include:

  • Dinosaurs wind-up toys
  • Dinosaurs figurines
  • Tattoos or stickers in Dinosaurs shape
  • Rock candy and Dinosaurs Candy
  • Dinosaurs finger puppets

2. Dinosaur Movie

This is another one of the best Dinosaur birthday party ideas. As children are very much fond of movies and they do love to watch them on screen. So, let them fulfill their wish. You can search on internet some best Hollywood movies on Dinosaur and once you got a movie, allow the kids to watch it and enjoy together.

1. Dinosaurs Scooters & Cars

You can take some dinosaur scooters or cars to your party if your place is large enough. Kids can ride on them and drive around, that will absolutely bring them more enjoyment. By holding such a dinosaur themed party, your guests will recapitulate the scenes of “Jurassic Park” and will compliment you for this highly creative event.

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