Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World


Best Leather Shoes Brands- If you want to have the best leather shoes you need to know which brands to choose. When it comes to leather shoes, there are quite a few different brands and makes to chose from. Deciding what you want to couple with your leather wallet, belt, and suit can be a daunting task. If you pair your wardrobe improperly, then you could ruin the sense of luxury you are trying to obtain. Understanding the top brands of leather shoe in the world will help you to find the right shoes for the right look. Here are the top 10 best leather shoe brands in the world.

Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

10. Salvatore Ferragamo Italia Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

An Italian company out of Florence the leather shoes are a specialty of the company. Primarily the shoes are loafers. However, the company does make shoes for both men and women. Stores are found all over the world with over 550 mono-brand stores.

Although the shoes typically have a smoothed texture, they also tend to have a definitive handcrafted look. The layering of leather as well as the seams helps to give this appearance. There are some shoes such as the woven oxford which have a personality all its own.

Pricing of a Salvatore Ferragamo set of shoes can go for as much as $995+

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9. Gucci Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

Guicci has been established as a fashionable brand for some time, and so it should not come as a surprise that the brand would be associated with the top shoe brands. While the company does have the traditional loafers and oxfords, they also have the unique look of Gucci fashion as well, such as the studded buckle strap shoe or the Monk Strap Shoe with brougueing.Gucci is also one of the leather shoes brands, listed in the list of Top 10 best leather shoes brands in the world.

Guicci leather shoes tend to run around $1500 per pair, depending on the shoe chosen.

8. Johnston & Murphy Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

Those who are seeking a slightly more economically priced shoe with a strong reputation may wish to look at the Johnston & Murphy collection. Their selection includes both the oxfords, loafers, as well as slip-ons, boots, sneakers, wide widths, and dress classics. Even the handcrafted Italian shoes do not go over $300 in most cases.

7. Prada Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

Prada shoes tend to have the sleek look to them without the textures. Like many brands, the black oxford and loafer are the primary selections. However, I am impressed with the Cordovan Cap-Toe dress shoe as well. The design has a duo tone (though it is listed as brown).

Prada shoes are available at most luxury stores and the prices range from the hundreds up into a thousand or more depending upon the design.

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6. Bruno Magli Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

The styling of the Bruno Magli shoes are highly sophisticated in both design as well as texture. The shoe is not completely smooth, but does have some elements of smooth texture for easy cleaning on the areas that tend to attract the most dirt while walking. The sleek and modern look of the Bruno Magli attracts wearers of all ages and styles with an attractive design and durable leather sole. The price of these shoes is moderately expensive as they start at $100 and can go up to $300. Bruno Magli is also one of the best leather shoes brands in the world.

5. Timberland Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

Leather shoes are not limited to just dress shoes. In fact, the growing popularity of leather working shoes and boots continues. Timberland is one of the more popular boots with selections in nubuck leather and textured leather. The shoes tend to have a dual material composition, utilizing rubber with the leather as well as dense fabrics.

Timberland shoes range in price but typically do no exceed a few hundred dollars.

4.  Cole Hann Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

Cole Hann is a company that values diversity and therefore they offer their shoes in a wide variety of styles to adapt to practically any style choice imaginable. While there are a few styles which are in line with the more “traditional” look, there are many custom styles and unique designs. The shoes are more on the economical side and so buyers should not expect the shoe to have a long lifespan. Prices for these unbelievably adaptable shoes range from a moderate $40 to a few hundred dollars, so they are perfect for any budget.

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3. Berluti Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

Berluti is the brand for those who do not want to scrimp on quality. The brand is based in Paris and is known for producing the most original and bespoke shoes available to the general public. Typically, the shoes are hand crafted and custom made, though some stock options are available. Prices for Berluti shoes vary due to the individuality of each shoe, so if you want truly unique shoes, these shoes certainly fit the bill.

2. Dolce & Gabbana Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

Another one of the best leather shoes brands is Dolce and Gababana. This is a luxury brand which has the luxurious look to back it. The leather shoes are offered in both men’s and women’s. The men’s shoe tends to have the more traditional look with oxfords and loafers. However, the woman’s shoes lean more to the modernistic fashion trends, especially in their high heel selections. There is also more diversity in styles and selections with the woman’s brand.

Dolce & Gabbana shoes are made from genuine leather and range anywhere from the low hundreds to $900+ depending upon the shoe, size, and style chosen. Usually, you can find Dolce & Gabbana at high luxury clothing stores. However, you may be able to find a pair on online venues from time to time.

1. Crockett and Jones Top 10 Best Leather Shoes Brands in World

Crockett and Jones is a Russian shoe company that is known for turning out some of the most amazing shoes on the planet. Not only are customers able to order their shoes in a bespoke atmosphere, but they are also able to order with different textures as well. These hand-crafted shoes are made for the individual instead of the other way around. Due to the unique quality of the shoes, Crockett and Jones leather shoes vary greatly in price, but when your feet are in need of fashion, price should not be a factor.



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