Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

Want to know who are the best & famous male Kpop rappers? If yes, follow this list of the top 10 most popular male K-pop rappers.

Male rappers have played an incredible role in Kpop’s success. They have gained global attention through their amazing rap songs. As our last post about the top 10 female K-pop rappers, in this post, we are unveiling here the top 10 popular male K-pop rappers. Let’s go through with the post and tell us your favorite K-pop rapper name in the comment section.

Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

10. Chanyeol

Chanyeol- Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

The stylist south Korean-born Kpop artist Park Chan-Yeol is a rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, song producer, and model. The versatile personality of the k-pop industry gained interest in music since teenage after listening to Yoo Young-jin.

In 2008, K-pop rapper won second place in Smart Model Contest and joined SM Entertainment. The dashing star gained interest in rapping before his debut performance. The last selected EXO member, 2012, won hearts by writing rap “Run” in 2014. In 2021, Chanyeol shared a screen appearance on The Box, a musical Film.

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9. J-Hope

J-Hope- Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

Jung Ho-Seok, popularly known as J-HOPE is February born in 1994 in Gwangju, South Korea. He is also currently one of the most popular make K-pop rappers. Also, he is an accomplished dancer, singer, songwriter, and record producer with an Upvote of 326712 and a downvote of 12268. Even before his debut with BTS, he was a skilled dancer and belonged to a dance team keen interest in dance, from childhood led him to music.

On 13-June 2013, he debuted as a BTS member and is has ever since thoroughly involved in the discography of all albums of the BTS boy band. His first solo mixtape was Hope World. His collaboration with Becky G for Song Chicken Noodle Soup made him 1st BTS member to chart Hot 100 as a solo artist. In the Year 2018 South Korean President presented him with an Order of Cultural Merit. In July 2021, J-HOPE and the BTS members were appointed as Presidental Envoy For Future Generations and Culture by South Korea President Moon Jae-in.

8. Taeyong

Taeyong- Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

Lee Tae-Yong is another popular Kpop rapper, songwriter, singer, and dancer. In 2012 he joined SM Entertainment, and a year later, he was a member of SM Rookies. He debuted with NCT in 2016 and released his first digital single in the same year with the first of NCT too. In 2017 he collaborated with SM Entertainment artists and other artists, releasing tracks, mini albums, albums, and OST as a rapper, songwriter, and composer.

In 2019 his first solo, Long Flight, landed him a debut with #6 in Billboard World digital songs sale chart. He was declared a member of the Super M group the same year and, its album made #1 in Billboard Top 100 chart. In September 2020, SM announced him as leader of the group. He made his SoundCloud account and released several tracks on it.

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7. Minho

Minho- Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

Minho is a singer, rapper, model, actor, and songwriter who debuted with SHINee in 2008. In 2011, Minho received an honor as an ambassador of youth, followed by UNICEF as Unihero champion ambassadors.

In 2021, by the Korean football federation, he is the K League ambassador. The Korean star’s father is a football player, and he also wished to be one, but later, he moved towards the entertainment industry, graduated in 2015. Minho started modeling in 2008, followed by the debut in Korean music.

In 2010, Minho began his acting career with Pianist alongside writing rap in songs, such as Graze, Loves way from the album The SHINee. The artist gained immense popularity through his acting in 2016; alongside, performing in a historical drama, among others. An unusual act by Minho which, gained him more popularity as he organized a tour to meet his fans in 2019. In 2021, after his military training, he resumed back to the entertainment industry.

6. Sehun

Sehun- Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

One of the successful and popular Kpop idols Sehun comes at 6th spot among top 10 male Kpop rappers. Sehun is also a singer, songwriter, actor, model, and dancer. He got associated with SM Entertainment at the young age of 12. In January 2012, he was the official 5th member of EXO and EXO-K, EXO-Sc with EXO debut in April 2012.

In 2016, he received a viewer’s choice award from a Chinese networking site, followed by a Korean-Chinese film Catman lead role released in 2018. Then he got involved in both Web drama and film for Korean and Chinese audiences gaining immense popularity in China. In 2020 became a brand ambassador for Chinese company Dr.Jart+ resulting, in 20k his edition Mask sale in just 9 minutes. His film in China is the first-ever Korean star work release after the Korean wave restriction there. The Upcoming drama “Now We Are Breaking Up” has a supporting role mentioning him along with his film debut in The Pirates: Goblin Flag. 

5. Zico

Zico- Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

The stylish South Korean Idol Zico is a multi-talented and fascinating personality. Zico is the inspiration to many famous Kpop stars. As a teenager, Zico auditioned for SM entertainment, alongside being an underground rapper Nacseo. However, he made an official debut in 2009, through The Letter as Harmonics, and in 2010, Zico on the block was the debut mixtape.

The versatile artist made a successful solo appearance in 2010, later in 2014, began his career in record production. The hit list of the artist also includes his record-breaking release She’s a Baby. Zico, the idol of South Korea in 2018, got selected as a cultural representative of South Korea in an Inter Korean Submit in North Korea. He has won 31 awards over 86 nominations including, the Asia Artist Awards, Gaon Chart Music Awards, and many more.

Zico collaborates with Fanxy Child, Mino, among others besides, being the owner of KOZ Entertainment-launch 2019. As per records, in 2020, HYBE acquired KOZ, and after the rebranding of KOZ Entertainment, it is still working independently. 

4. JinJin

JinJin- Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

ParkJin-woo is popularly known as Jinjin, a South Korean rapper, singer, composer, model, and actor. The Kpop rapper was born in 1996 in Islan, South Korea. Jinjin debuted as a leader and main rapper in the ASTRO 6 member boy band in South Korea in 2016, after being a trainee in Fantagio for two years. The K-pop rapper graduated with a focus on dance and also participated in various dance competitions in Islan. Thus, his interest led him to compose numerous songs for the band alongside acting. Also, he received 14 awards and 20 nominations. In 2021, he is hosting the podcast Unboxing.

 3. G-Dragon

G-Dragon- Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

The South Korean rapper Kwon- Ji-Yong, is famous as G Dragon; sensing the power of the artist-the name suits him best. This stylish performer is one of the most popular male rappers of K-pop groups. He is also a songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, singer, and fashion designer. This Big Bang member is famous as the ultimate fashionista personality.

G- Dragon’s began his career at 6 later due to a contract glitch he wanted to quit, but fortunately, SM Entertainment searched him, and he restarted his career. The South Korean rapper gained popularity after his promotional and solo debut in 2009. The 32-year-old artist, rumored to be in a relationship with Jinnie (Blackpink), and a South Korean media confirms this news.

2. Suga

Suga- Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

The 2nd place for most popular male K-pop rappers goes to Min Yoongi stage name Suga and Agust D. He is famous for his hit and savage rap style. He is a fast rapper with an Upvote of 1579328 and downvotes of 233607.

BTS charm 28, born on 9 March 1993 in Daegu, South Korea, is the heart of netizens. Suga is one of the members of the K-pop boy band BTS, signed with big hit entertainment.

Since he gained interest in rapping also started writing lyrics at the early age of 13. By 17, he started working at a recording studio and composing, rapping, performing, and arranging music.

In 2013, he debuted as a BTS member, produced various songs for albums, wrote lyrics besides his solo releases. In 2018 he received the award Order of Cultural Merit as a BTS member by the South Korean president. And in July 2021, appointed as Special Presidental Envoy For The Future Generations alongside all BTS members. 

1. RM

RM- Top 10 Most Popular Male K-pop Rappers

Kim Nam-Joon, Rap Monster famous as RM, is the leader of the boy band BTS. He is currently the most popular male Kpop rapper. He is also a songwriter, and producer. As a child, he developed an interest in hip-hop music and progressed towards lyricism. In 2007, he started as a rapper in hip-hop circles. In 2010, he joined BTS as a trainee, debuted as a BTS member on 13th June 2013.

On 17th March 2015, he collaborated with various foreign as well as Korean artists. Also, in 2018, he received an Order of Cultural Merit from the South Korean President alongside other BTS members for promoting their culture. In July 2021, he was appointed as the Special Presidental Envoy For Future Generations and Culture by President Moon Jae-in with the rest of the BTS members.

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