Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

Do you want to know who are the hottest female rappers in K-pop groups? If yes, follow this list of the top 10 hottest K-pop female rappers.

K-pop music and artists are the new sensations and most trending topics all over the internet. Usually, male K-pop artists were popular for rap music but nowadays some hot and beautiful female Kpop idols have turned the trends. Following are the best top ten hottest female rappers of K-pop groups. Check out the list and tell us your favorite Kpop rapper artist in the comment section.

Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

10. Jimin

Jimin- Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

The Korean-born beauty Shin Ji-min popularly famous as Jimin was the main rapper of the AOA Korean group. Jimin’s interest in learning guitar, piano, harmonica shows her interest in the music industry since childhood. This hot Kpop female rapper performed in hip-hop, K-pop, R&B genres; she debuted with the AOA group in 2012.

This hot Korean singer performed various performances as a solo performer. The list includes Angles story, unpretty rapper, puss, among others, for which she got nominated in the Hot Trend category in 2015. Unfortunately, the stunning star retired from the music industry by quitting the group in 2020.

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9. Yeri

Yeri- Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

Kim Ye-rim, the South Korean-born singer, rapper, and artist, gained popularity with her stage name Yeri. This young hottest k-pop female rapper joined the Red Velvet group in 2015 after completing her training under SM Entertainment for 04 years. However, she graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts School in 2018, followed by her song Hair in the air, in 2018 and Women on the beach in 2020, among others.

Apart from her debut in singing and acting, she endorsed COLLETE and APRIL SKIN Korea in 2020. She represents the purple color, and her favorite number is 17 since she debuted at that age.

8. Ryujin

Ryujin- Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

Another one of the hottest K-pop female rappers Ryujin comes at the 8th position in this list. She is also a dancer, singer, sub vocalist in the ITZY group. She has pursued graduation from Hanlim Multi Arts School in 2020, along with her fellow membership with Chaeryeong. In 2017, Ryujin participated in MIXNINE, where she lost her debut despite being the finalist of the girl’s team over the boy’s team.

However, in 2017 she did a film, “The king, following other performances later; in 2019 debuted as a member of ITZY. The artist shares her interest in shopping, listing music as hobbies; her favorite rap artist is Drake.

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7. Hyuna

Hyuna- Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

Kim Hyun-ah aka by her stage name Hyuna. She is a hot Kpop female rapper, model, singer, and songwriter. She was born on 6 June 1992 in Seoul, South Korea.

Hyuna begins his Kpop career with the girl group Wonder Girls in 2007 under JYP Entertainment. Later on, she left this Kpop group and joined another girl group 4Minute, formed by Cube Entertainment.  This hottest K-pop rapper steals the show with her first extended play Bubble Pop, resulting become one of the popular female Kpop artists.

6. Yeeun

Yeeun- Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

The South Korean rapper Jang Ye-Eun’smononymic name is Yeeun, born in August 1998. This hottest Korean female rapper is also a singer who joined the K-POP industry after being inspired by the “Girl’s generation” song. Yeeun, the lead rapper of the CLC group, earlier made appearances in various activities as a dancer.

Later, in 2015 Yeeun was officially declared as the lead rapper of the CLC group. The artist gave numerous solo hits besides being a consistent participant since her debut at CLC. Including Yeeun’s achievements, she participated in campaigns in 2016 besides grabbing the endorsement of Cosio’s Superglass care treatment line in 2020.

5. Moonbyul

Moonbyul- Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

Another Kpop artist Moobbyul is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and radio host under RBW. In 2014, Moonbyul joined Mamamoo as a band member and debuted her solo performance in 2018 with the single digital “selfish.”The TVXQ’s performance “Rising Sun” in 2005 inspired Moonbyulg to become a singer. In addition, to the debut list of the sparkling rapper is the EP, Dark Side of the Moon on 14 February 2020.

The talented artist showcased her talent in web series and television shows besides radio shows. In 2017, Moonbyul also gained a nomination for Melon Music Awards. In 2021, the Korean band Mamamoo boomed the news of a comeback after renewing the contract with RBW.

4. Soyeon

Soyeon- Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

K-pop female rapper Jeon So-Yeon is popularly known as Soyeon. The sexiest Kpop rapper is also a singer, a record producer and songwriter. Jeon So-Yeon in early childhood had homeschooled and then joined the elementary school. She learned ballet and won various competitions. Later, her interest in music led her to quit ballet reason was the Big bang performance. Unfortunately, the fast rapper faced numerous rejections as a singer so,  she turned into a rapper.

The versatile artist began her career in 2016 by joining Cube Entertainment as a trainee. Followed; by the debut Jelly and IDLE song written by herself in 2017. The artist won Hallyu Hip-Hop Culture Award in 2017 and Game Audio Network Guild Award in 2020, followed by APAN Music Awards nomination in 2020. As per reports, Jeon was to release her solo album in 2021, and she won her first music trophy at SBS MTV in July 2021.

3. Irene

Irene- Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

The 3rd place for hottest female Kpop rappers goes to Irene. She is also a singer besides an actress ruling the Korean entertainment industry. Red Velvet’s member and leader since 2014 after debuting with single Happiness. She had done various solo performances since 2015 besides films and hosting. The 8.9M followers celebrity gained her popularity through rap in the Korean industry.

The beautiful Korean artist ruled social media for her controversy over ill-treating a fashion editor later was sorted over her apology. She was also in the news for donating 100 million for covid 19 in South Korea, 2020.

2. Jennie

Jennie - Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

We can’t ignore Jennie Kim while listing the top 10 hottest and beautiful Kpop female rappers in 2021. Her interest in the Kpop industry landed her membership in Blackpink. Jennie did her schooling in New Zealand and returned to South Korea to pursue her career in the music industry.

Kim returned to Korea and joined YG Entertainment as a trainee. The beautiful K pop artist earned popularity in no time after her viral photograph with the caption “Who’s that girl.” Later, YG Entertainment also launched her through the video song Strange clouds. In 2016, Black pink’s Square one album was another hit of Jennie’s career.

The charming k-pop rapper holds more than 56 million followers on her Instagram account besides Black pink’s YouTube channel 6.94 crore subscribers. The talented professional won various awards for her work, including Gaon Chart Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards. In 2021, she received The Fact Music Awards in Fan and choice Artist and Individual category beside Weibo straight Awards.

1. Lisa

Lisa- Top 10 Hottest K-pop Female Rappers

Lalisa, one of the most successful and popular k-pop idols is the hottest K-pop female rapper as of now in 2021. She is also a dancer, and singer based in South Korea. She was born in Thailand on March 27, 1997. Her efforts towards dancing and singing for her childhood grabbed her opportunities to reach big platforms.

The 24-year-old moved to South Korea for training after being selected at YG Entertainment’s auction in Thailand in 2010. In 2016 Lisa became a member of the K-Pop girls group Black pink. Moreover, Lisa’s solo album Lalisa was a massive hit recording, 73.6 million views on its release.

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