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Top 10 Tips to get Good Marks in Math (100 out of 100)

This post include top 10 tips to get good marks in Math. By applying these tips you can even score 100 out of 100 marks in mathematics. So keep your mind and eyes open while reading this post. But before that I would like to clear some myths about math subject.

One of the most common questions of all student is how to score good marks in Math. The reason because most of the student think that mathematics is a hard subject and it can only understand by intelligent students. This is not true at all !

Math is an interesting subject for those who can understand it. If you have remember all basic math formulas and you know how to apply them, then nobody can stop you to get good marks in math.

You may have seen that many students bring full marks from full in math but some students do not get such good numbers in math. Due to such a belief, many student get scared of math and they don’t even try to understand it. But yes, they still want to know how to score good marks in math subject.

That’s why I am here again with the best solution. As like in my last post I told you about how to score good marks in board exam, this time I will give you some best tips to be good at Math. Friends, today at Top10About I will tell you some proven tips on how to improve Maths and get good grad in Math.

Top 10 Tips to get Good Marks in Math

Top 10 Tips to get Good Marks in Math

10. Easy question solve first

One of the best way to resolve math paper is to answer first easy questions. Once you will solve some 8-10 question it will build a confidence insight you. And this confidence will help you to solve big marks question also. Besides that it will also leave a positive effects on the investigator that you are good at math. So, once you see the paper, whatever you feel is easier to solve it before. And by solving these questions, your mind will also relax and you will be able to solve the hard question too. In this way, you can score good marks in Maths.

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9. Figure and Graphs

Another best ideas to get good marks in math is to be perfect in making and solving figure and graphs question. There are many questions about graphs and figures in Maths and you can easily get the numbers in those questions. For this, pay special attention to these questions and practice making graph by hand. Take all necessary materials in the mathematics exam, so you do not have to worry about anything and you can solve the questions well.

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8. Don’t skip any step

Did you know mathematics is one of those subjects in which every step has a mark. So be clear now that every step in the Math also have marks. For example if there is a question of five marks then 1 number of formula, 3 number step or method, 1 number of answer. Thus  if you will skip anything you are not going to get full marks in Math. Therefore, do not be hurry into exams at any time. Please solve each question step by step so that investigator will not have any chance to cut marks anywhere. And in this way you can get good grades in Math.

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7. Do the clean work

If you want to get good marks in Math exam, then your work should be such that the examiner is impressed by seeing your copy. Well writing in Maths is not compulsory, but it is very important to be clean and clear whatever you have done in your copy. For this you should always take care of one thing, do not work roughly on where you are solving the question. By doing so, your answer is not clear and it becomes unstable. Rough work can be done by writing rough work on the last page of the copy. By which your copy will look clean and the examiner will be able to easily read the answer. This will impress the examiner and you may get get better grades in Math.

6. Solve Sample Paper

In Tip 5, we talked about time management. And to know how to manage Time in exam, solving a sample paper is a good way. To get full marks in Math, you need to solve all the question paper and model paper of the last five years. You will know how to write in the exam and what type of questions are more. If you have to score good marks in Math then you must solve the sample paper so that your preparation will also be evaluated. And you’ll know what problem you have in the question. If there is a problem in the question or topic, then you can get help from your teachers.

5. Time Management

Your time management should be correct to get full marks in Maths. It is very important to take care of the time to give to different marks question in Math. If you will have practice of all marks questions, you will know for yourself which topics are to give less time and on which topics more. Time writing in the exam is very important to take care of time management. Therefore, once you read the paper completely, you will know how much time you can give on the question. The best idea is to solve first those questions you know and then try to resolve those question which you know partially. When you have solved all questions, then try to answer those questions which you leaved. Doing so will not put pressure on your mind and you can solve the question better.

4. Practice all question yourself

One of the best ways to prepare for Math exam is to do more practice. Once the teacher in the class solves some questions of a topic, then you should try to solve other questions of that topic yourself. Practice is very important to get good marks in Math. Because Mathematics is a practical subject, the more you do yourself, the more you will learn.

An example: – What do you do if you want to be a good football player? Can you take a DVD of 200 football matches and be able to play football by watching the daily 4 match? Your answer will be, No. If you want to learn to play football, need to go on ground and do hard work only then you can become a football player. In the same way, the more questions you will solve by yourself in the maths, you will be good at math.

3. Understand your syllabus

Before starting any subjects, we should carefully read the syllabus. From which you will understand how many number of questions will be come in the exam from which topics. And how much time to give which topics. Many times it happens student do not read the syllabus and do hard work on any topic. As a result, at the time of exam they got to know those topics which they have practiced more include only 2 marks. So you should be aware that which topic is going to give how many marks in the exam. And then you have to do Math preparation accordingly.

2. Create formula notebook

Mathematics is the subjects based on formulas. There is a common problem of many students in math that they do not remember formulas. And you will be wonder to that formula is a major key to get good marks in Math paper.

If you try to remember formula by rattling you will not be able to remember. So make a separate notebook of formula, and write all the formulas in it. Whenever you get the time you can revise those formulas. Make a chart of some important formulas and put it on the wall of the study room. This will repeatedly come in front of your eyes and will make an image of those formulas in your mind and you remember that formula.

1. Positive Attitude

Friends, if you want to get good marks in Math, it is very important to keep a positive attitude towards Maths. You do not have to fear the maths, but instead you will have to love the maths, then you will be interested in reading maths. When you are interested, then good number will come. Maximum students already accept defeat and say that the maths will not be from us. “Hey brother, try, nothing is impossible in the world.”

Love Math as well as other subjects and try to understand it.

Final Word

We talked about practice in Tips 4. In Maths, if you have to get good number then you have to do daily practice. As far as possible, solve the question at the same time. If no question is being solved by you, then you should take help of your parents or ask your teacher about it.

Do not ever leave the question because you don’t know what question that might be in the exam. If you left a question and that question came in the examination, then God is the master. This incident has happened to so many and maybe you have also encountered this problem. So if you want to become a master in mathematics then you need to do practice as much as possible.

Friends, how do you feel about our article ” Top 10 Tips How to Get Good Marks in Math “? Write your thoughts in the comments box and if you have any questions related to the study, you can still ask us through comments.

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