Online Exam Preparation Sites- Nowadays, there are various online exam preparation websites which help students to study for their exams. Now, it can be any type of exams like bank exams, government job exams and much more like these. So, these sites are helpful for the preparation of all types of competitive exams. Currently, India has huge openings in banking and government sector jobs and this has further promoted the rise of many online sites seeking to help students in these competitive exams.

Further, if you want help in making your resume or want to upgrade your resume with some special features, you can easily contact the website Careers Booster which is famous for making powerful resumes which will help you get your dream job easily.

On the other hand, sometimes it becomes difficult to say which website or source is best because they offer different features with unique approaches. Therefore, we have gathered a list of top 10 online exam preparation sites in 2018.

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2018

10. WizIQ

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2017One of the most commonly used online exam preparation site is Wiziq. It is also known as education and training leader. Basically, it is an online learning delivery platform for universities, institutes, teachers and tutors. It can also create and sell online courses within minutes and deliver online classes and training sessions without any hassle.

9. LearningExpress

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2017This is a leading educational technology company which provides effective and easy to learn elearning solutions for academic success, skill building and professional development. It also has an instructional design, customizable resources, instant diagnostic feedback for a huge library of high stakes exams.

8. BWS Education Consulting

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2017The main goal of this website is to provide customized and highly engaged educational experience which can empower its students to learn all valuable intellectual skills in the best possible way. Basically, they focus on meeting students at where they are and further tries to listen and adjust as per their needs. They run their website based on student choices.

7. Prepfactory

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2017Studying is also fun on this website. Further, they believe in learning by doing. Their content is usually designed for SAT and ACT but can also be used by high and middle school students. It also provides a step-by-step breakdown of all practice questions so that students should not get terrified by seeing the actual exam questions.

6. Sparknotes

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2017This website is a resource which you can turn to when you are confused and not able to understand your curriculum. The experts here will help you to understand the books, study tests and papers easily. They are very clear and concise in their explanation and never leave out important information.

5. Quora

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2017The basic mission of this website is to share and grow the abundant knowledge in the world. They connect people who have knowledge to the people who are in need of it. It has a superb content which you will feel good to read and it will also help you to understand why the world works the way it does. This is one of the best online exam preparation sites.

4. Cambridge English

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2017This site will help you to prepare for your exams and it has also produced free materials like worksheets, sample papers, exam guides and vocabulary lists for you to download anytime you want. It also works with Cambridge university to develop a wide range of official courses and practice tests which are easily available for your benefit.

3. USA Testprep

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2017This site was developed for helping students with high stakes and also offers a review of products for subject area. It will further help you in achieving good grades in all your assessments. It is designed to help the teacher and students in writing questions, making reports and identifying weaknesses of students.

2. GED

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2017With this superb website, you can take the test and get the personal study plan. It also offers various types of study materials from different publishers. So, with this you can also save your time by studying only those topics on which you need help.

1. Kaplan

Top 10 Online Exam Preparation Sites in 2017This is one of the world’s largest education providers. It basically prepares students for the SAT so that they can easily enter college and become engineers or teachers. Therefore, they make the learning experience best for their students.

Therefore, these are some of the best and top 10 online exam preparation sites in 2018.


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