Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones


Want to learn how to unlock an Android smartphone without a password or pattern? Follow these top 10 best tricks to unlock Android phones.

Most probably people apply a screen lock pattern or password on their smartphones for privacy. To prevent other people from accessing your mobile and your personal data, it is essential to set a screen lock password or pattern. The inbuilt pattern lock tool adds an extra security layer to the android smartphone. It is necessary to set the pattern lock on the handset to secure personal files from others. However, the technology has enhanced, and now Fingerprint sensor mobile phones are coming into the market. But those phones also have an alternative option to unlock phones via password or pattern.

Pattern lock secures the device from unauthorized access, but the primary problem arrives when you forget the pattern lock. You must have sometimes faced terrible situations when you accidentally forget the recently set pattern lock or password on your Android device.

In that case what need to do?

If you know how to unlock android phones without a password, it’s perfect otherwise you need to learn the best tricks to unlock android phones if forgot the password or pattern without having tech expertise.

Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

Learn the Successful Tricks to Unlock Android Phones without Password

Nowadays, there have been so many lock apps for android mobile phones to keep privacy. But it has been found that in many cases people forget the unlocking password and pattern. You may not be an expert to unlock the locked Android device with your magical fingers and tech proficiency! How to unlock android phones if forgot the password or pattern without having tech expertise? It is one of the common questions searched on the internet now and then.

It is advised to change the pattern lock in regular intervals for ensuring safety, but people remain engaged in several daunting works and sometimes forget the newly set pattern lock. These individuals would definitely love to learn the tricks to unlock android phones rather than paying the mobile repairing experts. Would you like to gain insights into the best tricks for unlocking the locked android Smartphone? You are at the right place!

You don’t need to waste your valuable time further in searching how to unlock a smartphone without the password and pattern as this article contains depth information about unlocking android phones easily.

The 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones

How to unlock android phones without having tech efficiency is challenging but not impossible!

10. Unlocking the Android phone via Factory Reset

Factory reset is the simplest method of unlocking any locked Android phone! Switch off the Android phone and wait for few moments. Press the ‘+’ volume key as well as the power button at the same time. The screen of your Android handset would display its recovery mode. Select the Factory reset button featured on the menu. You would get a list of options from which you need to select Wipe Cache Partition to Clean Data. Once done with the process, you can switch on your phone. It is unlocked!

This trick would definitely unlock the device, but the risk factor of this trick is you would lose all of your saved data in the phone memory as this method would delete the entire data. But if you are searching for how to unlock an android phone without a Google account then this is the one.

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9. Overloading the Password Lock Screen

If you have an Android device with versions 5.0-5.1.1, then you can use this trick. This trick would help in bypassing the password lock screen. And this method is not applicable for devices locked by PIN or pattern. This method is also not applicable on devices running other versions of android.

8. Unlocking locked Android phone using ADM

If you are searching for the trick of how to unlock an android phone without a factory reset, then you can use ADM for this! Using ADM- Android Device Manager, any person, can quickly open the locked android device from either desktop or laptop. Open the android device manager site on the desktop’s web browser. Sign in to your Google account. Click on the lock option displayed on the site. Enter a new password and confirm it. Reboot the locked android phone and reset the new password. Now you can unlock your phone!

7. Unlocking an Android phone after exceeding the maximum number of Attempts

As you are learning about the best ways to unlock android phones if you forget the password or pattern, you can’t skip this method. When a person forgets the unlocking pattern, it is obvious to make attempts for unlocking the device, but it may go in vain when you exceed the maximum number of pattern attempts. With this trick, you simply can avoid exceeding a maximum number of attempts and try as many times until you unlock the device. Hold the power button and click the reboot option allowing the device to reboot by itself! This trick is simple, and you can enter the probable patterns for unlocking the device without losing the data in the device.

6. Bypass the Pattern Lock

If the above trick of how to unlock android phones following simple steps not working for you, try on the trick of bypassing the pattern lock. You must have an active data connection in the locked Android device. Drawing the wrong pattern 5 times, you would get a notification to try again after 30 seconds. After this you would find the option ‘Forgot Password,’ and you need to tap on it. The last step of this trick is to enter the Gmail address and password used in the locked device. Log in and set a new pattern lock!

5. Unlock Android device without losing Data

How to unlock android phones easily without losing the data in the device? It may not be easy, but it is not even difficult! Install the USB driver of the Android phone on the computer. You need to flash a custom recovery like Cwm, Twrp, Ctr, etc. in the device. Reboot the device and download ADB fast boot drivers. You need to extract it from any folder. Once the device is rebooted successfully, set the device’s custom recovery and click on the Mounts and Storage option. This step would mount the data folder from the Android device to the storage location on the PC. Now simply reboot the phone. Your phone reboots and the device unlocks without losing any data.

4. Unlocking an Android device without having an Internet Connection

Turn off the Android device and press the Power button and ‘+’ key of volume simultaneously. Click on the ‘Choose recovery mode’ and select factory reset/wipe data. Click on ‘Yes- delete user data.’ Now reboot the device, your device is unlocked!

3. Unlocking the Android phone after too many wrong patterns and without ID and Password

If your Android phone gets locked for attempting the wrong pattern more than 20 times, then you would require a Google account ID and Password. If you are not sure about the ID/Password then simply turn off your phone. You now need to long-press three keys simultaneously, i.e. menu key, power key, and ‘+’ volume key. Press the three keys simultaneously when you see the screen displaying the brand’s name! Now you can find android system recovery displayed on the screen. Select the option- wipe data /Factory reset with the help of the volume keys. When you choose the ‘Yes’ option, the device will get reset, and the device would be unlocked.

2. Unlocking locked Samsung devices powered by Android

If you have a Samsung device powered by Android, then you can use the Find My Mobile tool. Visit This trick applies to the devices that get registered with this tool. The device must get connected to the internet. Sign in to your Samsung account. You would be able to get a list of options. You need to click on Unlock my Screen option that gets displayed under Protect my device header.

1. Disabling the lock screen with Android SDK

Download, install as well as extract the contents and files from the appropriate Android SDK. This trick will be workable if the device is USB debugging enabled, done in the Android device’s developer menu. It is a trick that needs high concentration and exact insights into the process. Once you have followed the step-by-step process, you need to disconnect the USB and restart your phone.

You can perform extensive research selecting the best applicable trick for your device and your condition. The above-mentioned tricks are proven methods utilized by the experts for unlocking Smartphones powered by Android.


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