Top 10 Apps to Hide Videos and Pictures

If you are still seeking some of the best secret apps to hide private pictures and videos, check out these best top 10 apps to hide videos and pictures.

Generally, people used to have many sorts of videos and pictures saved in their Smartphone that they don’t want to see by everyone. That’s why people keep finding ways of how to hide private pictures and videos in the Smartphone. And you are also here for the same reason.

So, how can we hide private videos and photos in our Smartphone from our friends, parents, and relatives? It could be done easily by two methods.

One of the methods is to keep guard your phone from lock apps of Smartphone and if it is not possible for you then you can use photo and video hiding apps. That’s why these apps have become one of the most important Android phone apps.

If you have an android phone, Google Play Store has available many applications to hide photos and videos that you can use at free of charge. And now you don’t need to worry about it also, as we are here with the best solution.

We have tried some photos and videos hiding apps and prepared a collection of best top 10 apps that can easily hide videos and pictures inside your mobile phone. These apps are available to free download on the Google Play Store. You just required to select one that suits your needs and expectations.

Top 10 Apps to Hide Videos and Pictures

Top 10 Apps to Hide Videos and Pictures

10. Photo & Video Locker

Photo & Video Locker is the best apps to hide videos and images in your smartphone. This is one of the best-rated photo vaults among users in Google play store. It provides users an easy and safe method to make a hidden location on their gadgets to store their personal and important files.

Photo & Video Locker keeps user’s privacy from everyone. Besides that, you can also make a secret PIN or pattern to protect your Chating apps from any other eyes. This app is available to free download through Google Play Store.

Here is the link to free download- Photo & Video Locker App

9.  Pictures KeepSafe Vault

Hide Pictures KeepSafe Vault is a picture and video locker app that allows you to hide pictures, photo, and videos behind many layers of security. KeepSafe is one of the best videos and pictures hiding apps that is quite easy to use. This app is using by more than 50 million Android users across the world with a high rating.

Meanwhile, by using this app, you can keep your privacy, hide your private stuff and save your mobile storage. It also keeps backup of your photos and videos that you can restore backup even if your phone robbed or damage.

Here is the link to free download- Pictures KeepSafe Vault App

8. Safe Gallery Free

Another best app to hide pictures and videos of your Smartphone is Safe Gallery Free. With this app, you can hide out media files just in your gallery. This app allows you to protect your files with PIN, Password, and Pattern security. Besides that, it also provides the backup of your data (Pictures, Videos, Photo Album) in case of data loss.

Along with hiding gallery, it is also capable to hide images from the web. This is the best apps to hide videos and photo because they are also offering you to APP HIDE MODE, with which this app will be hidden. If you want to see or access the app, you need to dial PIN in dial pad of your device.

Here is the link to free download- Safe Gallery Free App 

7. Private Photo Vault

The Private Photo Vault is the best video and picture hiding app because it has lots of features inside it. It lets you hide pictures and videos with multiple passwords. With the first password, you can access this app and with the second password, you can access hidden pictures and videos.

There are plenty of customization options accessible. Private photo vault has also a great feature through which you can send locked pictures to someone through Email or through Text messages just from the app. If anyone trying to open or unlock the app, it will save GPS co-ordinates and capture the photo of that person.

Here is the link to free download- Private Photo Vault App

6. FotoX

FotoX has plenty of ways to protect your Smartphone’s photos and videos. You can save them under many protections including Password, PIN, Pattern, Face Detection, etc. It is very easy to keep pictures in Fotox to hide it.

FotoXis one of the best apps to hide pictures. It is also offering Fotox Cloud Storage to maintain the backup of your pictures. After backup, you can access those pictures from anywhere.

Here is the link to free download- Fotox App

5. Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock is an incredible privacy protection app to easily hide as well as encrypt your videos, photos and any other files that you do not want others to see. It can hide its app icon and keep your privacy completely safe. Besides that, it can also manage your photos & videos more easily.

Gallery Lock lets you lock all your pictures and videos behind a password. It is useful, easy, effective and really lightweight. It is one of the best apps to hide videos and pictures because it also protects your messages from WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, SMS, Gallery, MMS, BBM, WeChat, Viber, Hangouts, SMS, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Quora, and Yahoo Messenger as well as all images with videos in gallery behind a passcode or pattern.

Here is the link to free download- Gallery Lock App

4. Photo Locker

Photo Locker is the another best app to media security and privacy of your data such as pictures and videos. This app is encrypted to ensure no one could access or see your pictures and videos even if they get full control over the mobile phone. This will always keep your privacy by hiding your mobile stuff from unwanted eyes.

Here is the link to free download- Photo Locker App

3. Hide Pictures Hide it Pro 

This is another all-around app that will allow you to hide videos, pictures, apps, SMS as well as contacts with just a few taps. This is the best hiding app because it is totally free to use and you don’t require any kind of premium subscription.

The app works as an Audio manager to hide its identity and make sure data safety. You can use both a password and PIN to keep safe your personal data.

Here is the link to free download- Hide Pictures Hide it Pro App

2. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos 

Vault is also an all-round app for hiding your all personal data in your phone including, pictures, video SMS, contacts, and apps. You can easily add all personal data to your vault and then password protects it to make sure no one has access to it. This is also one of the best hiding apps because it has great features like, taking a photo of a person who tries to open or access the vault and make a cloud backup of all the data.

Here is the link to free download- Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos App 

1. Vaulty

In 2016, Vaulty is an excellent application to hide all types of videos, images, SMS and even contacts in your phone. It’s really winsome app to keep private and hide videos and pictures from anyone.

Nobody can see your private content until or unless a person unlocks the app by a correct password. So make sure, your Vaulty password always is secret. Therefore you can try out this picture and videos hiding the app. This is the best apps in the list of top 10 Apps to Hide Videos and Pictures.

Here is the link to free download- Vaulty App 

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