Top 10 Most Popular Smartphone Brands in India


Nowadays smartphones are very popular all over the world. India is known as the biggest Smartphone selling country. In India, you can find several brands of smart phone and you can easily get a good phone at a reasonable price. As there are a lot of Smartphone companies in India, it’s quite difficult to say that which mobile phone brands are good. In this competitive market all Smartphone brands are trying to give as much as possible features within a budget friendly price. There are many new smartphone brands which are also growing rapidly towards the successful in their business. Competition is everywhere and the ultimate benefit always goes to customer. Mobile companies are now looking to manufacture android phones with all advanced technology and also take care about the price so that it will be affordable to the users. So, if you want to know some India’s best smartphone brands of current time then checkout this list of top 10 most popular smartphone brands in India. If you want to do your mobile insurance, here are the top 10 best mobile phone insurance companies in India.

Top 10 Most Popular Smartphone Brands in IndiaTop 10 Most Popular Smartphone Brands in India

10. Micromax

Micromax is an Indian brand which manufactures many exciting Smartphone and this is also known as the second largest Smartphone manufacturer in India. It offers budget range Smartphone with many attractive features with good battery backup. Many people like this brand as it provides good quality phones at a good price than other brands. That’s why Micromax comes at 10th position in this list of most popular mobile phone brands in India. 

9. Vivo

Vivo is a new brand but people really like this company. Most experts say that this brand is get success only for its good marketing strategy and advertising. This brand is growing fast in India, most of the people like this brand and purchasing Vivo phones. This brand also offers new technologies and many attractive features with its handsets. No doubt this brand is one of the most popular smartphone brands.

8. Oppo

Oppo is another new brand which manufactures Smartphone. Most of you know this brand and this brand is also well known for its best quality selfie images. In this selfie trend most of the people like this brand as this brand offers extraordinary cameras in its Smartphone which can capture excellent quality photos. This brand is also growing rapidly in market and currently a popular Smartphone brand in India. Recently this brand also represents the Indian cricket team jersey. So Oppo is a best smartphone brands in India of current time.

7. Lenovo

Lenovo is a good Smartphone brand. This brand recently launches some excellent smart phones which are vive versions. These phones are very popular among people. This brand also provide VR set with some of its smartphone within a budget friendly price which always gives extraordinary viewing experience to the user. Many people like this brand and this is also one of the most popular Smartphone brands in India.

6. Asus

Asus comes at number 6th position in this list of most popular smartphone companies in India. The Zenphone versions of Asus are really cool and come with extraordinary features. Most of the people say that all of its phones are of same design but still many people like this brand as it offers good features and good hardware systems to the customer at a budget friendly price. You can get fingure print scanner and good quality cameras in Asus brand Smartphone and no doubt this is a reputed mobile phone brand in India.

5. Sony

Sony is well known for its excellent sound and display. This brand also manufactures many Smartphone which are highly popular among people. Sony phones are delicate and you need to take care of these phones so if you want a rough and tough brand then this brand is not for you. Many people like to purchase Sony brand Smartphone because the camera, sound and display quality of Sony always excellent. Sony comes at number 5th position in this list of most popular smartphone brands in India.

4. Motorola

Motorola is another popular Smartphone brand in India. Many people of India are using Motorola Smartphone. This is a premium brand and it manufactures good quality Smartphone. This is an international brand. It has high reputation all over the world for its best quality Smartphone. This brand comes at number 4th position in our list.

2. Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one of the leading china Smartphone manufacturer brands which are very popular all over the world. All of its smartphone are quite good quality and comes with extraordinary features. Within a budget friendly price this is the only brand that provides many features with best quality. Many people in India like this brand and uses Xiomi phones. This brand also known as the 3rd best selling phones in India.  Currently this brand is the one of the most famous Smartphone brands in India.    

3. Apple

Apple smartphones always the favorite of many people and you can get high-tech technologies in this brand smartphones.  This brand is very popular all over the world and this brand is known as the most popular smartphone brand of the world. All of its handsets are quite high budget phone and this brand comes under most expansive mobile phones in the world. Most of the celebrities use Apple phones and in India, this brand comes at 2nd number position among most popular smartphone brands.

1. Samsung

 Samsung is India’s most popular Cell Phone brands and also known as the most selling Smartphone brand in India. All the handset of Samsung brand is quite good-looking and durable in nature. Samsung’s J Series, A series and S series phones are very popular among people and most of the people purchase these series phones for their use. This company manufactures many models of smart phones and all are quite popular among people. You can get various colors of handsets within low, medium and high budget ranges. You can check out here upcoming Samsung smartphones in India. According to the popularity of this brand we place this brand at no 1 position in our list.


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