Top 10 Best Apps for Alcohol Recovery

Are you still searching for some of the best alcohol recovery apps? If yes, check out this list of the top 10 best apps for alcohol recovery.

To be a part of this digital world has its own benefits and advantages. The overwhelming advancement in technology has eased the process of finding information. In fact, the change from books to the web is the source of information that is in itself tremendous.  This has resulted in the accessibility of information even on mobile gadgets. It becomes helpful for a person recovering from alcohol addiction.

In fact, the person must keep the information handy to prevent relapse. Since there is too much information available on the internet, we help you find the top apps for alcohol recovery available on Android or iOS. Here are the top 10 apps for alcohol recovery which can help a person recover from alcohol addiction.

Top 10 Apps for Alcohol Recovery

Top 10 Apps for Alcohol Recovery

10. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

Available in Android for free, the application helps to track the amount of alcohol intake in a day. The app lets you set a limit and then curb your alcohol consumption. The person can analyze the progress graphs and trends on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Apart from tracking the consumption, the app has a tracker to check the money you have saved. This can act as a motivation and thrive them to work further on recovery.

9. 24 Hours a Day

24 hours a day is an application based on the book with the same name. The book which includes all kinds of prayers sold over 10 million copies. The prayers are also available in the app along with thoughts for motivation and the 12-Step guide for reference. The app works in a unique way: The person has to shake his phone to receive a random thought or can press the “Today button” to receive the message specifically dedicated for the same day.

This apps for alcohol recovery is available on Android for $3.99 and iOS for $4.99.

8. Quit Drinking-Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson, the world-famous hypnotist, and stress management specialist launched the application to make people relax and overcome the addiction to alcohol. The application helps you to curb the amount of alcohol consumption. Andrew Johnson uses positivity and hypnotherapy to help in recovery. Apart from this, the app uses motivational words to inspire users and see life beyond alcohol addiction.

The app is available in both, Android and iOS for $2.99

7. 12 Steps AA Companion

As the name suggests, the application is based on the theory of the 12-Step approach. According to the app, every step is considered to be a successful step. Apart from providing the Big Book for reference, the application also has a sobriety calculator to analyze the progress. It also connects you to the local meetings for further motivation. The app is most beneficial for people who have attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

6. Control Alcohol app

Founded by Darren Marks, the app contains audio files of hypnosis to help the client reach the meditative state. Moreover, to make the session enjoyable, the user can select a set of animation videos present in the application. The sessions last for 10 minutes which is enough to relax.  Along with the hypnosis sessions, the app also contains video interviews of Darren Marks to inspire the users. The app is almost available on all operating systems; Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows for $4.99.

5. Sober tool

The sober tool is a combination of all the features available in other mobile applications. Along with a sobriety calculator, the app offers motivational messages and a dollar saved calculator. In fact, the app also lets you connect with local meetings. The best feature present in the app is to help you identify the best relapse prevention sources through a set of questions. This apps for alcohol recovery is available on Android and iOS for free.

4. Happify 

Since destructive coping behaviors affect the mood of a person and push him for relapse, the app Happify helps to change your mood and provide you an escape from drinking. The application contains audio files trying to guide the user to stay positive, conquer negativity, and build confidence. It also comes with a graph that analyses your mood as you use it. This alcohol recovery app is available on iOS for free.

3. Biblical Encouragement

Biblical Encouragement is one app which supports alcohol addict with the help of the Bible. It contains verses from The Bible to motivate people. The app is easy to use and has categories of different verses. The verses are distributed on the basis of different moods. For example, if the user is feeling tempted and frustrated, he can select from a list of 30+ emotions and choose the one he wants to. The verses can also be shared on different social media platforms too. The problem with the app is that it can’t suit all users as many are non-religious. This alcohol recovery app is available on iOS for $0.99.

2. My Daily Journal

Every addict experiences a bag of emotions that should have a place to go. My Daily Journal provides a platform for such people where people can pin down anything, the triumphs, and struggles. This is helpful as the individual can express without any fear of judgment. In fact, the person can add photos or back them up with PDFs and if the person wants can share it on social media platforms too. This application for alcohol recovery is available in the iOS store for $1.99.

1. I am Sober

I am Sober is one of the best apps for alcohol recovery available in the iOS store for $2.99. It comes with a sobriety tracker and also a dollar saved calculator to motivate you. The best feature of the article is the community feature which lets you connect with individuals facing the same battle. The phone also sends inspirational thoughts as notifications to keep you motivated.

According to a recent survey, people spend most of their time on mobile gadgets. Therefore, providing resources on phones can help them overcome their cravings and keep track of their progress there.

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