Top 10 Travel Insurance Companies in the World


In this hectic life schedule, it’s quite important to spend your holidays with your family members. So, most of the people think to go somewhere best places in the world. If you are going for a long trip and have planned many things to do in traveling then it’s always better to do travel insurance for the safety purpose.  For example, people make their car insurance and bike insurance from car insurance companies and bike insurance companies respectively. Its all about safety purpose. Therefore, travel insurance can help you in many ways and you can claim this insurance if you are facing any type of accidental damage during your travel and journey. It’s quite common that people usually forget to do insurance for their travel because of busy and excitement.  It’s obvious that go for a travel insurance is always a boring task as it required much verification of documents and other you need to give a lot of time on it before your trip but it’s always important for you to do. Two types of travel insurance policy normally, you can do one is for single travel and other is the annual type. In annual type travel insurance you can cover many trips during the travel insurance time period as per the terms and condition. So you can choose any one according to your requirement.

Top 10 Travel Insurance CompaniesThere are many insurance companies those who provide cheap travel insurance facility to the customer. But it’s always important to choose the best one to get good service and better administration. Most of the time people are facing difficulties to get their travel insurance claim from the companies so it’s quite mandatory to choose a good and trusted company for your insurance policy. It’s always better to go for a government registered company for better service and security.  If you are in hesitation to choose a good Travel company for your trip then this article will definitely help you. In this article, we are going to discuss on top 10 best travel insurance companies in the world those which are offering some best insurance plans for your travel. So let’s discuss with details without wasting any time.

Top 10 Travel Insurance Companies in the World

10. Flexicover Travel Insurance

Flexicover Travel insurance is one of the popular travel insurance companies of UK. This company has more than 30 years of experience in selling travel insurance and helps people regarding getting best travel insurance according to their budget and requirement. The main motto of this company is to satisfy the customer with the best value for money and hassle free service. This company offers various attractive travel insurance policies for the client and always offers best service. This company offers both annual and single trip travel insurance facility to the client and never store card details of the client in any situation.

9. Just Travel Travel Insurance

Just Travel travel insurance company is a leading name in the insurance industry and many people show their interest in this company as it offers worldwide travel insurance policy at very good price. This company is well known for its quick and easy insurance claim facility. It always takes care of the clients and always helps them to get a best insurance policy according to their need and budget. This company never takes care of the age; it provides insurance to any age of people. Because of its no age limit insurance policy, many people prefer to go for their travel insurance from this company.

8. Cover for you Travel Insurance

If you are in the search of a cheap trip Insurance policy then “Cover for you travel insurance” is always a better option for you. This is a leading insurance company which has better insurance policies and it always offers the best service to the client. You can always register a quick insurance policy for you at any time within some time. This is an online travel insurance specialist and this company offers thousands of insurances to the client in every year. At the low cost you can get so many benefits from this company so you can go for this company for your travel insurance.

7. Virgin Money Travel Insurance

Virgin Money Travel Insurance Company is a popular company which offers wide ranges of policies to clients for their travel insurance. This company has vast experience in insurance section and it knows better how to provide best services to the client. Customer satisfaction is everything for this company and that’s the main reason for which this company is so popular among people. It never takes any medical checkup before your travel. So you can easily get your travel insurance quite easily. The 24 hours service center of this company always helps client’s regarding their insurance issues. The members of this company always help you to choose the best policy for you and they always give you freedom to choose your own policy according to your requirement.

6. Travel Insurance is a famous UK-based insurance company which was established in 2004 by Ryan Howsam. This company has wide ranges of insurance products for its clients. As this is an experienced company, it knows better how to handle insurance policies perfectly. It never takes any hidden cost from the client and always helps them to choose the appropriate insurance policy according to the requirement. It offers single and multiple annual trip travel insurance plans. Not only travel insurance but you can get other insurances like health insurance, car insurance, medical insurance and expat insurance. It always brings new exciting insurance plans for the customer satisfaction and always known as one of the best insurance company for all time.

5. AA Travel Insurance

The AA travel insurance company is a New Zealand based travel insurance company. This company has verities of insurance plans for its clients. The main intention of this company is to provide best insurance service to its client. It understands the value of money of customer and always respect to the client. You can choose any policy of this company and this company never forces you to get a particular one but if you want to take any special suggestion then its crew members are always ready to help you. This company has no certain age limit for the insurance plans and always solves the insurance relevant issues within some days. You can get quick insurance claim from this company. This company always informs you related to insurance via your email or phone number. If you want to get any type of help then you can call their customer service center on 08009125002.

4. Saga Travel Insurance

Saga Travel insurance is a famous name in the insurance sector. It’s quite famous for its outstanding services and attractive insurance plans. You can get easy travel insurance from this company for your abroad trip. It offers both single and multiple annual insurances for travel. It has many happy customers and it offers not only the travel insurance but other insurances like vehicles, health, home products and much more. This company has vast experience in the insurance field and its services are quite good and always helpful for the clients. It always tries to solve the client’s problem within some days and that’s the main reason for which this company comes in the list of top 10 travel insurance companies in the world.

3. Spectrum Travel Insurance

 If you are looking for a low budget good travel insurance policy then there is nothing better than Spectrum Travel insurance. This is a popular name in the insurance policy section. It offers various attractive policies for its client and there is no age limit for this company to grab their insurance policy. The main aim of this company is to protect the client from unexpected situations during their trip or travel. Its travel insurance policy offers medical expenses, lost luggage, flight delay and other problems. You can register single trip or annual multi-trip insurance policies from this company. You will get 24-hour customer support help from this company and always it offers quick returns for the insurance claim.

2. Aviva Travel Insurance

Aviva Travel Insurance Company is a famous UK-based company which is well known for its outstanding insurance services. This company has more than 31 millions of customers worldwide and known as one of the leading travel insurance companies in Europe. This company offers various attractive insurance plans for the client at a reasonable price. The main motto of this company is to provide the best service to the client and the crew members of this company always help clients to resolve their issues related to insurance plans.

1. Explore Travel Insurance

Explore Travel Insurance is the best insurance company which is a UK based company and offers various insurance policies to the client at a great price. You can get many insurance facilities like backpacker travel insurance, single trip, winter sports and annual multi trip. It always gives you freedom to choose your required insurance policy. This company has no certain age limit for the insurance registration. The team members of this company are quite helpful and always help clients regarding their problems. It’s fast insurance claim, 24 hours quick responds service and without health check up policy facilities is some main attractions and that’s the main reason for which this is on the top in the list of the best travel insurance companies.

If you have ever faced any problems or accident during your travel then you may know how important it is to go for travel insurance. So it’s always recommended to purchase good travel insurance for your trip because it’s safe and always profitable for you. You can choose any company for your travel insurance from the above-discussed companies and can feel more protect and free during your travel. So always go for good travel insurance company and make your trip more safe and enjoyable.


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