Top 10 Precautions and Tests during Pregnancy

What are the precautions & tests for pregnant women? Check out these top 10 precautions and tests during pregnancy for pregnant women.

If one going to be a mother, they would have different types of emotions-of anxiety, fear, happiness, pride as well as uncertainty which is racing through their mind.

Today’s women are aware and knowledgeable than olden day’s women. Becoming pregnant is a natural phenomenon and a god gift. It is a part and dream of all women’s life to become a mother after marriage. Nature has made motherhood a period of most joyful moment and happiest moment for all women.

Pregnancy is a 40 week period and during this time certain tissues transform themselves to become a fetus which becomes a baby. During this period, healthy foods for pregnant women is most important as it ensures the proper development of the baby inside her and which provides her nourishment. Pregnant women should be aware of how to take care of herself and her baby, here are the top 10 tips for maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Top 10 Precautions and Tests during Pregnancy


Top 10 Tests During Pregnancy

Blood group, diabetes, VDRL test, and psychological condition tests must be done. It is also necessary to ascertain the family history of the pregnant lady like the presence of any sexual disorders, alcohol addiction, drugs and tobacco, AIDS, and other diseases that may have a bearing on any or both of them.

A pregnant lady needs to take a balanced diet, folic acid in the correct quantity, iron, and other minerals.

Addiction to tobacco, drugs, and drink is harmful and pregnant ladies should stop these all habits 4/5 months prior to becoming pregnant.

The ideal age to become pregnant is 20 to 35 years. If pregnancy after this age, should take more care and should consult a family physician. The women should answer all questions asked by the doctor in regards to present or previous diseases such as fitness, blood-related ailments, diabetics, etc in order to take proper precautions if required.

Protein and sugar levels in the blood must check to ensure healthy delivery blood samples of both the parents must be tested. Inform the doctor about relating to any operation, blood transfusion received in the recent past as it will be helpful to take precautions for jaundice, etc.

Right from the early stages to the end of pregnancy, need to take complete medical check-up. Need to do medical check-ups to ensure the healthy growth of the baby and its mother.

Tests like blood group, ultrasound, HIV, height, weight, blood pressure, etc of both the parents must during pregnancy till the ninth month.

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1. Weight

Weight needs to check regularly during pregnancy to know the growth and development of the baby and its mother.

2. Height

Height determines the pelvis size safe or not for delivery.

3. Breasts

The breast must check regularly. They become heavy and large as the milk-producing cells become active in them. The skin covered of the nipples must check regularly.

4. Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is important to check regularly as any problem in blood pressure can lead to major problems on the baby as well as to the mother.

5. HIV Test

HIV test is a must to protect the child from getting the effect of this disease.

6. Examination of Ultras and Secret Organs of the Body

Most of the women hesitate to have examined these parts. But it is important to examine these parts during pregnancy.

7. Ultrasound Examination

Along with the baby growth, the uterus expands and through this examination, the doctor checks the limbs, head, eyes, and heartbeat of the infant. These tests do not harm either the baby or the mother and no pain caused to them.

8. Amniocentesis

If the mother is 40 years of age sometimes these symptoms present in them. These tests must check the baby’s normal or abnormal and proper growth of the baby.

9. Rachel Smear Test

This test is not related to pregnancy but this test is to detect the presence of cancer. At the time of pregnancy, this test must be done.

10. Time for Pre Delivery Test

First test after 9 to 12 weeks, subsequent test up to 28 weeks of pregnancy (every 4th week), Subsequent test up to 36th week of pregnancy (every second week), subsequent test Every week up to delivery.

Top 10 Precautions During Pregnancy

Avoid Fish and Seafood, alcohol, Caffeine Effect, cigarettes, Avoid Food, hot tubs, toxoplasmosis, Gestational Diabetes and Sex, herbs, and medications.

1. Sea Food

  • Skip eating shark, tilefish, and swordfish
  • Avoid tile and mackerel fish
  • Avoid the consumption of albacore or white tuna fish

2. Alcohol

  • Alcohol is a danger for the health of mother and baby it may cause fetal alcohol syndrome effect on baby’s health like
  • Slow growth
  • Learning problems
  • Effect on the baby’s facial features

There is no cure for these problems which is caused by fetal alcohol syndrome.

3. Caffeine Effect

  • Caffeine causes irritability, nervousness, anxiety, sleeping problem, and heartbeats problems. Some scientists believe caffeine can cause premature or possible birth defects on the baby.
  • Avoid caffeine contain drinks and food like tea, coffee, chocolate, and other soft drinks. If stopping cause headache then decrease your intake. For more information consult your doctor.

4. Cigarettes Effect

  • Cigarette affects babies in such a way that babies grow with less weight and health problems like Breathing problems, infections, feeding problems, and sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Exposure to smoke like standing near the people who smoke also leads to major health problems for the baby. The only solution is to stop smoking and smoking areas.

5. Avoid Food

  • Avoid food like hot dogs, foods contain sodium nitrate, bacon, ham, and raw fish
  • Drink only pasteurized milk. Eat only cooked fish, meat, and eggs.

6. Hot Tub

  • The temperature of the hot tub cause overheating and affect baby development.
  • Avoid overheating.

7. Toxoplasmosis

  • Toxoplasmosis caused by a parasite that is found in plant soil and raw or half-cooked meat. It may lead to brain damage problem to a baby.
  • Wash hands properly before eating. Cook meat, fish, and eggs well.

8. Gestational Diabetes

  • During pregnancy gestational diabetes occurs. During pregnancy can cause blood sugar level high in some cases. Doctors provide specific education for care if one develops gestational diabetes.
  • Gestational Diabetes develops in people who are overweight, family history, and had a baby who died before birth.

If gestational diabetes not in control it may lead to problems like

  • Premature birth
  • Low blood sugar for baby
  • Jaundice for baby

Mother faces problems like

  • Kidney infection
  • Breathing problem
  • High blood pressure
  • Harder deliver
  • Cesarean deliver

9. Sex

  • There is less talk about sex during pregnancy. Sex is safe during pregnancy if the condition of pregnant women is normal. To know more need to talk to the doctor whether the condition is normal or not.
  • Abstain from intercourse during the pregnancy lasts 3 months.

10Herbs and Medication

Certain herbs can be detrimental to fetus development like, saw palmetto, passionflower, pennyroyal, and black cohosh which cause premature birth, miscarriage, and painful contraction. Medication must be avoided at all costs. Consult a physician before taking any medicine. Avoid X-rays which harms the development of the fetus.

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