Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

If you are still seeking some of the Indian romantic honeymoon destinations for married couples, check out these top 10 best honeymoon destinations in India.

Wedding is a special part of everyone’s life. Everything is new to both the partners. So, it is important to build a proper understanding of both of them. So, spending quality time with a life partner is the best idea to enjoy the new time of the marriage.

Going to a popular and world’s best honeymoon destinations to enjoy the vacation is the dream of every newly married couple. However, in this post, we will talk about only the best honeymoon places in India for newly married couples.

There are so many best places to visit in India but while talking about honeymoon destinations, only a few places are worth visiting. In India, there are some popular honeymoon destinations to visit for couples to enjoy at best. So, we are also here with such top 10 most popular and best honeymoon places in India for the newly married couples.

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations In India

10. Kerala 

Kerala- Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Kerala is an Indian state situated on the southwestern side and formed on 1 November 1956. There so many best tourist places to visit in Kerala. It is best famous for the greeneries, long coastlines, and colorful dance forms. It is a tiny sliver of paradise and regarded as best tropical tourist destinations. That’s why Kerala is popular as one of the top honeymoon spots for newly married couples in India.

Kerala provides the natural beauty of backwaters, hills of Munnar and Wayanad, sunbath at the popular Kovalam beach, countless travel spots in Cochin. Besides that, there are so many hidden travel attractions for the newly married couples, including Kollam, Cochin, Kumarakom, Munnar and Vagamon to name a few. Kottayam and Allepey can make this time more special and romantic.

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9. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar- Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Mahabaleshwar is a popular hill station, perfect choice for those, who want to explore the natural beauty. There are green hills, caves, lakes, mountains, boat riding, temples, adventurous activities, etc. for enjoyment at this exciting place. That’s why this place is regarded as the best honeymoon destinations in India.

Mahabaleshwar place includes 3 villages, Malcolm Peth, Old “Kshetra” Mahabaleshwar, and part of the Shindola village. This place is very near to Pune and Mumbai. Every year a huge number of Honeymoon couples visit this place to have a quality time to understand each other. Meanwhile, if you are looking to visit any of the romantic hill stations in India, don’t forget to visit this.

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8. Goa 

Goa- Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Without any doubt, Goa is the most visited tourist spots in India. This place is blessed with lots of coconut plants, natural beaches, heritage monuments, lush green gardens, and popular Portuguese buildings.

You can go for a romantic walk along the beachside with your partner. Night beach parties, a Champagne morning breakfast, water sports, delicious seafood, parasailing, deep-sea fishing, and windsurfing are several of the activities to spend quality time with your partner. Besides that, here are the top 10 best places to visit in Goa for the vacation and holiday.

No doubt, Goa is one of the most popular and best honeymoon destinations in India where visitors come in huge numbers every year.

7. Kullu Manali 

Kullu Manali- Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Kullu Manali is one of the famous spots for honeymoon couples in India, who want to enjoy the ice-cold trip with the partners. It is an all-time favorite honeymoon destination in India. Moreover, there are lots of green hills, waterfalls, snow mountains, and big green grass landscape, you can see.

Besides that, skiing, trekking, hiking, river rafting, biking, and angling are some activities to perform here. The weather and the surrounding environment is too romantic. That’s why many newly married couples visit this honeymoon destination from all across India.

6. Darjeeling 

Darjeeling- Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Darjeeling is a popular city in West Bengal of India in the Himalayan foothills. Being one of the best places to visit in West Bengal, Darjeeling is also popular as the best honeymoon destinations in India.

Darjeeling is well-known for its natural beauties of tea gardens, pine trees, a local traditional marketplace, mountains, and the toy train trip. Besides that, a pleasant cold climate here will take you away from the hot weather.

Tiger Hills is one of the most visited tourist attractions of this place. Other than this, you can go to Peace Pagoda, Rock Garden, and Batasia Loop. No doubt, if you are planning for a honeymoon trip, nothing could be more fun and enjoyable place than this.

5. Shimla 

Shimla- Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Any list of best honeymoon destinations in India is incomplete without Shimla. Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and truly one of the romantic hill stations in India for honeymoon.

Shimla is equipped with the romantic climate, adventure sports, snow-covered mountains, swaying fields and the wonderful view of Himalayas. It also mixed with several of the best tourist places and natural beauties. Besides that, Mall, The Viceregal Lodge, the Lower Bazaar, Christ Church, the Jakhu Temple, and the Dorje Drag Monastery are some of the popular tourist places to visit.

4. Lakshadweep 

Lakshadweep- Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Lakshadweep is popular for its unbeaten natural beauties of sandy beaches, islands, the great scene of the blue sea, water sports, scenic gardens and sunbathing. With such a perfect surrounding, this place is one of the most popular honeymoon spots in India.

Agatti, Minicoy, Kavaratti, and Kadmat are some of the popular tourist places to go to during the trip. Besides that, it has a romantic and calm environment for newly married couples, who wish to just enjoy. That’s why if you are also searching for some of the best places for honeymoon in India, don’t forget this place.

3. Ooty 

Ooty- Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Ooty is one of the most popular Indian hill stations in southern side Tamil Nadu. This place is located in the Nilgiri Hills and popular as the “Heaven for Honeymoon couples’. It is naturally blessed with the beautiful hill stations of whole south India.

Couples, who are interested in staying away from the hustle and bustle of cities, can visit this place. Its natural surroundings drag huge tourists every year and it is a popular summer destination. Besides that, this place is truly one of the best places for honeymoon in India of all time.

2. Nainital

Nainital- Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

There are popular lakes, pleasant climate, water sports, boat riding, local shopping market, ride to Snow View, rock climbing, fishing and much more, makes this place unique among others honeymoon destinations in India. If you are interested in exploring several different places with your partner, then it is best advised to visit these popular travel attractions, including The Lakes, Kausani, and Jim Corbett National Park.

Nainital is an all-time popular tourist attraction in India, especially for newly married couples. The perfect climate and beautiful surroundings make it truly heaven on earth. Thus, don’t forget to think about this destination while planning to visit the best honeymoon destinations in India.

1. Andaman and Nicobar Island

Andaman and Nicobar Island- Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

The Andaman and Nicobar is the entryway of romance, which is blessed with tourist privacy, exotic environment, sports and water activities. Besides that, underwater marine life is more popular in this area to explore the water-skiing, colorful fishes, flora and fauna, forest life.

Everything that you will need to enjoy your honeymoon at best will be equipped in this spot. Meanwhile, this is the best honeymoon place for newly married couples. For the reason that, huge amounts of tourist visit this place from all across India to enjoy their honeymoon in the best way.

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