Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

Are you searching for some of the best tourist places to visit in America? If yes, check out these top 10 best places to visit in America.

We know that there are many top places to travel in the world but if you are planning for America trip, you are going right! There are lot’s of best cities to live in the USA which people dream about but it’s not possible for all. That’s why people use to go to America for a vacation to enjoy its beautiful cities and several attractions.

Though it’s always a tough task to consider some of the good tourist destinations in your trip still you have to do it for a better journey. Here in this post, we at top 10 about going to help you to decide ten best places to visit in America where you can enjoy a lot with your family and friends.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

  1. Florida, United States

Florida- Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

If you want to enjoy some of the best beaches in America then just travel Florid. This is a city known for its beautiful attractions like Walt Disney and many other things. You can experience the rich Latino culture in Florida and no doubt this is one of the top-rated tourist cities in America which suits for every age of people.

Besides that, if you are a newly married couple, it becomes must visiting American place, because it is among the world’s best honeymoon destinations for newly married couples. The famous sunshine and western Gulf coast are some of the speechless attraction you can enjoy in Florida.

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  1. Hawaii, United States

Hawaii- Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

Hawaii is one of the most recent joined states of the United States. You can understand the gravity of this place as this is among the best summer vacation destinations in the world. It is a top class and famous U.S destination where every year huge numbers of tourists come to enjoy the paradise of a beautiful island.

If you are a lover of nature then this is a must visit place in America for you. The rich Pacific culture along with amazing volcanoes and beaches are some of the amazing tourist spots you can enjoy in Hawaii.

In Hawaii, you will always get the opportunity for the best hiking experience, especially on Kauai Island. Never miss Hawaii if you are on a tour of America.

  1. Asheville, North Carolina, United States

Asheville- Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

Asheville is one of the best places to visit in the southeastern region of America where you can enjoy some of the amazing smoky mountains. This is a perfect tourist place for hiking and drives through beautiful mountains.

Downtown Asheville is quite good in terms of spending an evening as there you can enjoy cultural music programs and different quality art. This is a city where you will find many restaurants where you can find different delicious cuisines and best seafood also.

  1. San Francisco, United States

San Francisco- Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

If you are on a trip to America then never miss traveling San Francisco. This city is known for its beautiful nature and the Golden gate bridge is one of the top tourist attractions of America.

Every year thousands of tourists visit this place to enjoy the beautiful bridge. The amazing view of San Francisco Bay is a true source of enjoyment for travelers. Besides that, this bay is also known for its neighborhoods like Chinatown, Haute enclave of Haight-Ashbury.

  1. Washington D.C., United States

Washington D.C.- Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

Washington D.C is the capital city of the US where you can travel some of the best tourist attractions in America. This American city is popular for some of the popular national treasures. Capital Building, white house Smithsonian museums are some of the must visit place here for any traveler.

Cherry Blossom festival is one of the popular American festivals you can enjoy in this beautiful city. If you want to experience the best snowfall then you can visit this city in winter.

  1. New York, United States

New York- Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

Many travelers suggest New York City especially if you are in America. There are many popular places to visit in New York in the United States. If you are first time visitor in New York City then never miss the beautiful walking experience through the streets. This walking experience is like you are going through a delightful movie set.

Statue of liberty, Rockefeller Plaza, Chrysler Building, central park are some of the beautiful sights you can enjoy in this city. Some of the big shopping malls are located in this beautiful city where you can enjoy shopping. Besides that, you can also enjoy some delicious foods there in some of the best restaurants.

  1. Chicago, United States

Chicago- Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

Chicago city is popular as one of the best summer destinations in the world for visitors. This city is full of beautiful parks and waterfront where you can enjoy the calm and beautiful scene of nature.

Chicago city is best famous for its beautiful art and rich culture. Thousands of visitors come here to enjoy popular tourist spots like Magnificent Mile and Michigan Avenue.

If you are visiting Chicago then never miss traveling Millennium Park, Navy Pier and Art Institute of Chicago. These are also among the best tourist places to visit in America.

  1. Boston, United States

Boston- Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

Boston is a beautiful city which is located at the Eastern Seaboard. This American city is famous for its rich history and Freedom Trail. You can find some of the most famous and historic sites in Boston. This is a city full of modern skyscrapers buildings and some of the old buildings having beautiful architecture.

Here you can enjoy the traditional culture scene and some of the beautiful arts. Travel in Boston city of America always gives a unique feel and it’s like you are traveling inside a small town.

Boston Pops Orchestra belongs to this city which is popular all over the world. So, no doubt, this is one of the best places to visit in America that one must visit once.

  1. Seattle, United States

Seattle- Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

Seattle is present at the northwest corner snow-capped mountain and amazing water. It is one of the popular tourist spots in America. Here you can visit some of the popular tourist destinations like Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and waterfront. Besides that, here you can also enjoy some beautiful sea beaches, the popular Hoh rain forest, and beautiful landscapes.

This city always maintains a mild climate and that’s the reason people visit this city most of the time in every year. Thus, if you are looking to visit one of the best places in America, this is one of the recommended visiting places.

  1. Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas- Top 10 Best Places to Visit in America

Las Vegas is one of the best cities to live and visit in America. This is a city of lights and perfect for young guys and couples who want to enjoy their vacation. In Las Vegas, you will get several popular hangout and entertaining places.

This city is full of some of the big resort complexes. Here you will get many endless enjoyment options. Some of the popular American tourist destinations like Grand Canyon, Death Valley National park and Hoover Dam. All these destinations are easy to trip and having very less distance to each other.

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