Top 10 Most Popular American Festivals of All Time

USA Festivals- If you want to know which are the most popular festivals in America, check out these top 10 most popular American festivals.

The United States of America is known for its rich culture and amazing festivals. There are lot’s of best cities to live in the USA which people dream about but its not everyone’s cup of tea. So, every year huge numbers of visitors come to America to enjoy some of the big cities and their festivals.

If you are also one of them who is planning for an America trip and wants to enjoy some of the best American festivals there then this post is best for you to follow up.

In this post, we are going to discuss the top 10 most popular American festivals which are popular worldwide. If you are American, we hope you will agree with us that these are really popular festivals in America. 

Top 10 Most Popular American Festivals

Top 10 Most Popular American Festivals 

  1. Burning Man festival

Burning man festival is a popular festival in America which was first held in the year 1986. This is an American festival of self-expression which attracts huge numbers of participants every year.

In this festival, you can enjoy a glory week of sojourn. Black rock city which is present in Black rock desert is the festival location of this popular Burning man festival. This special event is normally held every year between the last week of August to the first week of September. So, if you are in present there in this period of time, you can enjoy this festival in America.

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  1. Boston seafood festival

If you are a seafood lover then Boston seafood festival is a must-attend festival for you in America. This festival is held every year in August in Massachusetts. In this festival, you can enjoy several seafood preparations which are healthier and very low in calorie count. Many people come to join this American festival to see the cooking demonstrations of seafood items and the whole exciting environment. And no doubt, this is among the most popular American festivals of all time.  

  1. Jazz and heritage festival

If you want to enjoy one of the best American festivals then Jazz and heritage festival is the best option for you. This is one of the colorful festivals in America where you can enjoy the rich American culture. Every year in the month of April/May this festival is held where many popular bands give their best music performances to people. So, overall an enjoyable and full of entertainment festival in America that one must definitely attend once.

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  1. Electric zoo festival

Electric Zoo festival is another famous music festival in America everyone should attend in their life. This festival normally takes place in Randall’s island park where you can enjoy the modern electronic theme of music. If you are a music lover then this U.S. festival can bring loads of excitement for you. Many people from the different country visit America to enjoy this huge musical event.

  1. Coachella Valley music and arts festival

Coachella valley music and arts festival is another top-rated American festival ever. This is a top class annual music festival which normally held in the month of April every year. Huge numbers of people come from a different country to enjoy this amazing festival in America. Here you will get different delicious food as well as colorful beach clothes. So, if you love music, food, and clothes then this American fest could be more exciting for you.

  1. Happy Harry’s Ribfest

If you will mark the list of festivals in the United States you will always find the Happy Harry’s Ribfest in the top 10 list. This is a popular food festival held in America every year in the second week of June.

In this festival, you can enjoy several traditional American foods as well as slow-cooked chicken and beef. Overall this is a festival for food lover and if you are one of them then just never miss this festival.

  1. Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest is one of the most popular American festivals you need to attend once in your life if you are in America. If you missed the Halloween celebration then this festival always gives you another chance to celebrate in a unique way. This is an annual event where huge numbers of visitors come to enjoy the environment.

In this festival, you can see visitors and local people dress up with different popular characters. You will get people having body paint, special character costumes. Many clubs and bars are open on this day. So, you can enjoy your day with your friends and celebrate this day with an amazing experience. That’s why no doubt this is one of the best American festivals that one should attend in their life.

  1. Great American Foodie Fest

Great American Foodie fest is one of the best American festivals you need to attend once in your life. America is known for its delicious fast food and if you are a food lover then In Las Vegas you can enjoy the best day of your life in American Foodie festival.

Every year from 6th October to 9th October you can enjoy loads of street food in Las Vegas road. This is a four-day offer of visitors where you will get huge and log hot dogs and other food like burgers and meat. Every year huge numbers of people come to Las Vegas of America to enjoy this huge food festival.

  1. Aloha Festival

If you want to attend one of the best festivals in America then never miss the Aloha Festival. This is a festival which can be enjoyed by travelers like kids, families or you can say any age group.

In this festival people normally celebrate the Hawaiian culture where it takes place on the island to create a good environment according to the heritage and culture of Hawaiian.

You can enjoy many street performances, music shows, and some traditional cuisine. Besides that, you will get the opportunity to learn the Hawaiian culture in this festival. No doubt this festival will give you fun and adventure mix experience.

  1. New Orleans October’s music and black magic fest

New Orleans October’s music and the black magic fest is the most popular American festival of all time. In this festival, you can experience voodoo music and exceptional art.

In this festival, you can enjoy the performance of more than 65 bands. Voodoo is not just an ordinary festivity it’s an amazing experience. This festival gives you an exotic night with some pleasant music and mesmerizing art.

In the whole city, you will find several delicious cuisines, mystery, and adventure as Halloween weekend approaches. Besides that, this festival is also popular for its colorful dress code where you will find a dress with colors like purple, green and gold which always signify positivity.

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