Top 10 Easy Steps to Become a Great Tutor

Do you want to become an excellent tutor or teacher? If yes, follow this list of the top 10 best and easy ways to become a great tutor.

There is a difference Between a Teacher and a Great Tutor. A great tutor inspires students to learn and achieve life goals. Education grants people the right to teach. The desire to become a great tutor who inspires and teaches comes from awareness and training. We have prepared a list of the top 10 easy steps to become a great tutor. You need to keep improving all these things that will help you to become a great tutor. People consider that being a great tutor is nature’s gift. Hopefully, they sometimes underestimate all their abilities and more often don’t acknowledge the potential they have. Teaching is fun, active, and motivating.

Top 10 Easy Steps to Become a Great Tutor

Top 10 Easy Steps to Become a Great Tutor

10. Visit professional conferences

Teacher certification will grant you the right to teach. Your self-education will help you to become a great tutor. It is the difference. Those tutors who want to teach do so, but those who want to teach, motivate and inspire students acknowledge how to drive themselves in the first place.

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9. Share your experience

The best teacher is the one who has the life experience to share. Each tutor must realize how to apply theory in practice. Gain work experience before becoming a teacher and share your knowledge. It will bring students to an understanding of all the particularities of the course and will grant you with their honor.

8. Talk about future perspectives

Never dive into the theory and always think about how to connect information you give with your students’ real life. Ask them what they expect, why they need the course you teach, and what expectations they have. It will help you to understand the needs of your students better. The good advice here is to invite a professional in your field and ask him or her to share a working routine, talk about the pros and cons of the profession, and others. It can be a former student of yours.

7. Visualize

Your group of students will always contain various personalities. Do you want to find out how to be a good tutor? Add audio-visual information to every lecture. Find related TED talks, educational videos, or audio, advise students to visit concerts, watch movies, and do any activity connected to your course. Every emotional coloring improves memorizing. Visualization is important not only for remembering but also for structuring and understanding the material.

6. Develop a sense of humor

The sense of humor was always evidence of a keen brain. It may seem that not all teaching courses can include jokes, but this is wrong. Even if you are teaching law or medicine, there is also a space for a joke. It should be smart and funny. Humor helps to add emotional coloring to your lectures which will not make you an excellent tutor but also help to memorize important material.

5. Learn delivery of a speech

Oration is one of the basic qualities of a teacher. Being a great teacher means being a professional speaker. The good news is this skill is trained. Speakers have rules to follow which lead to successful, motivating, and educational speech. You have to prepare every report. Create visual materials, an introduction, and conclusion, a few jokes, and structure your report. Make it interesting and involving.

4. Teach to think

In the middle of the informational era, there is no need for memorizing tons of information. Tutoring is all about thinking. Give students valuable pieces of advice hot to find and proceed with information qualitatively and within the shortest period. If it is not a foreign language, there is no need for keeping all the information inside one’s head; it is more important to know how to apply it efficiently in practice. Always give examples of the practical application of the knowledge you give.

3. Force improving argumentative writing

Writing essays is a part of every program. Don’t get mad when you find out that students decided to pay to write an essay if they provide you with an argumentative explanation of their decision. Force them always to stand their ground and express thoughts structurally. Logical thinking is an important skill for every course which is why argumentative writing is more important than other types of essays and research works. Writing skills help proceed and structure information.

2. Talk to people, not to students

The best tutor knows that the audience consists of people who have their own opinions, thoughts, and believes. Give them a space for self-expression. Dedicate a few lectures or a few minutes every lecture for discussion. Ask questions, discuss the material and make them believe that personal opinion plays a great role in the educational process. Treat them as if they are adults specialists. They will become ones after your course.

1. Acknowledge your potential

Not every person knows how to be a good teacher, but everyone can. Tuition consists of some skills which can be trained. It depends only on your desire. You do not necessarily have to finish an MA degree in education; it is enough to take a few courses offered by your university. If you don’t have this opportunity, you can learn the main principles yourself. Remember, you can’t just improvise, it is important to prepare a plan for every lesson.

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