Top 10 Best Online Hotel Booking Sites in India

Which are the best hotel booking websites in India as of 2021? Follow this list of the top 10 best online hotel booking sites in India.

Holidays are the best part of our lives. That’s why almost every person likes to visit the best traveling places in the world. You want to enjoy each and every moment of it. Thus, even you pre-planned what are things to do in traveling for time pass. You go on holiday to reduce your stress and feel free.

Generally, we do online booking of everything these days and the same thing goes with the online hotel booking. Most of the hotel booking sites which give you this advantage are very good in the market, but some are not worth booking. Therefore, Top10About brought a list of the top 10 best online hotel booking sites in India. These are India’s best hotel sites that give you a preference for online hotel booking. Here is a countdown of the best online hotel booking sites.

Top 10 Best Online Hotel Booking Sites in India

Top 10 Best Online Hotel Booking Sites in India

10. is one of the good choices among online hotel booking sites. This site gives you the advantage to search hotels from 50,000 hotels. Some of the hotels on this site are available only for INR 500. If you are running low on a budget, this is the best site to search hotels and book them online. Apart from that, you can also get luxurious hotels also as per your requirements.

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9. gives you the advantage of booking hotels from every corner of the city. This site covers mostly each and every small and big hotel in the city. If it covers all small and big budget hotels it concludes that you will get lots of options for the hotel on this site. This India’s online hotel booking site also provides you great offers on online booking. This is really a great option if you are looking for online hotel booking.


On this site, you can manage your all trip without any disturbance. This is a comparison site where you can compare the price of hotels from different sites. This site gives you a transport facility to reach the hotel safely. Additionally, this site not only compares prices but also features of the hotel. Thus, one of the best choices among the top online hotel booking sites in India.

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7. is American based firm but it works effectively in India too. If you change your plan at the last minute then this is a good site to do online hotel booking. It gives you preference to book your hotel as well as cab and other transport too. This is an underrated site in India but works like a charm.


Generally, is famous for its flight booking features, but it has also a certified number of hotels for online booking. It has a list of the hotel is very good and situated at easy to find areas. This site responds to your query effectively. It will give you the hassle-free experience of online hotel booking. This website gives you a huge discount of up to 60 %. After membership, you will be provided GoCash and you can transfer money from your account to GoCash. If you do so you will be saving an extra 25% discount on your booking. It has also a cashback policy, which is not provided by all companies.


An Indian-based company for online hotel booking is It is a popular name in the travel industry. As the name suggests its website is very clear and to the point. It is a user-friendly website with excellent results. It gives you the advantage to choose among 6,00,000 hotels. helps you with online hotel booking, flight booking, and train booking. A wide range of hotels available on this website makes this one of the best websites to book hotel rooms as well as to do other activities regarding online booking.

4. earns popularity from its ad. It is a hotel comparing website and gives you the privilege to compare the price of the hotel and its features. It is among one of the best online hotel booking sites in India. This site provides you best price of the hotel among many sites through filtering. Easy to use the site for hotel booking. You can choose a hotel and sort them as per your preferences. This site gives you over 7 lakh ongoing offers for online hotel booking. It will give you honest customers review to choose your hotel wisely.

3. is well known and popular hotel booking website in India. It stands at number 3 in the best online hotel booking sites in India. This site is old and trustworthy. It gives you several holiday offers and discounts during the holiday season. gives you the privilege to do hotel booking flight booking and bus booking too. This is the best place to find good offers and deals. If you are looking hotel on your limited budget is the best place to find it.

2. is one of the most popular online booking hotel sites in India and is very easy to use. It provides you hotels in India as well as abroad. This site gives you the best discounts and offers for your holiday. It plans your whole holiday. It gives you the advantage of booking hotel rooms and take a tour of it virtually. Since it is the most trusted and widely used website in India it is on top of this countdown.

1. has recently started a company in India for online hotel booking. It is popular among youth because this is the best Indian hotel booking site for affordable to luxury rooms. It will give you the option of hotels in 160 cities. When young gangs make a plan to go somewhere they use this site to do book hotels. It is also available in form of an app for every platform for easy access through mobile. If you want to save some extra bucks, go for this website. Oyorooms gains popularity in a short time span and enters in Best hotel sites. The best thing about this hotel booking site is that you can book a hotel and check-in later after look over the room and even you can pay when you are going to check out. There is no necessary to pay on the booking time. The calling support is also excellent for Oyo rooms.


These are the best online hotel booking sites in India for online booking. If you are planning for a holiday and don’t want to get hassled in booking a hotel, you should surf these sites for the best result. If you book a hotel online it will give you more time to enjoy during your holiday. You can travel without any tension because your room is already booked in the city. You can avail of the discount and save money through these websites. The most important thing to do online booking is, it has no hidden cost. It has nothing to do with the agent who makes you fool and take your money. So book a hotel from these listings and enjoy your holiday.

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