Top 10 Best Online Education Websites for Students


A good education is imperative for every child to achieve his or her dreams. However, better the institution is, more is the expense. Students drop out due to substantial fees and do blue collar jobs to reach their basic needs. Many talented students, for this reason, do not get enough opportunities. But, in the age of the internet, do we have to worry about spending a huge amount on getting degrees? We can learn anything by joining the online classes. Meanwhile by joining one of the good education websites for self education, you can make you literate from your home as well.

Top 10 Best Online Education Websites for StudentsBack in the old days, we had to go the schools and colleges to quench our thirst for knowledge. Today, there are numerous online education sites for students. Not only the educational institutions offer full programs and individual online courses online, but experts in many fields create their online course programs to share their knowledge. These websites offer informative podcasts, notes and videos and appropriate assessment tests. What more a student would need if he gets an education for free? In this post, we will discuss the top ten online education websites for students who provide easy education online though their online website.

Top 10 Best Online Education Webites for Students

10. Khan Academy 

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This education site is a jackpot for all the students who cannot afford a coaching. It provides the students a winning situation by giving them the autonomy to study at their own tempo as it has a modified dashboard to check individual progress report. It has all traditional subjects including science, mathematics, history, computer programming, economics, art history, and more. Altogether, it has lessons from kindergarten to all at one place. To enrich the content of the students, it has partnered with the Museum of Modern Art, NASA, the California Academy of Sciences, and MIT.

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9. Howcast

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Howcast is one of the best online education website for students. This website is a one-stop place for all the subjects. Considering the inquisitiveness of the students, it functions in words including ‘how.’

8. Futures Channel

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Futures Channel is a problem-solving education websites for students. Unlike the other websites, it not just represents educational courses but even offers solutions to the problems faced by the students. For example, students usually face problems in algebra, so they have a special session for the same.

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7. CosmoLearning

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Cosmolearning is one of the most suggested online sites for education. This site offers academic as well as skill-based learning to the students. Students can either enroll themselves in any of the 58 courses or refer to the materials provided. The subjects are divided into two categories- academic subjects and co-curricular.

 6. Brightstorm

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If we are talking about online sites for education, is a must recommendation. The high school scholars can use this site for reference rather than any interactive website which mitigates their learning problems. It is obvious for the students to find difficulty in comprehending the technical terminologies, so the portal is making the textbooks easier for the students. It offers help in all subjects including science, history, maths and other subjects. They even prepare students for entrance and competitive exams.

5. Coursera

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Coursera is one of the online education portal sites for students that provide numerous courses covering the various topic of interest. It is an accessible website where students can find shareable electronic Course Certificate and big universities. Courses include auto-graded and peer reviewed assignment, video lectures, and community discussion forums. The website assures you receive a shareable Electronic Course Certificate after the completion of the course.

4. Big Think

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As the name suggests ‘Big Think,’ the site correctly follows the name and gives the confidence to the students to think big by providing expert writings and record tutorials. It has over 2,000 followers who have received fame in their forte. The contents given are reassured by the team of website, giving original material to the students. Students are free to use the internet site by creating their distinct ideology as it offers various views on one subject. Furthermore, the students can get reviews from the experts as well. So if you are looking for high-quality online courses, Big Think is of the best Education websites for Students.

 3. Internet Archive

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Internet Archive is one of the most popular education websites for students. It is an authentic site that stores the originals from different big sites. The American libraries, for example, include the collection of free books directly attached to the college libraries’ websites. Internet Achieve is a perfect place imparting available and free knowledge.

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2. Academic Earth

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Academic Earth provides has an excellent collection of academic options to students from traditional to contemporary studies. It gives online degree courses from economics and accounting to engineering and also carrier materials for subjects like behavioral psychology. Moreover, the portal has collaboration with a group of reputed colleges such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, Stanford University and many others. Keeping in mind the interest of the students, Academic Earth has podcasts and videos in all the subjects.

1. EdX

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Established by MIT and Harvard University in 2012, EdX is the most favored by the students. EdX is a MOOC provider and an online education center which offers high-level courses from the best universities across the world. It is the top global ranker out of the 90 universities.


Well then, you must have now got an idea of the best online education websites for students. These sites not just give free education but also provide online lessons by the experts which are not even found in colleges. No matter whatever you want to learn, most likely you will find a course about it in the educational course sites.

Even the individual experts and instructive institutions want to offer knowledge online for people to learn. Sign in any of the sites to make your learning more advanced and productive. Don’t let off your dreams because of money. These sites are the best place to get a free high standard education. The tutorial exposes some of the popular online portals so that you do not find difficulty in choosing one.


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