Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the World


Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldClothes and jewelry have been the most important concern of our lives. We tend to appear good-looking, fashionable and eye-catching. Now a days, there are many fashion brands available that assure us for amazing clothes as well as fashion accessories. And Top 10 About has decided to share about top 10 most expensive clothing brands in the world for both man and women. So Lets checkout this list of top ten world’s expensive clothing brands.

Top 10 Expensive Clothing Brands in the World

10. Louis Vuitton

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldNo list of luxurious clothing brands can be accomplished without talk about the name of louis vuitton. This clothing brand has a record of manufacture high quality fashion as well as leather products. From expensive handbags to comfy shoes, this lets you have all things under one roof. This is one of the most popular brands in the fashion world. To dress up gracefully, this clothing brand has some incredible costume ranges, which are changed time after time to bring a lot more variety as well as innovation.

9. Valentino

Valentino-Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldThis is yet another amazing and expensive clothing brand that is leading the world’s women as well as men. The fashion lovers with a flavor of expensive clothes recognize well the cost of Valentino. This brand has particular in designer clothes as well as many fashion accessories. It attracts the women from rich class towards its current fashion clothes.

8. Guess

Guess- Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldAnother world’s most expensive clothing brand is Guess. Guess is an American brand name, generally famous for its denim jeans as well as Guess perfumes. This company is manufacturing jeans, T-shirts as well as other clothes for the worldwide consumers. You can be certain of great quality as well as trustworthiness as Guess has too much to proffer you.

7. Armani

Armani- Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldNow a days Armani is one of the most expensive clothing brand and widely famous for its quality & design. But also well-known for its wide range of clothes, footwear as well as fashionable handbags. Starting from perfumes as well as ending onto the well-designed outfit, this brand has conveyed to us so a lot of things. You can proudly buy its things at fashion stores as well as nearby boutiques. Armani has now determined on kids clothes as well.

6. Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana-Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldNormally also known as D&G, It needs completely no introduction. This expensive clothing brand is well-known for its elegant as well as elegant clothes. The products are ready for men, women as well as of course children. It is presently selling its cloth in more than 100 countries global with confidence.

5. Prada

Prada-Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands of World

Generally the clothes of Prada are most expensive, however this brand assure to give you an unmatched as well as attractive look. It is highly prominent among the young fashion lovers. The company’s goods are top indentation as well as prices range from low-priced to too expensive.

4. Dior

Dior- Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldDior is commonly popular for its stylish, exciting, elegant, and rationalized as well as prestige clothes as well as perfumes. The company ensures that the buyers get fashion-oriented clothes. It attracts the eyes of world’s women towards its fashionable costumes also elegant handbags. Dior is also the most expensive brand in this list of top ten world’s most expensive clothing brands.

3. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs- Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldSeasonal variations, luxurious designs as well as exclusive sales are some of the most expensive and popular features of Marc Jacobs. This is stylish clothing brands that deliberate on Shoes, Beauty Products, Watch, Sunglasses, handbags with jewelry as well. It gives a big range of external wear for the different seasons.

2. Gucci

Gucci-Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldThe expensiveness as well as overall quality of Gucci is completely consistent. This is the most popular and one of the expensive clothing brands of Italy that deals in,belts, skirts, shoes, ties, handbags, luggage, as well as many other items. Gucci has all the time brought to us something incredible and outstanding so that we look fashionable and good-looking on every event.

1. Chanel

Chanel- Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldChanel is the world’s most expensive clothing brands and the most trust products that are in high insist these days. It’s perfumes, Sunglasses, clothes as well as fashion accessories are famous to be best and are famous with celebrities also rich persons the world over. This brand brings amazing highly new and doesn’t copy the ideas as well as fashions of other product. It, therefore, has keep up its own reality.


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