Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India 2024

Your search for the best Indian car Insurance companies in 2024 ends here. Follow this list of the top 10 car insurance companies in India.

Never forget to choose the best car insurance company for your new car. Those are gone days when people don’t care about their car insurance. Now everyone looks for car insurance after buying a car. However, when people don’t care or mistakenly choose the wrong car insurance company, later on, they face many difficulties. So, you need to choose a reliable car insurance company for protection.

Auto insurance always works as a protective shield for your car. If you face any accident or loss of your car then that time you can claim your insurance for the recovery money which always works as a consolation for your headache. So, here we are going to discuss the top 10 best car insurance companies in India.

Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India

Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India 2024

10. Universal Sompo General Insurance

USGI is one of the trusted car insurance companies in India. This is one of the first public-private partnerships in the Indian General insurance industry. This company got its license in November 2007 from IEDA. So, never miss the insurance coverage opportunity from this company. You will get a complete roadside assistance program under its insurance file contracts which is quite beneficial for you.

It offers special concessions to blind people, physically, and mentally disabled children on specially designed vehicles. It offers a quick replacement facility for the damaged parts of your car. Besides that, you also get many discount offers on special days and also claim membership in the Automobile Association.

The headquarters of this auto insurance company is in Mumbai. Mr. Rajiv Kumar is the managing director and CEO of this company.

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9. Royal Sundaram General Insurance

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company was stepped up as the first insurance company from IRDA in the year 2000. This is a popular and trusted car insurance company. It has a better connection with many banks for better insurance service. So, you can choose this insurance company for your car without any hesitation.

The policy owner gets a 24×7 helpline service for their insurance claim. In an emergency, you will get 24×7 assistance from the roadside. You can claim immediately in case of any road mishap. You will get fast insurance claim approval if you will face an encounter with any kind of accident.

The headquarters of this company is in Chennai and Mr. MS Sreedhar is the MD of this famous insurance company.

8. Oriental Insurance Company Ltd

With headquarters in Delhi, Oriental Insurance Company Ltd is the best public sector insurance company in India. This company was founded on 12 September 1947. As per the record, this company has earned a premium gross of Rs 7282.54 crores in the 2013-14 financial years. This is one of the famous car insurance companies in India which has more than 14k employees and almost 1.8k offices across India.

You can easily renew or buy new policies anywhere at any time with the help of a customer support expert. You will always get excellent insurance claim service as it has the best record in this matter.

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7. United India Car Insurance

United India Car Insurance Company is an old organization that was nationalized in 1972 and incorporated on 18th February 1938. This is one of the leading Asian continent insurance companies. The report says that this company has nearly about 528 crores of net profit in the year 2013-14. The headquarters of this company is in Chennai.

Simply download the app for the policy renewal on time. It works in various states of India and you will get 24X7 customer help from this company. Besides that, instant insurance coverage, and cashless claims facilities are well available.

6. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

In the year 2002, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company was founded. And now it’s one of the most promising car insurance companies in India. The headquarters of this company is in Mumbai and it is a Germany-based company. Mr. Ritesh Kumar is the managing director of this company.

Get instant Personal accident policy and e-policy with 24 hours of global coverage. You can deal with a cashless payment option. You can get various discount offers on the Car insurance policy. Besides that, quite easy to register and very few important documents are required.

5. Reliance General Insurance Company

This is a famous insurance company that was founded in August 2000 after getting a license from IRDA. Across India, you will get almost 139 offices of this company. It always offers the best insurance service to its customers. This company offers cheap car insurance policies for the car owner. You can also get insurance for two-wheelers from this company.

You can easily buy your insurance policy through various payment options like Net banking, Paytm, or debit/credit card. Besides that, you can also claim your amount if any kind of road misshaping to your vehicle. You can get up to 60% discount on the car insurance policy. No hidden cost is taken from the insurance holder. 

The founder of this company is Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani.

4. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company comes at the 4th position in the list of best car insurance companies in India in 2024. This car insurance company was founded in the year 2001 and the headquarters of this company is in Pune, India. This company is a joint venture of Allianz SE and Bajaj Finserv Limited. You can enjoy many good and attractive policies for your car insurance. Moreover, it’s a trusted company and you can take the help of this company for more information.

The policyholder can get a high standard of service with proper car inspection at the selected workshops. From any previously done insurance providers, the policyholder can entitle to shift half of their existing without any bonus claim. If your car gets damaged due to the accident you can easily get the towing facility. The company provided more than 1500 ideal garages for cashless claims. If the cashless facility is unavailable then you will get a 75% on-account payment facility without any problem. Moreover, this company provides services all over the world.

This company has almost INR 59 billion in the year 2015-16. The net income of this company is around US$89 million. Tapan Singhel is the MD and CEO of this company.

3. ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance

This is a reputed company which was founded in the year 2001. It is one of the most popular and the best auto insurance company in India. This company has a good relationship with ICICI Bank which is the second-largest bank in India. Besides that, the report says that it has over USD 100 billion.

The insurance claim process is quite easy and fast. You will get many add-on covers on its car insurance policy. This company has more than 3.3k branches across India. You will get a 24-hour active customer help center. Besides that, you can easily register or renew your policy through the Internet. 

2. Tata AIG General Insurance

Tata AIG General Insurance Company is one of the best Indian car insurance companies in 2024, founded in 2001. The headquarters of this company is in Mumbai. You can easily get the insurance policy on second-hand cars, two-wheelers, and commercial vehicles. This company created history when 11.22 million policies were created and around 6.44 million claims were well settled. Tata Sons has 74% of the share of this company and the rest 26% share is owned by America International Group. Neelesh Garg is the CEO of this company.

This company always ensures safety. You can get up to 6 months of accident repair warranty. Without any type of inconvenience, you can easily claim your insurance. You will find 12 unique add-on covers for the better safety purpose of your insurance.

1. National Insurance Company Ltd (NIC)

National Insurance Company Ltd comes at the top of the list of the best car insurance companies in India. The headquarters of this insurance company is in Kolkata. It is a state-owned general insurance company. This company was nationalized in 1972 and is now one of the most reliable & trustworthy insurance companies for your car.

You can get up to 7.5 lakh for third property damage. The incurred claim ratio of this company is 69.35%. You can cover a wide array of mishaps.

This company mainly provides services to the South Asia region. As this comes at the top of the list you can choose this company for your car insurance.

Things to Consider While Buying Car Insurance Cover

If you want to buy any insurance coverage then you should have kept some important factors in mind as given below.

  1. Never forget to read and under all the terms and conditions of the company policy.
  2. Check whether there is 24/7 complete roadside assistance.
  3. Stress relief terms.
  4. Make sure about legal protection.
  5. Check all the discount offers and go for the best one as per your requirements.
  6. Check whether Repair or replace condition.

This is all about this article hope you get all the important information regarding the top 10 best Indian car insurance companies in 2024. So, choose any one insurance company from the above-discussed insurance company.

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