Top 10 Weight Loss Things that You should Know


If your concern is about weight loss and needs supervision then these top 10 weight loss things that you should know for your knowledge.

There are some weight Loss things your personal trainer wishes you knew because of many misconceptions around the topic of weight loss. We know that this is a multi-billion-dollar industry and that most of those billions are made by questionable means. This does not mean there aren’t genuine people and real products that help people because there are gyms and fitness trainers part of this industry and they operate on a more personal level. They earn their money by helping people reach their fitness goals. Personal trainers are measured by how many people they have been able to help to lose weight or to reach their fitness levels.

Consider this, if you have a personal trainer you have become a walking talking billboard for him. Your transformation and your ultimate success are his resumes. You are what will get him more clients so it is in his or her best interest to get you where you need to be. If you thought personal trainers liked to stretch their programs because they don’t want to lose money, you have been misled. That’s the first misconception that personal trainers would want people to get rid of. There are a few other things about weight loss that most trainers wish you knew.

Top 10 Weight Loss Things Your Personal Trainer Wished You Knew

Top 10 Weight Loss Things that You should Know

10. Take motivation from Hollywood 

So what if Christian Bale got fat in one movie and was super-hot after a couple of months to do another Batman movie? It’s his job and he gets paid millions of dollars to be as brutal as he can be to his own body. Almost all actors who go through these massive transformations have personal trainers on standby 24 hours a day. They will eat and they will drink whatever they are told to, and exercise like maniacs because they can afford that extra medical help when things go bad and they can go spectacularly bad.

9. Crunches are not the only way to a flat belly

If you have a thick waist and you have been struggling to get rid of your belly fat, crunches might not be enough or exercise on their own. Your personal trainer knows secrets about getting ripped abs that no one else would know of. He or she has probably heard of supplements or Apple Cider Vinegar. He’s probably met a couple of people who have used these successfully. He wants you to get the results you want too and is probably the best person to ask about supplements that can help you get rid of stubborn belly fat like Garcinia Cambogia and Apple Cider Vinegar.

8. Stop comparing yourself with anyone

Stop comparing yourself with your friends, your friend, or anybody else for that matter. If you want to lose weight because you want to fit into a dress that you saw on some skinny model in a magazine, you are setting yourself up for failure. Personal trainers are not plastic surgeons, you cannot take a picture of some Hollywood star and say: make me look like that!

7. Protein isn’t just for men

One of the best ways to weight loss quickly is eating high protein foods. Women who think protein is only for the guys who lift weights are as misguided as those who think weight lifting is a manly thing. Protein is essential for everyone because it stabilizes blood sugar levels and helps muscles recover quickly.

6. Sports drinks aren’t meant to hydrate better than water

Your body needs to hydrate during a workout. Sports drinks might help in replacing electrolytes but they cannot take the place of water. When you are thirsty the first thing you should reach for is water, not an energy drink. Water is the best thing to drink for hydration and has no side effects on any human body.

5. Carbohydrates are not evil

Carbohydrates are actually part of a balanced diet. They more than most foods serve a special purpose and that is giving you fuel and helping you with endurance. This is why athletes eat carbs before they hit the gym or go out to play whatever sport they play. Carbohydrates will replenish glycogen levels during your workout, just eat them in moderation.

4. You cannot cut fat out of your life completely

Not all fat is bad for you. Your body actually needs fat to help with certain processes. The good fat that you should have in your diet is the saturated kind, stay away from everything else.

3. Changing your exercise routine is good for you

You have to change your exercise routine because the body can get used to it. When that happens, you may burn calories at a slower rate or simply hit a plateau where nothing seems to be happening no matter how strict you have been in adhering to your weight loss plans. One more thing, try out some fitness exercises for weight loss.

2. Weights are for men and women

A lot of women are afraid of weights because they think that weights will make them look manlier. This is as ridiculous as saying the aerobic exercise will make a man more feminine. Weights tone muscles which are ultimately good for improving health and strength.

1. It takes more than cardio to lose weight

Cardio exercises are great for the heart. You’ll burn calories but you won’t change your metabolism or build lean muscle that helps speed up the burning of fat. You need to do more than just cardio if you want to lose weight and tone your body.


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