Top 10 Signs That Your House May Be Infested

How can you know your home is infested or not, here are the top 10 signs that your house may be infested like a pest, rodent, and fungal infestation. 

There can primarily be three types of infestations that you may face in your home: pest infestations, rodent infestations, and fungal infestations. These infestations can alter your health in the worst way imaginable. The diseases and bacteria that these uninvited guests carry with them can make you sick in your gut and cause allergies sometimes. Luckily, there are signs that these parasites give away to indicate their presence. Here are those top 10 most common signs that your house may be infested.

Top 10 Signs That Your House May Be Infested

Top 10 Signs That Your House May Be Infested

  1. Be Warned If You See Sawdust Near Holes In Your Wooden Furniture

Carpenter bees, do not survive on wood but they do drill holes in wood to make a nest. Carefully search for suspicious holes in your doors, windows, and furniture. Look if there is sawdust lying around the holes. This may be a signal that there are carpenter bees in your house.

Mites, ants and other insects may also leave sawdust. In the particular case of mites, you can tap the walls or the suspected area, to check for echoing sounds within the hollow structures. There may be wood-dust falling out of cracks if tapped a little hard. Mite infestation may take weeks to clear. It is best to take professional help whenever dealing with mites, especially.

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  1. Tapping And Squeaking Sounds From The Walls

Bats and rodents generally nest in the walls. Whenever you hear any squeaking or tapping noises at night, beware of the presence of an intruder in your house. Bats, in particular, as they are nocturnal beings, prefer silence. Whenever you slam your door behind you, this noise can disturb the bats. They may start fluttering their wings. Pests and insects also create screeching noises if heard carefully.

If you hear strange sounds coming from your walls or your floor at night, be wary. This is one of the signs that your house may be infested. You may have intruders infesting your home.

  1. Shredded Wings Are A Red Flag

Termites, after fertilizing tend to shed their wings. These creatures can hollow up your furniture and wooden flooring. Look out for shed wings near any cracks or holes in your furniture, your doors and windows, and your floor. Flies and bees also tend to shed their wings during their lifecycle. Consider this as a red signal, if you spot shed wings near or inside your house. This is a sign that your house has pest infestations. Your house can be intensely infested with these wingy intruders.

  1. Ants Make Hills

Ants are the most commonly found neighbors to any human colony. They typically build ant hills in ground or walls. You can see piles of dirt granules that these creatures draw out of their volcano-like constructions. As they usually live in colonies, the size of the colony can easily be determined by the amount of soil they dig out. The colony could be way bigger than suspected. Ants usually dig downwards and they can dig up to the root lengths of large trees, sometimes.

So, if you see the same signs in your house it indicates your house has the pest infestations. Thus, once it confirms, try to remove it as soon as possible as it can harm you and your family member.

  1. Are There Any Suspicious Holes Or Gnaw Marks?

Intruders like mice, bats, and other mammals, leave behind gnaw marks on the walls. These infesters, particularly, like to scratch on the walls with their nails and teeth. Moreover, these intruders make their hideouts in corners and cracks.

Natura pest control Vancouver Washington (if your place is to the north of the Columbia River) offers the best service in controlling and treating pest infestations. Having a professional to examine your place thoroughly can help determine and treat the infestation in time.

  1. They Leave Behind An Annoying Odor

Whenever there are intruders in your house, they will definitely excrete around in your house only. These excretions create an annoying odor. For example, rodent’s urine gives away ammonia-like odor. Similarly, pests produce a musky smell. Roaches are argued to have an oily smell comparable to fecal soy sauce. By identifying the odor, the infester can easily be identified.

  1. Mice Make Nests

Mice and other members of the rodent family make their nests from whatever they can find. Look out for shreds of paper, clothing, and grass. These shreds may indicate that there is or has been a nest of rodents in your house. The mice use these nests to bear their pups. There are some tricks to get rid of mice in the house, use them to get the release from rodent infestations.

  1. They Leave Behind Feces

It is obvious when your house is infested with pests or rodents, you can find their feces lying around in your house. Every infester has a distinct fecal identification, which can help determine the type of infestation, their swarming place, and the size of infestation. The more recent the fecal matter is, the more easily the infestation can be detected.

Mice feces can look like sesame seeds. You may come across small pieces of dark colored bits that may look like sesame seeds but are in fact mice feces. Similarly, mites excrete feces that look like pellets. These pellets are woody in color and texture.

  1. You Can Find Dead Bugs

When a swarming colony of infesters lives in your house, it is very likely that you may find their dead bodies lying around the corners and creaks of your house. In the case of rodents, they give away a foul smell when they die. This smell can easily be distinguished and draw your attention. This is one of the most common signs that your house may be infested. Getting a thorough check-up from the professionals can help determine the infestation, its type, and its size.

  1. If You Spot Active Pests

It is very likely that you may witness an active pest or rodent crawling around the corners or bottoms of your walls. You can easily spot an active infester. These infesters commonly spawn near humans. Where there are human colonies, these infesters are very likely to be spotted. Call for professional help as soon as you spot an active intruder in your house. Even a single intruder, particularly pests, can multiply overnight into a swarming infestation.

Besides all these, there can be other signs, such as itchy red marks on your skin, stains on your bedsheet, shells, and droppings, etcetera, which can signal the presence of intruders in your house. Early identification and detection of these infesters can help treat the infestation in a better systematic way. Being precautious and cleaning the house regularly and thoroughly is the only way to prevent infestations.

We hope this post about 10 most common signs that your house may be infested will work for you. You can tell us your opinion in the comment section.

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