Top 10 Most Common Signs of Parasite Infection

Want to know what are the signs and symptoms of Parasites in Humans? If yes, check out these top 10 common signs of Parasite Infection.

Almost all microorganisms that live and feed off another living organism fall into the family of parasites. These come with a share of various issues as they feed off on your body. Some parasite tends to attack the blood cells and cause anemia while certain others may get reproduced within your body and cause irritation, itching and even weaken your immune system.

While there are numerous ways in which your body may be affected by parasites, the most common source remains via the consumption of contaminated water and undercooked food. It’s near impossible to eradicate your body entirely off parasites but the adverse effects may be brought down to an extent by leading a healthy lifestyle.

The following signs indicate you may have a parasite. So, if you also observe any of these parasite symptoms in you, you must need to correspondent parasite treatment. 

Top 10 Signs Of Parasite Infection

Top 10 Signs that You are affected by Parasites

It should not be considered the end of the world if you are affected by parasites. The trick lies in realizing early if your body is contaminated and practice ways to cut down the negative effects. Here are 10 signs that indicate if you have parasites in your body.

10. Thyroid dysfunction

Parasites affect the immune system of the body and can lead to being the root cause of conditions including thyroid-related issues like Hashimoto and Graves. This is one of the severe symptoms that must be taken great care of. So to protect yourself from this problem, you can try to boost your immunity.

9. Mood swings and anxiety attacks

Random mood swings can be another sign of a higher parasite presence in your body. It means your emotions are not stable, it keeps changing. For example- feeling up and good at one time but then suddenly next time you feel down and negative. You will not be able to think perfectly. If you are facing such a thing, it means have been attacked by a parasite.

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8. History of food poisoning

This is another sign of the parasite count taking a toll on your body. Along with your diet plan going wayward, if you experience food poisoning regularly, it is advised to have a gut cleansing done. This is one of the most common signs and symptoms of the parasite in the human body.

7. Unable to gain weight

Even though you may be following a proper diet plan to put on some weight, the presence of excessive parasites in your body might not allow your body to absorb the nutrients in the right manner. This happens with lots of people who face weight gaining issues. Due to the parasites, you will not be able to fatty despite a heavy diet. 

6. Frequent joint and muscle pain

Muscles and joints getting weaker with the passage of time without exerting much pressure are found to be a common sign among people who have a higher count of parasites present in their bodies. You need to consult with your doctor for the same.

5. Anemia and blood infection

Anemia is the most typical blood disorder in human beings. When the parasites attack the red blood cells, a deposition occurs which leads to a state of anemia. In this infirmity, the number of red blood cells in the blood decreases than normal. Some of the most common symptoms of anemia include pale skin, irregular heartbeat, breathing difficulty, chest pain, headaches, etc.

4. Skin allergies and irritation

Rashes and spots may be found forming on your skin which can be an indication that parasites are increasing in your body. It could happen due to eating uncooked food, inadequate water, and using conflicting cream on the skin. You can straightaway go to the doctor and consult to safeguard yourself from skin allergies and irritation. 

3. Fatigue

As the parasites feed off minerals from your body, it can lead to you feeling tired almost throughout the day. This means, when you are fatigue you will have no energy. If even after taking proper rest and nutrition, your fatigue doesn’t settle, consult with your doctor. You are most probably infected with parasites.

2. Disturbed sleep cycle

A night of good sleep is most important for a healthy and fresh thought process. Some people complain that they have sleeping difficulty. Excessive parasite breeding may lead to a disrupted sleep cycle and in severe cases lead to a state of insomnia. So, in that condition consult with your doctor to solve it out at the earliest.

1. Constipation, Diarrhea, or Bloating

Parasites tend to affect your bowel movement which ends up giving you a troubled stomach. This can lead to loss of body fluids and leave your body dehydrated. Ultimately, it can cause constipation, diarrhea, or bloating.

How to reduce parasite breeding?

The first and foremost way to prevent excessive parasite breeding is to cut down their food supply. That can be done by reducing the intake of processed foods and taking special care to eat healthy foods. You must follow the doctor’s advice and medicine to fight against the parasites. 

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