Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

Many celebrities & famous people died from COVID-19. We sadly sharing this list of the top 10 popular celebrities who died from coronavirus.

From poor to rich, kids to older nobody untouched from the coronavirus pandemic. This is the longest nightmare ever with no end so far that has ruined the lives of millions of peoples in the world. People are taking all essential precautions against coronavirus, although over 1.2 million people in the world have died from COVID-19. These deaths from coronavirus include many big celebrities also that disturbed the entire world.

Unfortunately, the list of famous people who died from coronavirus is huge, so we have decided to shortlist the top 10 famous death from COVID-19.

Let’s pray for the fast recovery of people who are now corona positive around the world.

Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

  1. Terrence McNally

Terrence McNally- Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

Terrence McNally, one of the most popular playwriters who won Tony Awards four times, left this world on March 24 at the age of 81 due to coronavirus. The world shocked by his death.

McNally has incredible records in playwriting with many popular works in his portfolio. He was a lung cancer survivor who gets some complications with the coronavirus. He was being treated at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Sarasota, Florida where he took his last breath. And unfortunately, he lost the battle against this coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Mark Blum

Mark Blum- Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

Mark Blum, one of the finest actors who played several notable roles on the big screen died on March 26 due to coronavirus. This veteran actor left this world at the age of 69 and thus another famous celebrity who died from coronavirus.

Blum was known for his great roles in many movies like Desperately Seeking Susan and Crocodile Dundee. He also worked on one of the famous Netflix series, “You”. Besides that, Blum also worked in some television shows like “NYPD Blue”, “Mozart in the Jungle”, and “Succession”. He was a great actor and will be known forever for his amazing acting skills in history.

  1. Joe Diffie

Joe Diffie- Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

Joe Diffie, one of the popular country singers and songwriters lost his life due to coronavirus on March 29, 2020. At the time of his demise, he was 61 but sadly this pandemic took away another star of this world. He announced his diagnosis just two days before his demise.

Diffie was a Grammy Award winner. He has a wide list of hits of the 90s including “If You Want Me To”, “Home”, “Whole Lotta Gone”, “C-O-U-N-T-R-Y”, and many more. He was a great songwriter too and has written many blockbuster songs for Tim McGraw, Conway Twitty, and a few others.

  1. Alan Merrill

Alan Merrill- Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

A multi-talented celebrity and one of the famous people- Alan Merrill died on March 29 in New York due to the novel coronavirus. He was a singer, guitarist, and songwriter who left this world at the age of 69 only.

Merrill was very famous for writing the track “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.” He was the original writer of this song that came as a bit hit in 1975. The demise of this rockstar was announced by his daughter, Lauren Merrill on Facebook. He was also given a tribute by Joan Jett on Twitter. Merrill is a big loss to the American entertainment industry and will be always remembered.

  1. Andrew Jack

Andrew Jack- Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

Andrew Jack, a senior Hollywood dialect coach, and actor who recently appeared in the supporting role in the Star Wars movie. He is also among those famous celebrities who died from coronavirus on March 31.

Jack has appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi as Major Ematt. Besides that, Jack has also worked as a dialect coach on many Marvel movies including Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor: Ragnarok, and a few more. Recently, Andrew was also hired to work on The Batman alongside Robert Pattinson.

  1. Adam Schlesinger

Adam Schlesinger- Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

Adam Schlesinger, the Emmy and Grammy award-winning songwriter took his last breath on April 1 due to the coronavirus pandemic. A very talented songwriter left this world too soon at the age of just 52.

Schlesinger was the co-founder of Fountains of Wayne, the famous band that released the blockbuster song “Stacy’s Mom” in 2003. He had three Emmy Award in his bucket and was also nominated for a title track “That Thing You Do!” in 1996. He was a very talented songwriter with a great track record in the industry. His sudden demise was a shock for many of his fans and loved ones.

  1. Ellis Marsalis

Ellis Marsalis- Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

At the fourth position, we have the jazz legend – Ellis Marsalis who died on April 1 due to the novel coronavirus. He died after some days of being admitted to the hospital at the age of 85. He was a world-renowned jazz pianist from New Orleans who has released around 20 albums in his lifetime.

Marsalis has 6 children out of which four of his sons are already in the musical industry. He was an icon of a jazz pianist who has a glorifying track record in this industry. His demise was a great loss for the music industry.

  1. Jay Benedict

Jay Benedict- Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

One of the finest actors – Jay Benedict who played crucial roles in some big hits died on April 4 after suffering from the COVID-19. He was 68 at the time of his demise and thus another one of the famous celebrities who died from coronavirus.

Jay was best famous for his amazing role in Aliens and The Dark Knight Rises. Besides that, he also played the role of John Kieffer in the series Foyle’s War and has also appeared in many British series. Additionally, he also worked on some post-production audio on some hit series like Downton Abbey, Dickensian, and Call the Midwife. He was a great actor who left the world due to this pandemic.

  1. Ray Horn

Ray Horn- Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

The world-famous illusionist, Ray Horn, died on May 15 in a Las Vegas hospital due to suffering from the coronavirus. The famous entertainer announced his COVID-positive report on April 28 and said that he is undergoing treatment. After just a few days of his announcement, he left the world at the age of 75.

Ray along with his partner Siegfried Fischbacher was well-known for their world-famous Las Vegas show that they started back in 1990 and ran till 2003. The show came to its end after an unfortunate incident when Ray was mauled on stage by a tiger that left him somewhat paralyzed. Horn was a great illusionist and was perfect in what he does. His sudden demise came as a shock to his fans.

  1. Nick Cordero

Nick Cordero- Top 10 Popular Celebrities who Died from Coronavirus

Nick Cordero, another popular celebrity who died at the age of just 41 due to the illness of the coronavirus. He died on July 5 after fighting the battle of life for almost 90 days in the hospital.

Nick played a great role in Bullets Over Broadway for which he was awarded the Tony Award for his exceptional acting. His death news came as a great shock for the industry as well as his fans. A lot of other celebrities upset after he passes from this world.

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