Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

Are you searching for the most popular & best tourist places in Iceland? If yes, check out this list of top 10 best tourist places to visit in Iceland.

Iceland is one of the top safest countries in the world as per the Global Peace Index. It includes some of the best tourist places to travel in the world. Besides that, it has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, beautiful glaciers, and beautiful nature. That’s why millions of tourists visit this country from all around the world.

So, if you are also planning for a vacation trip to Iceland then you must know which are the best tourist places in Iceland. Here in this post, we at Top 10 About are going to suggest the top 10 best places you can visit in Iceland. Hope you will enjoy it!

Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

  1. Glacial Lagoon, Iceland

Glacial Lagoon- Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

You can find several wonderful tourist places in Iceland but if you are searching for a place where you can enjoy glacier and large chunks of ice at the time of boating then Glacial lagoon is a must-visit place for you.

You can enjoy the small pebbles which normally separate from big glaciers when you boating here. And you can touch those pebbles and click some of the amazing snaps here.

Overall the natural environment of this amazing destination is quite refreshing and enjoyable. You can see birds flying calmly here above the blue hue glaciers which are always a wonderful scene. 

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  1. The Pearl Observatory, Iceland

The Pearl Observatory- Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

The pearl observatory which is also known as preplan is one of the gargantuan thermal water tanks in Iceland. No doubt this is a popular landmark of Reykjavik and one of the popular tourist destinations. It occupies a desirable area on popular Oskjuhlio hill where you will find more than 176000 trees.

This area is truly beautiful in terms of natural beauty and stunning surroundings. Here in Perlan, you can also enjoy several exhibitions and concerts in the stunning Winter Garden. Meanwhile, if you are a nature lover then, this is one of the best places to visit in Iceland for you.

  1. Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland

Gullfoss waterfall- Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

If you are in Iceland then never ever miss visiting the beautiful Gullfoss waterfall which is just a 90-minute drive from Reykjavik. Here you can see the river Hvita plummet flow on the valley which forms three terraces and creates an influential torrent.

You can enjoy two cascades in the Gullfoss waterfall. The upper cascade drops from an 11-meter height and the other one from almost 21 meters. This is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding with the pleasant sound of water flow.

The surrounding of this location is full of an amazing natural scene. If you are a nature lover then this is another best tourist destination for you where you can enjoy a lot with your friends or family members.

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  1. Hallgrimskirkja, Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja- Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja is a stunning church and most iconic tourist destination you will find in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is the tallest and most popular building in this beautiful country. You will see the church is built with basalt rock and the design of this wonderful church is just unbelievable.

The wonderful architectural design and super tall Hallgrimskirkja church are some of the most visited tourist destinations in Iceland. You can climb the 73-meter high tower and enjoy the perfect view of this city and the nearest amazing landscapes.

  1. Dettifoss waterfall, Iceland

Dettifoss waterfall- Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

If you want to enjoy a breathtaking waterfall in Iceland then you should visit the Dettifoss waterfall. This waterfall is situated in the north of the popular Vatnajokull national park. This waterfall is a true example of a beautiful nature.

According to record Dettifoss is the most powerful waterfall in Europe which is 45 meters long and 100 meters width. On the path of Detiffoss waterfall, you can find a smaller and beautiful waterfall which is known as Selfoss. Overall this is a beautiful location where you can enjoy some of the amazing waterfalls.       

  1. Skaftafell ice cave, Iceland

Skaftafell ice cave- Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

The fantastic ice caves and amazing glaciers are the main attraction of Skaftafell ice cave for which large numbers of people come to this place every year. This is one of the popular tourist destinations in Iceland where you can enjoy an adventurous journey.

This cave is nearer to the Vatnajokull national park which is a popular landmark of Iceland. Winter is the best season for you to visit this beautiful cave. You can enjoy the amazing blue color view inside the cave which is a unique thing for every visitor. Overall this is an amazing tourist place to visit if you are on a trip to Iceland.

  1. Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve, Iceland

Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve- Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

Landmannalaugar national park is one of the famous tourist destinations you will find in Iceland. You will find this beautiful nature reserve in the south of Iceland almost 180 kilometers from Reykjavik.

The main attraction of this national park is the multihued beautiful mountains, extensive lava field, and Hekla volcano. You can enjoy horse riding and hiking here. If you want to visit this place then we will suggest you travel here in the month of June to late September.       

  1. Spectacular Geysers, Iceland

Spectacular Geysers- Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

In Iceland, Spectacular Geysers is the best ever fountain geyser that has immense popularity all over the world. You can travel to this beautiful geyser which is just a 50 minutes drive from Reykjavik.

You can experience an amazing tour of this beautiful place with your family members or friends. Besides that, you can also enjoy Strokkur geyser which shoots water almost 30 meters into the air. This is a beautiful tourist place you should never miss if you are in Iceland.

  1. Blue Lagoon, Grindavik, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Grindavik- Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

You can travel Blue lagoon which is the most popular geothermal spas just 40-minute drive from Reykjavik. This is a popular tourist destination where you can get natural bathing in pale blue water. Here you will find water from the underground which is hot and almost reach 37 to 93 degree.

These waters are highly beneficial for skin and health so never hesitate to take a bath here. Not only a perfect bath but here in this area, you can also purchase other natural mud and minerals which are good for skin care. You can also enjoy several delicious foods here with special drinks.

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik- Top 10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Iceland

If you are traveling Iceland in summer then no doubt Reykjavik is the most popular and best tourist destination for you. Here you can watch beautiful giant whales. You can easily hire a boat here and watch these amazing creatures in the midnight sun. Besides that, you can also enjoy several kinds of birds and beautiful natural views of the island from Reykjavik’s old harbor. This is a place where you can stay and refresh yourself along with some delicious foods which are well available in the rustic restaurant located in this popular harbor area.

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