Kiss is a symbolic gesture to express love, respect, affection, passion, romance, friendship, sexual attraction etc. In current time kissing has been most common part of the peoples. Today we will talk about most sexiest type of kisses that make feel by couples. Thus, we have prepared a list of top 10 most sexiest type of kisses ever. These are the most popular as well as most common type of kisses that usually done by couples. We hope you may also have done any of these kisses before and if not lets be prepared for the future. If you know more better sexiest kisses and want to share with us then you can leave it on comment section.

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses Ever

10. Kiss on the Cheek

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses EverThis is one of the most common type of kisses but still most sexiest type of kisses. A short peck on the boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s cheek, generally in combination with placing hands on their shoulder. Kiss on the Cheek is a friendly kiss and express feelings of the love for the person or someone. This kiss is generally the prefer kiss for a first date or a new relationship but still it make feels so awesome.

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9. Kiss on the Forehead

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses EverA kiss in which you keep your lips softly on your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s forehead. Kiss on the forehead is a kind expression of admiration and considered as a sign of giving comfort and assurance to them. Generally it is a kiss of friendship or a starter kiss for something for romantic later. Kiss on the Forehead is a best romantic kiss. This kiss usually do in the starting period of relationship.

8. Kiss on the Hand

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses EverThis is one of the favorites and well-mannered type of kisses of all times. A kiss placed on the backside of a loving person’s palm , it is chivalrous move and one that shows your love, respect, and admiration for the person. This kiss is for the male person to do with his partner. It makes feel a girl or women out of the world when her boyfriend or partner kiss on their hand. It becomes more romantic as well as sexiest when you go on knees and kiss on her hand. This kiss is usually done on the purposing time for the relationship or marriage.

7. Kiss of an Angel

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses EverThis is a gentle kiss on someone’s eyelids just below the eyebrows. Kiss of an angle is a deep love sign between two people that extremely love each other. This is a kiss that usually husband do to his wife. It really makes so beautiful feeling to the girl specially. It shows you respect her as well as love her from inside.

6. “Leave a Mark” Kiss

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses EverThis is one of the most popular and most sexiest type of kisses in the list of all types of sexiest kisses. “Leave a Mark” kiss is a famous as the lipstick kiss where a girl or a woman gently kiss their partner on their neck, cheek, lips or body and leave lipstick mark. This leaves a mark and is generally just a playful sign.

5. The Lingering Kiss

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses EverA lingering kiss involves a lot of lip to lip kissing for long periods of time with the partner. It is full of passionate emotion and excitement. That’s why this is known as all time most sexiest type of kisses for the lovers. The Lingering Kiss is generally found in the newly relationship couples. If you are also a new couple, you could try out this, this is surely gone a make out of the world to your lovable partner.

4. Seductive Kiss

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses EverThis is truly a most sexiest type of kisses of all time in the history. This is most commonly used by newly married couples. When two people get very close to each other’s face and bit an open mouth much like french kiss. This kind of kiss is the sign for those madly infatuated or in love with each other.

3. Earlobe Kiss

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses EverThis all encompassing kiss is targeting an erogenous zone for most so it is kind of a big deal. You realize this by smoothly kissing or nibbling the ear on the earlobes. It is famous as one of the most romantic and a passionate kiss between lovers. This is also one of the best kiss in the list of most sexiest types of kisses.

2. French Kiss

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses EverThis is a most passionate, romantic and sexiest type of kiss that involves the tongue. So many people call this the “Soul Kiss” for the reason that the soul is consideration to pass between 2 people when their tongues extended to touch each other’s lips. French kiss is nothing but deep kiss which can be done only with passion and thus this is one of the most sensitive kiss. This is also most common type of kiss which you can see in almost every kissing scene done by celebrities in the movies. You can checkout here top 10 Bollywood hot kisses.

1. Lizard Kiss

Top 10 Most Sexiest Type of Kisses EverNow this is time to know most sexiest type of kiss ever. Do you know about lizard kiss? Have you done it before? If you ever done lizard kiss, you definitely know how sexiest is this type of kiss. In lizard kiss, two couples makes in and out their lips in each other’s mouth and feel the taste of deep inside. It makes sensation in complete body and make more exciting and intimate for the sex. It is very enjoying as well as passionate kiss which truly stress releasing kiss. If you are thinking to kiss your girlfriend very first time, go with lizard kiss, it will surely gone a make out of the world to your girlfriend.



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