Top 10 Romantic Ways to Propose a Girl


If you want to know how to propose a girl, check out here best proposal ideas through this list of top 10 romantic ways to propose a girl.

If you love her, don’t imagine, just propose her right away before it becomes too late. However, it doesn’t mean that you propose her in the first meet. Most probably you will get a big NO unless you have arrived from a Lamborgini.

Meanwhile, there is a proper process before offering a love proposal. First, you need to learn some best tips to attract girls. Then you should begin to impress her by giving your time, money, and lots of other things. Even though if you did everything, there will be no full assurance that she will say YES for the relationship after the proposal. Be prepared for that also, because nobody can understand a girl.

But it is also much important to come up with the best relationship proposal ideas to impress her. Remember always every girl wishes that a boy should make her feel out of the world when proposing her. But many times the boys are lacking this romantic capability and fail to put a good impression while proposing a girl.

How to propose a girl is an art and every boy has this art. You just need to realize your own way and make it possible practically. Keep this thing in your mind that girls are so sensitive and they have expectations. Love proposal in a good manner is automatically going to impress every girl on earth. And in that way, you can get her reply in your favor.

So, take a look here on these successful and romantic ways to propose a girl or woman.

Top 10 Romantic Ways to Propose a Girl

10. Propose her simply with a red rose

Propose simply with a red rose- Top 10 Romantic Ways to Propose a Girl

Now in the modern period, lot’s of girls like simple people, this idea works there. On the other hand, if you are such a kind of person who can not do something out of the box or you don’t have money to invest, then its good to be simple and real.

Just go to that girl you like, go on knees and propose her simply by presenting a red rose. But remember to use some magical pickup lines like “You are the single alone who attract me like a magnet”, I want to go old with you, etc. This will make your simplicity into romantic.

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9. Radio proposal

If we are discussing romantic ways to propose a girl, we can’t ignore this. Radio is one of the big sources to convey information to people across the nation. This definitely works but for only those who love to listen to the radio every day.

If you know that the girl you love to listen to the radio at a certain time of day then you can propose her with radio message. There are the numbers of plans available with the help of which you can reach out to your words to the girl you love.

They could also play a song dedicated to your partner after speaking your points. This is a big way to shock and propose her for friendship or marriage. If you can manage it, nothing will better than this.

8. Propose in picnic

Propose in picnic- Top 10 Romantic Ways to Propose a Girl

This is also one of the most successful ways to propose a girl for friendship. You can plan a group picnic along with her. However, you can be alone with your partner and enjoy your privacy. Also, you can easily speak out your feeling without any disturbance and she will have a concentration on you only. Propose her with some good pickup lines and fresh red rose, most probably she will accept your proposal.

In case if her reply is no then you both can still talk to each other in privacy and solve the issue. If you do not want to hear NO, plan a perfect picnic; perfect place, arrangements and propose her.

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7. Propose her through your parents

This is one of the safest and successful methods to propose any girl in the world. If you like someone and want to make her your life partner, then you can tell your parents directly. If you can convince your parents for her then nothing could be better than this. However, first parents should be agreed to implement this love proposal idea for marriage.

When your parents will go with a marriage proposal to her family, the chance of acceptance will be more. And if all accepted, you will get her for a lifetime.

6. Propose in movie break on stage

One of the starting steps towards a relationship is to get familiar with each other. While you go for watching a movie, it helps to go close more to each other.

This is a tested method of proposing girls for friendship or marriage and it absolutely works. There are so many peoples who have tried this formula to propose the girl and fortunately they are successful all the time they try this.

So, plan a romantic movie and propose her in the movie break on stage like a film star. It will be also fun to see the girl’s reaction at this moment. Don’t forget to take a fresh red rose.

5. Propose her through her friend

Nowadays this has become one of the common ways to propose a girl. This could be an indirect method but it probably works a lot.

You can go friendly with her close girlfriend. After a while, you can ask her to give your love proposal to her and try to convince her for the yes. Either, you can collect some information such as her likes, dislikes, hobby, expectation, favorite gifts, favorite colors, etc. from her friend. This will help you to impress her and to go close with her.

Once she impressed, you can propose her simply with a red rose, probably you will get her.

4. Propose her by singing a Romantic Song

Propose her by singing a Romantic Song- Top 10 Romantic Ways to Propose a Girl

Nowadays the young generation loves music. If the girl you like is filmy and you have a good voice then this love proposal idea could be successful for you.

You have to decide where you will sing this song like in a mall, in a restaurant, or in crowed. You can also pick an alone romantic place where you can propose her through a song without any disturbance. At the ending of the song, you can go on your knees, present a ring and propose her. Probably she will accept your love proposal unless she has a genuine problem.

If you can’t sing in front of her, you can send that song through the message on her phone and ask for an answer. Hopefully, this will work for you as for many other peoples.

3. Never underestimate Love Letter for love proposal

Love Letter- Top 10 Romantic Ways to Propose a Girl

One of the oldest and most successful methods to propose a girl is nothing but a love letter. Did you hear that the old is gold? Yes, it completely justifies the statement.

In old times, nobody asks how to propose a girl but everyone used this common idea. However, in the modern period, it looks old fashion but so many girls get impressed with it.

On the other hand, if you demure or hesitate to propose her front to front then you can try this method.

Remember, always words matter, and using a love letter you can express all your feelings for her. In such a modern period, it will be an unexpected love proposal, and maybe who knows the girl likes it and impressed by it.

2. Girls love Candle Light Dinner 

Candle Light Dinner- Top 10 Romantic Ways to Propose a Girl

The romantic surrounding is a basic need for a successful love proposal and candlelight dinner accomplishes it. Candles are perfect to create a romantic evening. The dim light and burning candles can create the perfect environment. That’s why this is one of the classic love proposal ideas that most of the high profile men used to propose a girl.

As a matter of fact, more than 80% of girls accept love proposals at the candlelight dinner. Therefore, if you can manage a candlelight dinner in a good restaurant with pre-arrangements and some good pickup lines will help you to get her probably.

Don’t forget to wear a good looking suit or blazer, be kind with waiters, gives them tips before in order to make everything comfortable. This relationship proposal method will light your pocket but also will give the best out of it.

1. Propose her on Valentine Day 

Propose her on Valentine Day- Top 10 Romantic Ways to Propose a Girl

Valentine’s day is being celebrated by the world as a symbol of love. Everyone waits for this day to propose their beloved partner as rejection probability becomes very less. Besides that, girls expect a proposal on this day and find it more romantic.

You just need to find out some best ways to propose a girl on Valentine’s day. Once you are done with any love proposal idea, try to execute it properly. Don’t forget to take a fresh well fragrance red rose for her.

Keep some money in your pocket, if she accepts your proposal, go on dinner in a good restaurant and celebrate. If your family knows about her, you can also take her to your home and make a family celebration. She will never forget this love proposal throughout her life.

How to propose her is not a big job but the thing is whether you really love her or not. If you have true feelings for her, probably, you don’t need to do such things. She will notice it automatically.