Top 10 Best Ways to Propose a Girl on Valentine Day 2018


Valentine day is the day of love. Couples propose each other on Valentine’s day and go close to each other. The Valentine day is being celebrated on 14 February every year. Like every year, 2018 Valentine day is coming and it’s time to prepare some best ways to propose a girl like with Valentine Gifts. But Make sure that she is ready before put a gear to your relationship. You should make it sure that she is ready to acquire a love proposal from you. What does it actually means is that both of you has sufficient close time along with hanging meetings on coffee bar or any other heart wining dating. Having quality time with her will certainly make her ready to turn your relationship into a more meaningful as well as strong status. So here are the top 10 best ways to propose a girl on Valentine Day 2018.

Top 10 Ways to Propose a Girl on Valentine Day 2018

Top 10 Ways to Propose a Girl on Valentine Day 2018

10. Picnic in the Park

This is a simple but romantic method to propose a girl on Valentine Day you love. Decide a romantic and alone place where you can express your love feelings to your lovable partner without any hesitation. Many people have tried this method and got success. May be it could also good for you.

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9. Propose with Heart Balloon

Find a balloon having shape of heart with text like I want to marry you or do you love me or any other words. Take her to a near park or place you regularly meet up and get down on your knees as well as expose your special balloon to her.

8. Proposal during a Movie Break

It is very romantic and simple way to propose a girl on valentine’s day 2018. This way of proposing is tried and tested along with it works, truly. Go for a romantic movie and during the intermission say her to your love feelings. It will be nice and memorable response.

7. Place where you met First time

Take her to the place where you met each other for the first time. Remake the first time moment and then go for propose to her. It will surly work and get marked on her memory for lifetime. And you can also prepare some lines for proposing. It is one of the romantic ways to propose a girl on valentine day.

6. Propose in Front of People

It need some confidence to propose a girl in crowd but work most probably. Surprise her by proposing in front of the people this will certainly work. Girls specially love surprise so use this method to propose the love of your life with a beautiful bouquet or teddy bear.

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5. Propose with the Ring

This is the excellent and filmy way to propose a girl on Valentine’s day. The impact of this deception is just mysterious. The success rate of this method of love proposal is 101%. You know rings or jewellery are the weakness of girls so there are very little chances that she will say no. Just go on your knees and propose her and make your valentine 2018 memorable.

4. Propose with Red Rose

If you are a college student or a schoolboy, you can propose your sweet girlfriend with fresh red rose and tempting chocolates. This will not put load on your pocket (Purse) as well as you will get excellent result. The best part is that lots of the guys have been used these love proposal method on valentine’s day and got success.

3. Plan a Romantic Date

Another secure way to propose a girl on Valentine day is plan a romantic date just for two only. The exclusive date must cover a gift, nice exotic food, romantic music as well as dance. The combined effect of these things will hypnotize her, so no chance of negativity.

2. Propose the Girl by Letter

Yeah I agree this is the old method to propose a girl on this Valentine day 2018 but “Old is Gold”. People have been used letter for express the love feelings to their lovable partner which is called “LOVE LETTER” and got success. You can also try this method and may be it can work for you. But make sure your LOVE LETTER has impressive words which realize your love towards the Girl you proposed.

1. Be yourself

This is the first thing that you need to get into your mind if you are thinking to propose a girl this Valentine’s day. Do not over do your proposal. Keep it simple yet special as well as sweet. Be creative, and be yourself. It’s all girls dream to have a guy who propose her. Be who you are, and in your own extraordinary way say those three magical and golden words ” I LOVE YOU” .


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