Top 10 Countries with Highest Suicide Rate in the World


Suicidal death is known as one of the worst death of anyone and you can’t believe that the rate of suicide is increasing continuously day by day which is quite pathetic. According to the report of world health organization in every twenty seconds, somebody committed suicide in this world and the reason behind it is quite suspense and mysterious. Research says that most of the people commit suicide due to mental pressure, financial hardship, abuse, psychological illness and sexual harassment. Here you can checkout the list of top 10 countries with highest rape cases where most of the peoples die due to sexual harassment. In this post, we are going to introduce world’s most suicidal countries by the list of top 10 countries with highest suicide rate in the world with details.

Top 10 Countries with Highest Suicide Rate in the WorldTop 10 Countries with Highest Suicide Rate in the World

10. Kazakhstan

This town is known as a ghost town because of its high suicidal cases. According to the report, in this town eighty-six suicidal cases are found within last five months which is just unbelievable. All the suicidal cases were under the age of 18 or teenagers. But what should be the reason for these high rate teenager suicidal cases? Yes, feeling like they are the failure, mental depression, feeling like alone and problems in schools are the main cause behind this high suicide rate of the teenagers in this town.

9. Nepal

Who can forget the terrible earthquake of Nepal in April 2015? As per the police record after this hazardous natural disaster many people of Nepal killing them because of they lost their beloved one. Some people also suicide because of the afraid of the natural disasters. According to the report, more than 4k people commit suicide every year and the main cause behind the suicide is nothing but the natural disaster which is always a sad part of Nepal. That’s why Nepal is one of the top countries with highest suicide rate.

8. Tanzania

Because of social problems, many men and women committed suicide in this country. Most of the suicide cases are done by the female and it’s only for high-stress levels.  Most of the people in this area also affected with HIV or AIDS so this should be another reason for this high suicidal rate.

7. Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the most suicidal states. Most of the people just can’t handle the poverty situations and give up their life. Another cause of suicide is rape case, even it does not happen always but in some cases, victim can’t handle the traumas and go for suicide. Every year, many people attempt suicide in this country which is a sad part of Mozambique.

6. Suriname

Suriname is a country where you find many suicidal cases and all these cases happens due to unmarried, raped acid attacks and dismembered. Many ladies also face other tortuous things from bad people and can’t handle the depression and try to commit suicide which is very sad.

5. Lithuania

Lithuania comes at number 5th in top ten suicidal places and the reason behind this problem is nothing but alcohol abuse, drugs. You can find several people those who take drugs and alcohol in their body and always give up their life which is quite strange.

4. Sri Lanka

According to research four thousands of people of Sri Lanka kill themselves which is around 11 persons per day. The main cause behind these suicidal cases is the lack of money and fewer job opportunities. Most of the people in this area think that without a good job they can’t live in this society and go for suicide. Financial depression is always the main cause of this problem and if this will not stop then the whole community will one day wipe out within some years in future.

3. South Korea

Most of the people of South Korea are quite smart, intelligent and belongs to high profile but you can find many suicidal cases every year in this country and the main reason behind it that people can’t handle the work stress and just try to suicide. From an educated person, you can’t expect such base less act but in real life everyday suicides happens in South Korea which is quite unbelievable.

2. Japan

According to the report last year 35 k people of Japan committed suicide. The main reasons for these suicides are the economic crisis and lots of depression on people. High population is also the main reason behind suicides. This country comes at 2nd position in the most suicidal country. It’s true that suicide is not the solution of all these problems but people need to understand this point and have to stay strong.

1. Guyana

Guyana is known as the most suicidal country in the world and comes at the top in the list of top 10 countries with highest suicide rate. This is a place where you can find the most suicidal case and the reasons behind this are mostly disease and illness, unemployment, faced rape cases. It’s quite heartbreaking but you can find suicidal cases in this country every day which is quite strange. Day by day the rates of suicide cases are increasing because of acts of witchcraft.


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