Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2018


Gifts are always best way to describe love & feelings to someone. And in case of birthday gifts for girlfriend, it becomes more sensitive. As we know birthday is an very very special day of every body’s life, which realize much when friends & relatives say thanks for  being and present gifts. Therefore if you are also thinking to make that day special for your girlfriend, you should know all best birthday gift ideas for her. Yes, that’s right it’s not easy to make this all successfully, because to buy something for girls is always deep thinking task. However it doesn’t matter how much costlier or cheaper birthday gifts you are thinking to buy but it should  definitely identical to her personality.  Thus, there are some essential things to keep consider in your thought specially when buying a birthday gift for her.

Things to Consider while Planning Ideas of Best Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2018

1. What her likes and dislikes.

2. What’s her favorite colors, design and brands.

3. Keep in mind her age, height and personality while selecting birthday gifts for her.

4. Remember, is there anything she desire to have from you and can it be gift as a birthday gift to her ?

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2018

10. Greeting Card with Red Rose

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2016

This is one of the fine method if you don’t want to invest more money on your girlfriend’s birthday because of financial problem. Get an attractive and beautiful birthday greeting card and send her with red rose. You could also write some romantic line for her on greeting card in order to make it more heart touching & impressive. This is a memorable and best birthday gift for your dream girl. As i already said before sending greeting cards to your girlfriend write some lovely notes or message in the greeting cards which make her feel like a princess of the dream.

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9. Go for a Romantic Dinner

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2018

One of the best way to make special your girlfriend’s birthday is to go for a dinner in a cool place and try to make it romantic as much as you can. Find out a decent restaurant or hotel and book a table for the dinner along with some surprising moments for your girlfriend. This will be best memorable birthday gift for your girlfriend.

8. Gift her Teddy Bear

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2018

If you are searching some of romantic birthday gifts for your girlfriend which be also not costlier then go with a beautiful teddy bear. You could present teddy bear along with a birthday wishing greeting card. This gonna surly work for you. As you know girls usually love teddy bear and it is best if your girlfriend loves romantic as well as cute things. It is also one of the best budget birthday gifts for girlfriend in 2018.

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7. Handbag 

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2016

Handbags are need of a woman. It has been one of the best birthday gifts for girlfriend for many lovers. So buy a usable and stylish handbag from Shop or online resources and gift her. But keep in mind that which handbag you are buying that’s colors and designs, your girlfriend likes them. It is surly gonna make her happy and will make her more close with you.

6. Present her a beautiful Wrist Watch

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2016

There are some gifts which almost all girls like and wrist watch is one of them. However the wrist watch is one of the daily using accessories for ladies but it really worth & work a lot. Get a fashionable, stylish, colorful and nice looking wrist watch which increase and suits your girlfriend’s personality. For this you could also visit online e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. and can see various kind of ladies watches. It will not much effect your pocket also, because it  available in all range.

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5. Gift her Prom Outfits

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2016

After makeup, the things on which mostly girls crazy is nothing but cloths or dresses. Prom dress for your lovely girlfriend at her birthday can make her moments special and unforgettable. You can select yellow prom, green prom, blue prom or red prom dress. But make sure that whatever you select for your girlfriend is as per her clothing standards. It is one of the best birthday gift in the list of top 10 birthday gifts for your girlfriend in 2018.

4. Gift her Makeup Products

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2016

Yes no doubt “Makeup Products is every girls need” and she always loves to get makeup in desire to look more beautiful as well as attractive. Therefore she could expect makeup products as well as skincare products from her boyfriend because she loves to makeup. So you go and buy some makeup products like skincare item or makeup kit with lipstick as well as nail polish set. This charming gift will increase her gorgeousness as well as make her feel excited at the birthday. This birthday gift surly gonna make her happy and will make her more close with you.

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3. Surprise her with Cell Phone

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2016

Now a days,  to buy a decent cell phone is not much expensive, it available in all ranges. Therefore if your girlfriend have no any personal phone or she is using  non android phone, you can gift her a decent looking smart phone. And because you have gifted cell phone to your girlfriend on her birthday, now  you can talk & video chat with her whenever you want, it will be  most important advantage for you.

2. Present Scooty as a Birthday Gift

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2016

Scooty never could be a bad selection if you are a rich guy and wants to gift something expensive on your girlfriend birthday. Go to the market and find the current 2016 best models of Scooty that you could gift your girlfriend on her birthday. Buy it and present it on her birthday and go for a drive. Whenever your girlfriend will drive that scooty, she will remember you, she will think you. Therefore this is one of best birthday gifts for girlfriend in 2016. But it will work for only those whose pocket with full of bucks.

1. Gift her Jewellery

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend in 2016

The girls always wish to wear some elegant and good looking jewellery which could be locket, necklace or any thing else.  In other word we can say that the jewellery like finger ring, ear ring, necklace, locket, nose ring or nose pin are their favorites.  So go with your girlfriend and buy her favorite one of these thing from a Jeweller’s shop. It could be much expensive or cheap as well depend on your pocket weight. However if you have true love then “price of gift” doesn’t matter, always matters that feelings you have concluded with the gift. So this could be one of the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend in this present year 2018.


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