Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Indian Web Series

Are you searching to watch popular and hot web series in India? If yes, check out these top 10 most popular hottest Indian web series in 2019.

You must have a big fan of many foreign language web series but when it comes to Indian web series most of the people have the wrong conception that they are boring and based on the old concept. If you are one of them who think that web series will be also like romantic Bollywood movies then you are absolutely wrong.

There are many Indian web series which are highly popular among people and based on the fresh concept. If you have especially interest on erotic web series then you must be looking for some hottest Indian web series.

Here we at Top 10 About going to suggest you ten top-rated hottest Indian web series. So let’s get started with more details on those web series.

Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Indian Web Series

Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Indian Web Series 2019

  1. Rain  

Indian web series Rain is another most popular web series which people like the most. This is a typical bold Indian web series made by Vikram Bhatt. If you want to watch a super hot and thriller Indian web series then Rain is one of the best web series for you.

This web series is based on a story in which a girl is trapped with four men from past and one of those four men want that girl dead. Overall this is one of the most successful hottest Indian web series ever that most of the people like.

In this web series, you will get the mix experience of bold and thriller scenes which definitely make this series better.

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  1. One Night Stand

One Night Stand is another hot Indian web series you must watch if you are looking for a lustful Indian web series. The name of this web series itself offers the bold theme of this web series.

This web series storyline is all about between a strange mysterious girl and an actor. In this web series, you will get the mix experience of emotions and some of the bold scene. This concept of this web series is quite unique and you will definitely love this Indian web series.

  1. Dev DD

If you are looking for an exciting and hot Indian web series having an amazing storyline with some hot scenes then just watch Dev DD series. This web series is produced by famous producer Ekta Kapoor and the storyline of this web series is quite unique than others.

Dev DD is a series having story based on a modern young woman who is fully opposite in terms of attitude and behavior of what a normal Indian woman to be. This is an interesting web series where you will find the flavor of hot scenes. Overall, truly worth watching hot web series in India.

  1. I Love Us

Sensational Indian Web Series I Love Us is another popular one among youth. Though the concept of this series is a little bit weird still it has a huge fan base on the internet. In this series, you will find the bonding and sacred love story between two women. This concept shows that love can happen to anyone and anytime. There is no limitation for love! You can watch this series on YouTube and enjoy it a lot.

  1. Sacred Games

No doubt Sacred Games is one of the sexiest Indian web series in current days. This web series is directed by direction specialist Anurag Kashyap. This Indian web series is based on the same name novel and all about a police officer who gets into trouble with an anonymous tip on the crime lord.

In this web series, you will find veteran actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, and actress Radhika Apte. Currently sacred games Indian web series is running successfully on Netflix streaming and among the most popular web series in India.

  1. Ragini MMS Returns

Ragini MMS Returns is one of the popular erotic and hottest Indian web series you should watch once. This is an Indian web series of ALT Balaji production house. The concept of this web series is quite interesting and suspicious too. You can experience both horror and bold content in this web series and no doubt you will enjoy a lot.

  1. Spotlight

Spotlight is another popular and hottest Indian web series you can watch. This web series got huge popularity after its release and it’s fully based on the dark side of the glamour world.

In this Indian web series, you can experience the struggle of an actress who is trying to get a chance in the entertainment industry to get fame. This is a Vikram Bhatt produced web series and one of the finest hot Indian web series ever.

  1. Gandii Baat

Gandii Baat is another sensational and famous ALT Balaji production house hot Indian web series. This web series is based on the sex theme of rural area of Indian. The story tells how people in the rural part of India are intensely affected by their dark illusions and not only men but also women.

Till the date, you will find only 4 episode of this web series. This Ekta Kapoor’s super erotic web series is fully based on a bizarre passionate theme which surprised many Indian viewers. This series is liked by many people in India and currently one of the top rated Indian bold web series.

  1. Maaya

If you are in the search of a super sensual Indian web series then Maaya could be a better option for you. Maaya is an Indian web series produced by veteran producer Vikram Bhatt. On social media this web series created huge hype among youth and you can enjoy the sultry performance of Shama Sikandar in this web series. The whole web series is based on an amazing story and some of the sensational bold scenes. Overall, this is truly an interesting and popular web series in Indian that surely worth watching.

  1. Twisted

Twisted is the hottest Indian web series which is highly popular and favorite among people. This is a second original web series by veteran director Vikram Bhatt. In this web series, you will find super hot Nia Sharma in a lead role. This is a super sensational thriller and romantic web series. The concept is based on extra material affairs at the offices.

Although this concept is based on the American story still Indian accept it and love the storyline. You will get mix experience of romance, little bit thrill and some bold scenes on screen.

No doubt Twisted series can give you a better experience if you want to watch a good and hottest Indian web series.

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