Top 10 Most Visited Places in Saudi Arabia 2024


Your search for the most popular spots in Saudi Arabia in 2024 ends here. Follow this list of the top 10 most visited places in Saudi Arabia.

The world is full of countless charming and beautiful places. Now it depends on the approach and interest of the people as to which places they choose for themselves. Many people plan to visit some of these places because of their commitment to tourism. In this regard, we are bringing you revelations about these famous places in Saudi Arabia that many people visited this year. According to our research, this year, ten popular and well-known places have been visited a lot in Saudi Arabia. Later, we came to know why so many people went to these famous places, and the reason came out to be that due to the cheap tickets there, many people took legitimate advantage of them. Let’s explore the reasons behind these highly visited places.

Top 10 Most Visited Places in Saudi Arabia in 2023

Most Visited Places In Saudi Arabia This Year

As we have already told you, Saudi Arabia is a region of the Middle East that is rich in natural resources, ancient heritage, and natural beauty. There was a time when Saudi Arabia was known as a desert, but today the reality is the opposite. Because Saudi Arabia has worked hard all day and night to change the infrastructure of its country in such a way that the whole world has sat holding its head. We have divided these ten Saudi Arabia’s popular destinations into four categories as follows:-

  • Religious Places To Visit in Saudi Arabia This Year
  • Historical Places To Visit in Saudi Arabia This Year
  • Adventure Places To Visit in Saudi Arabia This Year
  • Entertainment Places To Visit in Saudi Arabia This Year

Top 10 Most Visited Places in Saudi Arabia 2024

10. Al Bait Towers (Mecca)

The Al Bait Towers in Mecca are prominent skyscrapers. They are renowned for their luxury accommodations and being close to Masjid al-Haram, attracting many visitors for their convenience and grandeur.

Splendid Spots Of Al Bait Towers

  • Abraj Al Bait Mall
  • Clock Tower
  • Sky Bridge
  • Royal Clock Museum
  • Haram View Suites

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9. King Fahd Fountain (Jeddah)

The King Fahd Fountain in Jeddah is a famous water fountain. It’s well-known for shooting water high into the air and creating a captivating display.

Heart-Catching Places Of King Fahd Fountain

  • Waterfront View
  • Evening Light Show
  • King Fahd Park
  • Red Sea Panorama
  • Coastal Promenade

8. Red Sea Corniche (Jeddah)

The Red Sea Corniche in Jeddah is a beautiful waterfront area. It’s popular for strolls, stunning sea views, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Attractive Spots Of Red Sea Corniche

  • King Fahd Fountain
  • Sculptures and Artwork
  • Waterfront Parks
  • Jeddah Corniche Mosque
  • Open-Air Cafes

7. Kingdom Center Tower (Riyadh)

Kingdom Center Tower in Riyadh is a famous tall building. Many people are visiting this year because it offers great city views and has a unique sky bridge.

Fascinating Places of Kingdom Center Tower

  • Sky Bridge
  • Skywalk
  • Observatory
  • Shopping Mall
  • Restaurants

6. Edge of the World (Riyadh)

Edge of the World in Riyadh is a popular spot this year because it offers stunning views from high cliffs, making people feel amazed and excited.

Eye-capturing Spots at Edge of the World

  • Cliffs and Panoramic Views
  • Fossil Rock Formations
  • Wadi Hanifa
  • Desert Sunsets
  • Adventure Photography

5. Al-Qarah Mountain (Riyadh)

Al-Qarah Mountain in Riyadh is a famous rocky place. It’s attracting many visitors this year because of its unique formations and outdoor activities like hiking.

Adventurous Spots Of Al-Qarah Mountain

  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking Trails
  • Cave Exploring
  • Scenic Views
  • Desert Camping

4. Al-Ula (Madain Saleh)

Al-Ula, also called Madain Saleh, is a special desert area with old stone buildings and carvings. Many people are visiting this year because it’s a unique

Charming Spots Of Al-Ula (Madain Saleh)

  • Hegra (Mada’in Saleh Tombs)
  • Al Diwan
  • Jabal Ithlib
  • Elephant Rock
  • Dadanitic Script Rock Art

3. Diriyah Historical Center (Riyadh)

The Diriyah Historical Center in Riyadh is a famous old place. People visit a lot to learn about Saudi Arabia’s past and see the traditional buildings.

Attractive Places of Diriyah Historical Center

  • Turaif District
  • Salwa Palace
  • Saad bin Saud Palace
  • Imam Muhammad bin Saud Mosque
  • Diriyah Museum

2. Al-Masjid an-Nabawi (Medina)

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi is a special mosque in Medina. People visit it a lot because it’s where the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is buried, and it’s an important place for Muslims.

Holy Places Of Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

  • Raudah
  • Rawdah Mubarak’s
  • Prophet’s Tomb
  • Minbar of the Prophet
  • Green Dome

1. Masjid al-Haram (Mecca)

Masjid al-Haram is a big, notable mosque in Saudi Arabia. People visit it a lot because it is the main pilgrimage site for Muslims.

Holy Places Of Masjid Al-Haram

  • Kaaba
  • Black Stone (Hajar al-Aswad)
  • Safa and Marwa
  • Station of Ibrahim (Maqam Ibrahim)
  • Well of Zamzam

This year, many people are visiting Saudi Arabia’s special places. Places like Al-Masjid al-Haram, Edge of the World, and Kingdom Center Tower are attracting lots of visitors who want to see beautiful views, historical sites, and modern landmarks. Cheap tickets are also available for these most visited places.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Most Visited Tourist Places in Saudi Arabia

Q: What is the most visited place in Saudi Arabia?

Ans: The most visited place in Saudi Arabia is Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.

Q: What is the new Saudi tourist destination?

Ans: An incomparable island destination, it will be an exclusive gateway to the stunning Red Sea. It is known as the new tourist destination of Saudi Arabia.

Q: Is Saudi Arabia the most visited country?

Ans: Saudi Arabia is not the most visited country; popular tourist destinations like France and Spain receive higher numbers of visitors.


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