Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to Consider

Manliest Hobbies to Consider- While in the 19th-century workday sometimes lasted for 16 hours, in the 21st-century modern man faces another issue. Namely, even those who are fully committed to their work get more and freer time. During these hours, it is important that you do something that will help you recharge your batteries and blow off some steam. On the other hand, in a modern demasculinized world, it is important for all members of the stronger sex to find at least something that will reconnect them to their primal side. With this in mind, here is a shortlist of top 10 manliest hobbies that you should at least consider trying.

Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to Consider

10. Woodwork Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to ConsiderOne of the first things men get associated with is building things with their own two hands. Even in this modern emancipated world, there is nothing more attractive than a man who knows how to make things on his own. All that you’ll need for this is to turn a garage into a workshop, some basic tools and some ideas. Luckily, there are a lot of DIY projects well suited for novice woodworkers you can look up online.

9. Car Restoration Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to Consider

Almost every man in the world fantasizes about owning an old-timer. Unfortunately, a well-preserved one may cost an arm and a leg unless you want to get your hands dirty. Luckily, this is sometimes the whole point. You can always get a worn-out classic car and put some time and effort into restoring it. Later on, you can either sell it or take it for a spin around town.

8. Marksmanship Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to ConsiderA lot of people in the 21st century believe that hunting is barbaric. Still, a man can enjoy shooting (or just holding a gun) even without killing anything. For this, however, you’ll need your own gun and a decent shooting range. You can even make one yourself if you have a place that is isolated enough not to pose a danger to anyone.

7. Camping Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to ConsiderAnother hobby that can be considered manly is camping/backpacking. All you’ll need for this is some basic gear that can fit in your backpack. This usually entails things like a packed tent, torch, compass, and supplies. Reconnecting with nature is a calming activity and it is a perfect opportunity for you to simply get away from it all.

6. Fishing Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to ConsiderFor those who want to try their prowess against the forces of nature, fishing is always an option. Furthermore, since the dawn of civilization, this is one of the best father-son bonding activities. After all, a popular proverb states that if you give a man a fish you will feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish you will feed him for a lifetime.

5. Martial Arts Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to ConsiderThere is no reason why the hobby shouldn’t have a practical application as well. The best example of this is practicing martial arts. Apart from keeping both your mind and body in top shape, practicing martial arts also makes you skilled in using non-lethal force in order to protect yourself, as well as others.

4. Magic  Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to Consider

Some may instantly call this childish, but in reality, this is seldom so. Having few tricks up your sleeve can make an incredible ice-breaker at parties. Also, it can make you extremely popular with children. On top of it all, it helps you improve your reflexes and helps you think quickly on your feet. A genuine win-win-win scenario.

3. Paintball Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to Consider

Nothing makes your blood boil faster than being out there on the battlefield. Those living in urban environments may even have a safer option to experience this. Paintball is a cheap, accessible and unforgettable experience and it is a great team building activity.

2. Fencing  Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to Consider

If you are up for a battle-like experience, but guns really aren’t your thing, there is no room for despair. Why not start practicing fencing and see what it was like back when men had real means of defending their honor?

1. Golf Top 10 Manliest Hobbies to Consider

Finally, golfing is proof that activity doesn’t have to be dynamic in order to be manly. It is no surprise that golfing is one of the favorite male activities worldwide. In fact, the staff of North Shore Golf Club claims, from their personal experience, that more businesses get sealed on golf courses than in the meeting rooms.

All in all, this is just the tip of the iceberg of all manly activities you may want to try your hand at. Some other honorable mentions are brewing your own beer, archery, cycling and of course wet shaving. Still, the only way to know which of these activities would suit you the most is to try and see for yourself.

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