Top 10 Daily Foods that Kill Sex Life

Are you worried about your bad sex life with your partner? If yes, check out these top 10 daily foods that kill sex life may be the reason.

This is a serious concern if you are not satisfying on the bed with your partner. It means somehow you have less stamina on the bed and you need to boost your stamina. And there are lots of people having the same issue about their sex life.

One of the major cause behind this could be the daily foods you are consuming. According to the experts, there are some foods that kill the sex life of peoples. Hence if you really want to enjoy your sex life, you need to avoid these below-mentioned foods that kill sex life.

Top 10 Daily Foods that Kill Sex Life

Top 10 Daily Foods that Kill Sex Life

10. Too much Cheese is also bad

If you really want to be a complete partner in bed then it is best for you to avoid more consumption of cheese. The cheese sells in the superstore, which is made from cow’s milk. This milk has been treated with antibiotics as well as artificial growth hormones. So too much of eating cheese will result in the release of xenoestrogen in your body that will lower your sex life and also may cause sexual dysfunction.

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9. Need to replace Licorice Tea 

If you have the habit of taking licorice tea, then you are well-advised to replace with this tea with green tea or any other tea to have a better or enjoyable sex life. The active glycyrrhetinic acid in the licorice tea will decrease the cortisol levels largely. This will, in turn, result in the lowering of the testosterone levels that decreases your sexual drive.

8. Avoid Canned Food 

There are large amounts of sodium in the canned foods that will shrink the flow of blood all over your body. Eating too much of canned food will also reduce your potassium levels and reduce blood flow to your genitals. Lastly, you will end up losing strength and sexual urge completely. So if you want to be a complete man in bed and don’t want to kill your sex life then you have to avoid canned food.

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7. Tonic Water  

Tonic water has quinine, which temporarily shrinks testosterone making as well as sperm count, therefore acting as an inhibitor in bed. It is also well-known to cause gas and bloating inside the body which causes much nervousness. That’s why this is a bad liquid which kills your sex life.

6. Artificial Sweetener

All artificial sweeteners have Aspartame which will decrease the release of serotonin in your body. Serotonin is the most important chemical that increases your libido and your sexual life and makes you happy. This is one that controls your mind and mood. Lack of serotonin also leads to depression, headaches, and irritability you will never feel the recommend of having sex.

5. Avoid Sodas & Colas before going on bed

One of the bad foods that cause sexual dysfunction is sodas. Any fixed drink has to be absolutely avoided before sex and must also be eaten in very minimal quantities if you want to impress your partner in bed always. It is also responsible for obesity, dehydration, and dental cavities. Therefore, make it a point to avoid fizzed drinks completely.

4. Mint also kills your sex life

A lot of people who are ready to have sex with their lovely partner would pop up peppermint chewing gums or even eat mint leaves to keep their mouth fresh. However, do you know that mint has an awful effect on your body as well as your sex life? Yes, the menthol in the peppermint has been found to be an element that can lower your testosterone levels largely and make you a poor performer in bed. If you feel like you want to get relieved of bad breath as well as the foul smell in your mouth, try to chew a piece of ginger.

3. Avoid Cornflakes at night

The sugar that is present in the cereals will spike as well as will also cause a press in your blood level that will, in turn, affect testosterone. This will make you a poor player in bed. Therefore, make sure that you do not eat cereals if you have a plan of making love with your lovely partner at night. It is the bad foods that truly kill sex life.

2. Too much alcohol reduces the production of testosterone

Many people think that alcohol is very good before having sex as it helps them to get relieved off their inhibitions as well as approach their partner better. There are people also believe that drinking of a little bit of alcohol enhances their sexual life and makes them a great performer in bed. Too much of alcohol causes depression in you and you may even suffer from psychological symptoms. It will also reduce the production of testosterone in men. Thus, make sure that you limit yourself to just one drink if you have plans to entertain your partner in bed.

1. More Coffee is also bad

If you are a coffee lover, then it is better than you minimize taking a lot of coffee to become a good player in bed. Taking 5 to 6 cups of coffee daily will cause harm to your adrenal glands. The role of the adrenal glands will be reduced due to excess taking of coffee as well as this will, in turn, make stress hormones.

If you are in severe tension, you will be a total failure performer in bed with your partner. This can also lead to sexual imbalance. Therefore, limit to just 1 or 2 cups of coffee daily to make an impression of your partner in bed.

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