Top 10 Amazing Facts about Women around the World

Do you want to know some interesting things about women? If yes, check out this list of the top 10 amazing facts about women around the world.

Women are sensitive, love wholeheartedly, they like to take care of their loved ones, and loves to be loved. Women are as precious as a gem, can make you shine like a diamond. After all, they give birth to a new life. Besides, women are such complex inventions of God that no one fully understands them.

There many amazing facts about women that make them very special. We are going to share such interesting things about women around the world.

Let’s have a look and feel free to give your opinion in the comment section.

Top 10 Amazing Facts about Women around the World

Top 10 Amazing Facts about Women around the World

10. Beauty with brains!

Women are pretty from born and magnify as they grow older. They can dance gracefully, and that view is heavenly. Their sense of style, dressing-up is high profile, prefer style over comfort. Apart from clothing and accessories, women are fond of makeup. On average, women consume 4 lb. of lipstick if she applied approximately 533 lipsticks in her life. Generally, women never go out without applying the basics of lipstick,  foundation, and liner.

As per research, women have a 9% smaller brain when compared to men. The sixth sense found stronger in women. Women use both sides of their brain. The pituitary gland found in the human brain is large in height for women. They are a bit higher in self-awareness and are sensitive too.

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9. Women are Icon

Women are the gifted beauty on land by the grace of God. They don’t get the respect they deserve being a girl, teenager, or woman.

Every other person raises a voice against the violence. Still, there are many countries in which women are facing violence. There is a need to take the pledge to safeguard the women from rapes, domestic violence, acid attacks to early child marriages.

Women are strong, And a few gain the courage to stand out and be an icon to raise voice for justice and start a new life. Women being simply housewives or working women has the firmness to handle responsibilities. And women can be Jacinda Ardern, Malala Yousafzai, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira to justice Anna Chandy.

8. Women are emotionally strong

Women are emotionally strong when compared to men. They have the ability to console others being in any situation, as they use their emotions regularly. They are comfortable and have experience of handling emotions, have superiority in understanding the behavior.

Women can hide their own feelings of love or emotions easily from the opposite sex out of shyness. Although! They are sensitive in the matter of their relationships, yet very strong and mature mentally.

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7. Women love to travel & shopping

Another most interesting thing about women is they love to travel and explore the world. Being a working woman, it is not hard for them to make travel plans or plan a vacation. They love to feel nature and gain positive energy from it, they love solo trips as per an estimate.

Every woman in the world loves to shop. They love to collect memories of the places they visit. Women are smart and ready for the upcoming things that they will need to deal with while traveling. They carry most of the things that might need regardless of the increase in luggage.

6. Women confront gender inequality

Despite being a precious invention of God, women face gender inequality in every field, whether its a house, government sector, or private sector. Having a look around, the salary pay to women is always less than a man. Women being an entrepreneur face difficulties building a secure capital. They are a minority case around the world.

As per reports, to believe in media women in the United States in the minority sector. Women being a president and Prime-Minister have shown the power in female hands that could lead a country even. Women have reached a height that they are pilots like Neerja, but they are still not given a chance to fight at the border like male soldiers.

5. Maturity comes earlier in Women

Another one of the amazing facts about women is their maturity and reliability. Maturity in women comes at an early stage when compared to men. They get physically matured by the age of 19 and mentally mature by the age of 32. Whereas, men get mentally mature by 42, 43. The signs seen in matured women are their patience, tips to handle any situation very calmly, focused, learn from mistakes, respect all, accepting people as they are, forgive, think before speaking, never compare. The voice tone explains the maturity sense in women.

4. Women are the fastest data transfers

As matter of fact, the capability of women to speak a term is tremendous, talk 7000 times more than men. Besides, many women have the ability to speak until they prove their point. They can transfer any news faster than the news channels. Women have a much strong memory than men. Women can hold on to verbal communication in short-term memory storage. Their memory can last for years. They can be your best friends if you are soft and polite, they will do anything to help you as a friend.

3. Heels worn by women

One of the interesting facts about women is High heels. High heels are fashion, passion, and obsession for women, no matter they are tall or short. Wearing high heels adds glamor to their style and tries to be comfortable in their selected heels.

In the 16th century, High heels were introduced to the women’s world by Catherine de Medici when she wore the high heels for her marriage with the would-be King Henry. According to reports in the 1600s man use to wear heels as it was a sign of masculinity and their status.

2. Pregnancy

Another inspiring fact about women is pregnancy. Carrying a baby in her womb for months is the most painful task done by any woman. In pregnancy, the critical stage is to deliver the baby the pain a woman feels extreme.

The labor pain expressed by women similar to the toughest menstrual cramps, extreme back pain, broken bones pain. Women are reborn after the child’s birth. Many lose lives due to a lack of awareness about pregnancy issues. Women taller in height are likely to conceive twins.

1. Nursing

After the birth of a child, the mammary glands of the mother produce lactation. In research by an American doctor to find out the mothers of the exchanged babies boy and a girl born in the same ward, found out that the lactation produced by baby boys birth to his mother is two times increased to the baby girl’s mother.

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