Top 10 Typical Lies of Women to tell their Men

What makes some relationships a lot more honest and sincere as compared to others? What makes other couples more truthful and responsible with one another while some choose to fool the partner? No one deserves to lie. However, there won’t be any uncertainties that girls are usually telling lies significantly and quite often. Yet so men do exactly the same. There are some common lies of women for men and boyfriends which we’re going to share through a list of top 10 typical lies of women to tell their men. However, it is not fixed that every woman used to lie to their partners. Thus, you should try to find out some ways to identify true love is there or not in your relationship.

Top 10 Typical Lies of Women to tell their Men

When you have trust problems in your relationship, normally, a woman may possibly lie to you. Trust is one of the real signs of true love in a relationship that you need to develop right from the start of the relationship. Although, many people say ‘‘white lies” to make others feel better. Several women lie simply because they think to spare the emotions of a guy they’re dating or seeing.

We talked to our friend a relationship expert and co-founder of the Loveawake dating site. His name is Alex Wise who had pointed a few typical lies told by women that you need to know. Sooner or later you could hear them from your own partner and it’s also preferable to understand their true meaning. So, get ready to know these most common lies of women.

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Top 10 Typical Lies of Women tell their Men and Boyfriends

  1. Do not worry, it occurs to everyone

In case you just make a mistake or fail during sex, you may hear this lie from your own girlfriend. This is one of the common lies women tell their men or boyfriend. She does not want to tell you how upset she was but in her mind thinks something different. I’m not too sure that your mistake will be forgiven and that I would certainly worry about not doing a lot of ”accidents” such as these.

With all of these exposed, at this point may well be simpler for you to find out whenever your girlfriend is lying or not. As you see, what a woman says is not totally what the woman actually thinks.

  1. You’re great in bed

I am sure you may have experienced this already as every woman talks about this. That’s why this is one of the common lies of women to tell their partners. If she decides to talk about this particular topic without asking you, you don’t need to believe all that she says. If the girl starts to compliment you regarding your sexual experience it does not mean that she truly believes that. Normally a woman who truly cares about a man will tell him everything she knows that he wants to hear in order to make him feel better. So think of your girlfriend, relationship, your sexual experience, and find out if you truly deserve some compliments about this topic.

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  1. It won’t bother me in case you go out with your boys at strip-clubs

This is just too good to be true. Even if she claims that this is alright, she will be upset that you like to go. Women hate to really feel the second-best to some night out along with the guys and admit this to make themselves appear less pathetically needy. If you decide to go, she is going to make you plenty of comments right after, so be sure to think carefully before going. Initially, she will lie that she doesn’t have any problem with the night out but things will opposite if you are gone.

  1. Your money is irrelevant

I hope you did not believe this. Everyone knows that it is undoubtedly a big lie from women to their men and boyfriends. All women desire a man that is financially secure as well as independent. A guy that will guarantee the woman’s future without any monetary problems. This won’t signify that you must be very wealthy to get a girlfriend, but you will need to have some money. So, if you think that your women don’t bother about money, this will be a white lie.

  1. Your family is so lovely and so I love spending more time with them

The reality? Probably twice each month. Consider this… Do you actually believe that she loves to spend more time with your family where everyone is criticizing her and watching her every single move? She agrees to spend time with the family when it is needed but she won’t do it with much delight regardless if she’s pretending in front of you that she loves them. However many times if women get friendliness surrounding the family she may love to spend time with them. But in 90% cases, this is one of the common lies of women to tell their men.

  1. I love hanging out along with your friends

At the start, this can be okay, however, not too much. Even if they’re friends of yours, she’d enjoy spending more hours alone together with you instead of going out with your friends. If she has not told you this, she will keep on asking to go out together with them and after that, she will keep faking that she likes them. Therefore try to find out the likes and dislikes of your partner so that you could catch her lies.

  1. I really do love sports honey

Perhaps she wants to stay watching a football game with you but this won’t truly imply that she likes it. She allows doing so simply to tell you that she’s not the same as other women. Besides that, she wants to make you feel that you’ve got a common interest partner. You may well convinced that you’ve found the right girl for you, as only a few women prefer to stay watching football. However, you shouldn’t be too happy because eventually she might have enough and be irritated each time you take a seat and watch a game. This is just one of the tips for a happy relationship for women. So keep remembering this is another big lie of women to their partner.

  1. There is nothing wrong

The most typical lie women tell their men is ”I’m fine”. Whenever you will ask when there is a problem is considered the most used word by women. The thing is that she’s upset, she’s acting unusual or does not want to talk to you that much. And when you ask her what’s the problem she just says that things are totally fine. They don’t really prefer to tell the real truth but they’re expecting that men can easily find out that something is wrong with them.

  1. You are right

Every time that you’re arguing with your girlfriend and ends up by letting you know that you’re right? Perhaps this will make you feel pleased; however, you need to know that this is a huge lie. She just said this simply to make you shut up, even if she did not consider that you are right. She is aware that eventually, you will find that she was right, and may possibly be waiting for an apology.

  1. You are perfect

This is another one of the most common lies of women to tell their men and boyfriends. I really like your personality and that I will not change anything about yourself. Let’s be serious; no one is perfect. At the start of a relationship, all of the women say this simply “you are perfect”. This is just because of the new relationship and due to not knowing much of each other. However, with the surpassing of time, she will find many things that you need to change. So, if she lets you know similar to this, do not be too enthusiastic as she finds you perfect only for several days. And after while surely she’s going to ask you to change.

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