Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids


Do you want to know which are the best intelligent gifts for kids? If yes, check out this list of top 10 best intelligent gifts for kids.

School is not the first place where kids start learning. Learning starts from home, and for this reason, home is the primary school, and parents are the first teachers. All parents dream that their kids become the most intelligent kids in the world and even they decide the kid’s career from the born day. It is the age of competition, and every parent wishes for their kid to grow up being smart. Yes, parents are the first teacher for a kid, and you must convey your responsibilities in the best way.

As your kid grows up after getting discharged from the clinic, you built an engaging environment within your home, buy certain toys and gifts that will keep your kid engaged. You must have an idea, the toys with which the kids play create a great impact on their fresh mind. If you wish to grow your kid smarter than others of the same age, you need to select some creative and intelligent gifts for your kids. Your kid will grow up playfully learning new things with those intelligent toys and gifts.

A thoughtful gift will create a significant impact on the brittle mind. In this post, we bring some ideas and suggestions for you to select some intelligent gifts for your kids. We have listed the top 10 best intelligent gifts for kids in this section. Go through the article and decide which gifts suitable for your kids.

Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

10. Bath Toys

Bath Toys- Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

You can pack Bath Toys as a gift for your kid. Floating ducks in the bathtub, bath toys to construct and experiment water pipe chains could be an excellent selection for your kid. If your kid is 2 years old, such gifts could be the best intelligent gifts for them. Such Bath Toys would keep them engaged with fun and experiments. You need not guide them! The kids will slowly learn everything and develop their knowledge. They can distinguish the matters that float on water and that drowns. You can get vast numbers of choice for such intelligent gifts online.

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9. A giant Tetris-like Game

A giant Tetris- Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

If your kid is 2 years or older and is ready for playschool, you can bring A giant Tetris-like Game. This is one of the intelligent gifts for kids that will help your kid to learn the basic concepts of geometry. You can guide your kid with this game! The toddlers, as well as grown-up kids, love to dismantle and once again bring it together.

The kids will pull out and put in and construct different structures. You need to select such toys or gifts that are open-ended. Such toys will allow the kids to play different games with a single set of the toy.

8. Kid-friendly tablet

Kid friendly tablet- Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

This is one of the topmost intelligent gifts for kids of the modern era. It is the age of technology and without technology, it is quite difficult to cope up with the changing trends. Smartphones, tablets, and other such tech gadgets indeed fascinate the kids. You can pack a Kid-friendly tablet for the kid. Make sure to load different educational apps and specific other helpful apps before wrapping the gift! The kid will grow up learning from the tech device. You can get assured that the investment for the tablet would not go in vain. With simple guidance, the kid will learn everything fast as such tech devices are quite interesting for the kids.

7. Beautifully illustrated books

Beautifully illustrated books- Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

Nothing can be simple than a book but books are the best source to feed the curious minds of the kids! You can bring storybooks with excellent illustrations. You, of course, would have to read out the story, but the remarkable pictures will keep the kids engaged in the book. Kids have a tendency to get involved with the work every day if they find it interesting. You have to give some efforts to make the session enjoyable! Be creative and help your kid learn new things in a creative way.

6. GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox- Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

Another one of the intelligent gifts for kids. GoldieBlox is a construction toy uniquely designed for girls. With such a toy, your little girl will be able to learn simple principles of engineering with the blocks, cranks, and other materials in the kit. Selecting such a toy would be valuable for you and your girl!

5. Crystal Lab Set

Crystal Lab Set- Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

The crystal lab set will help your kid to learn about different colors. With easy to follow instructions, learning about colors will be fun and colorful with this toy. Such a gift will be favorable for kids eager to explore several new things. That’s why this is another most intelligent gift for kids in the current time.

4. Thinkfun Laser Maze

Thinkfun Laser Maze- Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

Thinkfun Laser Maze is a scientific toy that will help your kid to learn about the system of light. It is a single-player toy and the kid has to arrange the mirrors on the available grid in the kit to allow the laser beam to the target. There are 60 challenges for your kid with different levels of difficulty. This game will widen their knowledge about the mechanism of light. This game will be perfect for kids above 7 years. So what are you waiting for, this is another one of the perfect intelligent gifts for kids.

3. Club Aquascope

Club Aquascope- Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

If your kid is above 8 years and has started exploring different streams of science, gift her/him a Club Aquascope. It is a microscope-based device with a magnification feature and a built-in thermometer. Your curious child will be able to explore the underwater world with this invention. This tool will encourage your child to get involved in aquatic observation activities.

2. Micro Race Drone

Micro Race Drone- Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

This is one of the most intelligent gifts for kids of all time. You can help your kid to fly high up in the sky with their dreams! Pack a micro race drone for your kid as a gift and see the eagerness within your kid. If your kid is above 10 years, this could be the best gift for him/her. Navigating the drone in indoors and outdoors would be a fun time indeed! Make sure to assist your kid unless he/she attains perfection in guiding the drone!

1. Interactive Globe

Interactive Globe- Top 10 Best Intelligent Gifts for Kids

Help your kid to take a world tour without leaving the room! Gift him/her an Interactive Globe. This gift will be loved by kids above 6 years old. The interactive Globe will help the kids to learn several things about the world. They can hear the world facts just by selecting any location on the globe. This is surely going to extend the mind level of your kids.

Concluding statement

Make sure not to bring a horrible gift to which the kid will develop fear. You also must note down to pack the gift depending on the age of the kid. You can get the best varieties of gifts for your kids online also. We hope these intelligent gifts for kids will work for you.


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