Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023


Want to know who are the most beautiful & sexiest women in Lebanon? If yes, follow this list of the top 10 hottest Lebanese women in 2023.

Lebanon is widely famous for its tourism, different culture, and most importantly its beautiful and hot women. In beauty and personality, Lebanese women are not behind from the other beautiful women in the world. The following hot women of Lebanon are such perfect examples of it. Exceptional Beauty is common among these whereas they belong to distinctive professions. Let’s go through the list and tell us your favorite beautiful Lebanese woman in the comment section.

Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women in 2023

10. Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram- Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women

Nancy Ajram is a famous Lebanese singer, TV judge, and established businesswoman. Her career started at the tender age of 15 years after her debut album. Millions of records are sold worldwide from this best-selling Middle Eastern Music artist.

Nancy has numerous achievements and accolades to her credit. The credit for Arab pop music revival in 21 st century is credited to Nancy. Her stardom rose when she collaborated with Jiji Lamara and her controversial hit Akhasmak Ah, and Ya Salam got a release and was well-received. She is lauded for her Arab beauty frame as pout, ice-blue eyes, and sultry looks. She is an ideal beauty of Lebanon that prompts people in the wow moment.

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9. Aline Watfa

Aline Watfa- Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women

In 2014 beauty giant, Maybelline New York, appointed this former beauty queen and pleasing TV personality as their first Middle East Brand Ambassador. Her fashion mettle and vast experience got her this great opportunity. She is a fashion model, broadcaster, and TV presenter based in Lebanon. Her cutting-edge fashion program on MBC 1 is the top-rated one. She is also currently among the most beautiful Lebanese women in 2023.

Her journey with TV started with LBC’s well-liked show, Hawakom, and the journey continues with the best. She is a niche blogger who tips about fashion, beauty, and living style. Her Barbie doll looks got famous from her video clip Sbahok Sokar. Also, her innocent fragile face immediately caught the audience’s attention.

8. Nadine Nassib Nijeim

Nadine Nassib Nijeim- Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women

Absolute charming Nadine evolved into an actress after she was crowned Miss Lebanon in 2004. She also represented her country in Miss World 2004, and Miss Universe 2005. She truly deserves to be featured in this list of hottest Lebanese women of all time.

As an actress, she appeared regularly on television. Her praiseworthy work in television series includes Five Thirty, Tomb Raider, and Samra. Besides that, her other notable works include Ajyal, Nos Youm, Al Hayba, Tareeq, and 2020.

Her keen and novice-craving mind led her to create a digital marketing and web development company named Microbits. Besides that, she runs a website dedicated to luxury fashion stuff by the name of luxury 24. She is the leading Lebanese actress to be followed on Instagram with a massive fanbase of 12 million followers.

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7. Lamitta Frangieh

Lamitta Frangieh- Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women

Lamitta Frangieh is a Lebanese former beauty contestant, broadcaster, model, socialite, and actress. By her 13th birthday, she was into modeling which is first in Lebanon. Her tall stature of 5 feet and 8 inches was her natural asset to prosper in modeling. That’s why she is also one of the hottest Lebanese women in 2023.

Lamitta Frangieh got into the limelight after she worked with Robert Abi Nader in the fashion capital Paris. She was ardent in promoting Lebanese tourism via a show, Shou fi bi Libnan. She acted in various Egyptian movies as Had Same’e Haga, Mohtaram Ella Rob, 365 days of Happiness, and Omar w Salma. Also, she footed in Lebanese movies series via 3asser el harim.

6. Rola Saad

Rola Saad- Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women

In the 2000’s celebrity pop singer, actress, and model, Rola Youssef ruled the heart of Lebanon. Her tryst with showbiz commenced when she modeled for two reputed perfume brands named Habibi, and Dallou’a. Simultaneously, she had bagged roles in music videos named Etzakkarak, and Hayyarouni. However, as a singer, she got her first break with the Alam al Phan label.

This Lebanon hot woman is best famous for her chart-busting cover song of Sabah’s classic Yana Yana. Excuse Me 2015, Doq El Khishab, and Rabbana Yesmaa Mennak are her other popular numbers. Her collaboration with legendary Sabah soared her overnight popularity. She owes a fashion label R With Love.

5. Dana Halabi

Dana Halabi- Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women

The 5th place for hottest Lebanese woman goes to pop singer and actress Dana Halabi. Her hit tracks as Ana Dana, Inta Meen, and Bos Alaya got her instant fame. She was cast in movies as Yanoosak and Bel-Ghat. She fetched titles as Miss Magic Eyes 2003 and Miss Oriental Dance 2004. Her latest song Ta Moot is a rage among Lebanese.

This Lebanon beauty is active in social causes and she has founded the Halabi Foundation to raise funds for the Arab Spring-affected young ones. She is one of the most trending celebs for being a World Music Singer list. Her hits songs are A Dirty Humour, Al-joury Rose, Halabo, and Las3A.

4. Annabella Hilal

Annabella Hilal- Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women

Placed in the hottest celebrity list of Lebanon, this femme fatale has evolved into a multi-flair. She has been a former beauty pageant contestant at both national and international platforms. She is famed for hosting the highly-rated talent show Arab Idol. Also, she is cited as among the hottest women in Lebanon.

Annabella debuted as a television anchor and presenter on the shows Mission Fashion and Helwe w Murra. The beautiful lady aims to be the judge at some point in her life. She has delivered thoughtful lectures on Human Rights on various occasions.

Today, this Lebanese beauty is the most popular TV presenter in Arab society and an Instagram influencer having 1.8 million virtual followers.

3. Jessica Kehawaty

Jessica Kehawaty- Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women

The brown-eyed super talented Australian-Lebanese supermodel got crowned as Miss Australia in 2012. At the Miss Lebanon beauty pageant of 2012, she was the third runner-up. She has been a television host, humanitarian, and philanthropist. Currently, she is also named among the top 10 sexiest Lebanese women.

Kehawaty is very fond of green lenses and is often spotted wearing them. She studied law and business in Sydney. She has been a familiar face in commercials and promotion ads of Maybelline and Lexus cars. Besides that, she was a frequent face in all the leading magazines of the globe.

This Lebanon beauty raises funds utilizing her stature for safe water access via her Lilla community and charity unit. Her idea of launching a popular food delivery business in the pandemic was much talked about in recent times. She aimed to let her mother’s culinary skills reach her fellow countrymen.

2. Perla Helou

Perla Helou- Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women

Perla Helou, a 5 feet 9 inches tall Miss Lebanon 2017 comes 2nd in our list of the top 10 hottest Lebanese women in 2023. She always advocates for women’s empowerment. She represented the nation in the Miss World beauty pageant and received applause from audiences and juries.

Helou’s net worth spiked with her popularity and success graph. She is among the most talented and hottest celebrity in Lebanon. Her fanbase spreads across the globe. Her modeling career is prospering day by day. No wonder she has 421K followers on Instagram. Her charming looks and personality made her the most famous pageant contestant of all time.

1. Sandy Tabet

Sandy Tabet- Top 10 Hottest Lebanese Women

This young Lebanese beauty won the title of Miss Lebanon in 2016 surpassing 14 fourteen other participants. This beauty with brain allured the judges with her perceptive and generous replies. Her concern for the revival of the Country’s damaged drainage system speaks volumes of her far-ahead thinking. Her perception of issues made her the crowd favorite.

Assuredly, Sandy Tabet is the hottest Lebanese woman in 2023. Her concern for the nation and social causes made her the heartthrob. She was true to her commitments in the beauty pageant. She raised funds for Autism Awareness Association. Also, she has launched her jewelry brand named Sandy Tabet Jewellery.

Tabet is active on Instagram and has 106K followers. She posts her recent snaps, sometimes flaunting her brand products too.


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