NBA: Key Games, Events, Teams, Candidates


Basketball fans are passionately waiting for the beginning of the new NBA season, which will become a new chapter for everyone interested in this sport. Thus, fans can already see the schedule of the games, while the TV channels have already presented a broadcast schedule. The greatest interest of TV representatives was caused by the Lakers, which is not surprising considering the off-season.

NBA Key Games, Events, Teams, Candidates

In addition, sports analysts have already singled out some of the most important NBA confrontations, which are expected to be extremely dramatic. It is worth recalling that fans can watch basketball events using the convenient and reliable platform.

NBA: The Most Interesting Events

Among all NBA games, the following confrontations are the most expected:

  1. The game between Boston and Philadelphia. Sports analysts give this match a special place. Both clubs made new teams, and the newcomers pleased the fans with the good game so far. In addition, there is a very high probability that Boston and Philadelphia will meet in the finals.
  2. The confrontation between Portland and the Lakers. Fans of basketball waited for the moment LeBron hit the floor wearing Californian club colors for a long time, and the time has come! For this reason, the first game of the legendary player is of particular interest to fans.
  3. Rockets vs.Warriors. This game is interesting because of a lot of special circumstances the clubs experienced. So, for Rockets the main problem is the injury of Chris Paul, which significantly influenced the result of games. However, the player is still not fully recovered. Warriors face a similar situation —the tactics of the game was influenced by Andre Iguodala injury.
  4. Warriors against Lakers. The meeting of the first team and the first basketball player is one of the most anticipated moments of the NBA! Analysts are of the opinion that Lakers at the moment is not capable of winning against the champions. However, the very fact of a duel between the King and the “monsters” (Durant, Curry, Thompson, and Greene) already deserves special attention!
  5.   Oklahoma vs.Houston. This game is interesting for the big changes in Thunder tactics after Anthony’s departure. The player did not “fit” into the team, so this decision will give George and Westbrook an opportunity to show their worth.

In order to follow the match score, it is enough to choose a convenient website, where all the events of the upcoming season are available!

Main Candidates for the Champion Title NBA

The teams mentioned above will be the main candidates for champion rings. With it, it’ll be especially interesting to follow the Western Conference. Already in the last season, Houston caused a lot of problems to Warriors. Golden State faced more difficulties exactly when playing against Rockets. Now, the motivation of Harden & Co is extremely high and, perhaps, they’ll win the trophy.

Of course, all fans end even those who are not very interested in basketball wonder how LeBron will play for the Lakers. Obviously, the transfer of such a player will change the squad’s tactical line. The team will be joined by a new star and shell carriers. Indeed, Lakers has been in such a situation not for the first time. It’s enough to recall the last seasons of Kobe Bryant who played well but often hogged the blanket and, as a result, the whole team suffered.

However, LeBron is exactly the star the LA team has always needed for becoming a worthy competitor. Lakers fans want not just to forget but erase the last few years. There were unsuccessful transfers, a record number of defeats for the season, unsuccessful transfers, and lack of young players’ progress. Of course, the team that won the NBA 16 times hasn’t got used to such conditions. Besides, it can hardly become a worthy candidate for rewards. Now, it’s very important for the Lakers to enter the play-off round and pass one stage, at least. Even such a game in the midst of the latest failures may be really successful.

As for the Eastern Conference, the main favorite here in Boston that almost entered the NBA final in the last season but lost to Cleveland at the deciding match. LeBron has come to the West, so he has all the chances for new achievements. The main question is whether the team will withstand such load and fans and the press’s pressure. Over the last few years, Celtics showed quite good results but it’s still not known if this will be enough for getting to the final. Other young teams are also able to compete with it in the Eastern Conference. In particular, as already mentioned above, this is Philadelphia that’ll try to leave Boston behind this time. In general, the teams’ squads are almost equal after the draft, so we can hardly count on one of the teams’ hegemony.

It’ll be also very interesting to watch how Cleveland will play without LeBron. Obviously, the team will lose some positions and results. There’s the other question: how painful will such failure be? The Cavaliers’ strategy will be more collective now, as there’ll be no brilliant star on the team. In this case, the team spirit and ability to support partners are especially important. Cleveland had some problems with it in the last final series when the players entered the “fray” only from time to time and just watched for James confronting the rivals alone.

That’s why the upcoming NBA season is very important, as many teams will face seminal changes.


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