New NBA Triumph of “Golden State”


The 2017/18 season of the National Basketball Association has come to an end. This time, “Golden State Warriors” defended their champion title and actually left no room for the rivals in the play-off round.

This year, the current NBA champions didn’t let us cast doubt on their power. They didn’t play “at full capacity” but left their rivals behind. They faced some problems only with “Houston Rockets” but the series ended with the “Warriors’” victory with the score of 4-3. At the same time, the East saw an intensive struggle. Only at the 7th match, “Cleveland Cavaliers” finally left “Boston Celtics” behind. Besides, the latter were defeated in the play-off round on their scene.

New NBA Triumph of “Golden State”

So, “Golden State” and “Cleveland” met in the final again. This is their fourth meeting in the deciding series in a row. And LeBron James & Co became champions just once. 

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The outcome of the Final Series of NBA

Many people expected an uncompromising struggle when only the last match would decide the fate of the championship. Analysts and ordinary fans remembered the final in 2016 when “Cleveland” lost with a score of 3-1 but shaped up and turn the tide of the game. That time, the team won with a score of 4-3. However, fans didn’t see a serious intrigue for a number of reasons:

  •          the bad playing off LeBron James’ partners;
  •         too weak “Cleveland” bench;
  •         good preparation of “Warriors”.

As a result, they won 4 matches but “Cleveland” a real chance only in the 1st one when it came to the overtime. Then, the press announced that LeBron would probably leave the team. Indeed, other players of “Cavaliers” are not top-rated stars. That’s why “Golden State” won so easily, moreover, the priority gap was 30 points in the final fourth match.

The “Cleveland” fans’ fears were confirmed when James left the team for “Los Angeles Lakers” and new victories, so we can hardly see “Cavaliers” in the final series soon. Besides, it’s obvious that it’s not enough for the new team to have only LeBron to enter the play-off round. Moreover, “Lakers” haven’t played head-to-head matches for several years, so now they really need to focus on being in the top 8. Then, much will depend on the lot.

LeBron’s leaving caused another problem – the weakening of the Eastern Conference. While there’s a real intrigue in the West, the other part of the table seems not so attractive. The transfer of James to “Lakers” will cause a greater gap.

The only thing that makes the East stronger is the teams’ progress. “Philadelphia” has recently looked like an outsider of the league. However, in the last season, the team not only entered the play-off round but also became a worthy competitor of “Boston”. By the way, “Celtics” has recently become much stronger and exactly this team is called the main favorite of the Eastern Conference in this season.

Last time they lost to “Cleveland” in the dramatic struggle but it was obvious that the team will only develop even despite the fact such star, as LeBron James, who is able to turn the tide of the match alone left it.

In the next season, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant & Co will try to repeat their success but it’s supposed that they’ll have another competitor from the Eastern Conference.

Main Favorites of the Upcoming Season NBA

Even the draft can hardly impact the balance of power this year. At this stage, “Golden State” looks like an obvious favorite. The main thing that may prevent the team from winning champion rings again is a lack of motivation. Now, they are certainly the best in the League and 3 titles for 4 years speak for themselves. But the team has relaxed anyway. The last season confirmed this: at some competitions, the team played not at full strength and the leaders entered the fray only from time to time.

Despite this, the main trump of Warriors is exactly an excellent bench where everyone can strengthen the team’s strategy. Other competitors can hardly boast of the such number of stars in the team, so they consider the tactics directed to two or three main payers. However, a lack of motivation is hidden by competence and skills the players had never lost. In such an environment, the rivals can only hope for the team facing some problems.

In the NBA, even the weakest team of the league has a chance to win, so the outcome of any competition may be really unexpected. The main intrigue of the season is still James for “Lakers”. To what results will he lead the team that has showed the worst results in its history for the last 5 years? LeBron got used to taking part in finals, at least, but, at this time, he has played with too weak and unstable partners.

So, time will show whether he’ll achieve success being in such a difficult situation. That’s why the new season of the National Basketball Association promises to be interesting and really exciting. To keep up with the games, you should consider using a service like ExpressVPN to bypass NBA blackouts and stream games live.


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