SEX Free Countries in the World – Sex is a basic need of human but most of the countries have certain rules and regulations on sex activities so it’s highly restricted in many countries. But there are many countries are there where sex activity or prostitution is legal and there are no certain rules and regulations.

Top 10 SEX Free Countries in the World

Most of the people are searching for these countries to enjoy sex life. If you are one of them who wants to go for a trip to a country which is totally sex free then you are at the right place. In this article, you can find top 10 sex free countries in the world where you can enjoy a lot. So let’s discuss briefly without wasting any time.

Top 10 SEX Free Countries in the World

10. Netherlands

Netherlands is the most recognized country which is famous for its sex workers. In this country, sex is quite open and there is no certain rules and regulation on it. You can find several sex workers or prostitutes those who choose this work as a profession. You can enjoy sex activity in this country quite openly.

9. Germany

Since 1927, prostitution was legal in this country. This is also a country which is sex free and you can find several sex workers and prostitution. Professional Germany sex workers are provided various health insurances and they normally pay tax for this sex activity to the government. Many people from several countries visit this country to enjoy sex. If you want to enjoy your sex life then Germany is also a better option for you.

8. Ecuador

This is a country where anything related to sex work is absolutely legal but remembers one thing; forced prostitution is always illegal here. In this country, you can find many men and women sell their body for the sex activities. Almost all sexual activity is quite open in this country and this is also a popular sex free country of this world.

7. Denmark

Denmark is a sex free country and prostitution is completely legal here. The Denmark government also helps to the sex workers those who disabilities to get laid by earning the additional costs some of them have to recompense. Here you can find several prostitutes and sex workers and this is a beautiful country where you can enjoy sex activity without any obstruction.

6. Bangladesh

In Bangladesh male prostitution is completely legal. Here in this country, owning a brothel and pimping is also legal. In this country, many people choose their profession as a sex worker. So this is a sex free country where you can visit to enjoy sex life.

5. Austria

Austria is a sex free country and prostitution is utterly legal here. The only thing you have to do to register as a prostitute which will undergo the proper health examination. You can get the license after 19 years of old only and you have to pay the declared amount of tax to the government. You can also find several forced and smuggling prostitution in this country.

4. Australia

Australia is a popular country where thousands of visitors come every year. But many people don’t know that there are some areas in Australia where sex-related works or prostitution is completely legal. So you can enjoy your sex life here in this country.

3. France

France also comes under the sex free country where sex and prostitution are completely legal. Soliciting in public place is always an outlawed here so be careful on this. Since 1946 brothels and pimping is illegal here. Still, you can find several professional prostitutes those who work under the rules and regulation. You can also choose this country if you want to enjoy your sex life.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia is a sex free country and there is no certain law in any clear form from the government side for this country. All sorts of the sex trade are quite safe and legal here but forced sex work is always dangerous in this country. You can also choose Indonesia to enjoy your sex life. Many sex workers are doing prostitution business in this country so it’s a totally sex free country.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country where you can enjoy the natural beauty. This is a country where prostitution is totally legal since the year 2003. You can find several licensed brothels those who managing under public employment and health laws. Here sex workers also get same benefits as other employees are getting. New Zealand is always a better place if you want to enjoy your sex life. Here you can get open sex opportunities without any obstruction.

These are top 10 sex free countries in the world so if you have any plan to enjoy your sex life, you can choose any one country to get sexual satisfaction without any hesitation.


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