Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends


Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends- There is no doubt that celebrities are the biggest trend-setters when it comes to any kind of fashion statement. This of course has changed over the years, but there have been very simple changes, which have ranged from simple things such as going with a sparkly dress for a fancy event. Then there have been more extravagant fashion trends from celebrities such as huge hairstyles we have seen people like Lady Gaga and Rihanna show off.

When it comes to jewellery, there is never a set ‘look’ that celebrities follow. Be it a male or a female, you will always see them trying out something new. This can be the case for a big red carpet event or a simple shopping trip (where they’re probably in the process of changing the trends again!) and it shows the diversity that is available when it comes to jewellery. These following 10 trends will make sure that you are in the know for what the latest celebrity jewellery trends are – and you may choose to follow some of these yourself.

Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

10. Arm Cuffs Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

A big jewelry trend that we have seen a lot of celebrities using lately are arm cuffs, which can be worn by both male and females. These have been on the periphery of the jewelry game for a while now, but it seems as though they are starting to become a popular choice amongst the celebrities. At the recent awards season, there were a number of actresses who decided to incorporate an arm cuff in to their outfit, including Sofia Vergara and Robin Wright. If you’re thinking about following the trend of arm cuffs, you should remember that they don’t have to be worn with smart clothing. For males these can also looked with a casual outfit where you could wear mens long sleeved t-shirts with the arm cuff over the top. For females they can follow this trend by wearing them along with a nice simple dress.

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9. Statement Rings Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

Rings have always been a popular jewelry choice for both men and women. But now, it seems celebrities are choosing to wear rings that stand out more and can catch more attention when they are worn as part of their outfit.We have seen celebrities such as Jonny Depp and Sophie Turner wearing statement rings – which shows that it is appropriate across both genders. The recommendation if you want to follow this trend would be to wear them with smarter evening outfits as they may look out of place when worn with a casual outfit.

8. Diamonds Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

Quality diamonds were once hugely popular amongst celebrities, but there was a phase where a lot if diamonds were left at home. However, it appears a lot of celebrities are choosing to bring their diamonds back out, whether this as part of a necklace, watch or ring. Once again, both genders have been doing this trend and if you want to follow – you should save it for a smart event to make sure your diamond gets the recognition it deserves.

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7. Big Watches Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

The next big trend we have been seeing is the emergence of big-faced watches. This has been mainly with the male celebrities such as Drake and P-Diddy, who have both been wearing Aviator watches with their casual outfits as way to ‘bling’ it up a bit. If you’re a male who is wanting to follow this trend, then you should follow it exactly as the celebrities are doing it by wearing a big watch with a casual outfit so it can make it stand out more.

6. Drop Earrings Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

Drop earrings have been seen on almost celebrity at the red carpet events we have seen recently. As you may have expected, this has mainly been with the female celebrities such as Amy Adams and Margot Robbie who have been sporting this look when it comes to their glamorous award show outfits. As a female who will be wanting to follow this trend, you would want to wear drop earrings as part of a fancy evening outfit alongside a nice long silk dress.

5. Ear Cuffs Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

These are essentially the opposite to drop earrings as they are small and sit around the top of the ear. However, these can be worn by men too and as part of a more casual outfit. If you are wanting to follow this trend you should try wear it with a simple t-shirt and jeans combination for a female. As a male, you can wear these with a smart/casual outfit to compliment it nicely.

4. Midi Rings Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

This trend is fairly similar to the statement ring trend but this is a type of ring that is only worn by females and is only really worn with a casual outfit. The celebrity who has pulled off this trend the best has been Olga Kurylenko, who’s silver midi ring looked fantastic when it was worn with a plain white top and cream clutch bag. This would be the look to follow if you want to try this trend out as well.

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3. Rose Gold Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

Over the past few years we have seen a big trend with rose gold slowly becoming the most popular colour seen with celebrities. This has been with the release of the iPhone and other accessories. So it is no surprise that rose gold jewelry has also become hugely popular. You can now find a number of rose gold watches or necklaces which can be worn by either males or females and is perfect for any outfit choice. Rose gold one of the latest celebrity jewellery trends.

2. Chokers Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

Chokers have become hugely popular amongst the female celebrities lately. These are available in a number of variations – with simple shoestring styles for a casual outfit. Or you can find ones that are gold which you see the likes of Gigi Hadidand Kendall Jenner wearing one with their smarter outfits.

1. Pearl Necklace Top 10 Latest Celebrity Jewellery Trends

Pearl necklaces were mainly seen in the 80’s and 90’s but we have seen a number of older generation of celebrities bringing these back again. Actress Judie Dench is has worn a pearl necklace as part of a fancy outfit and it looks truly beautiful. If you are a female wanting to follow this trend then you should definitely bring out the pearl necklace for a smart evening dinner. Pearl Necklace is the very latest celebrity jewellery trends.


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