Top 10 International Records of AB de Villiers


Are you also fan of AB de Villiers? I don’t know about you but yes I am. Therefore today I have decided to share some most exciting facts about AB de Villiers. This is nothing but list of all records of AB de Villiers till now in his career.

Do you know International records of AB de Villiers?

If no, not to worry, here is the best chance to catch all ABD records. He has been already created many unbeaten records which I have described below.

I know that, you all are truthfully familiar with the name AB de Villiers. Meanwhile, you know that Abraham Benjamin “AB” is South African cricketer who was born on February 17, 1984. He is also acknowledged as by Mr. 360° and Superman. He is right hand batsman and wicket keeper.  He regarded as the most famous cricketer on this planet of present time. No any cricketer can contrast with him when he plays on his peak. He is extraordinary in all area of performance. He is great batsman, successful captain, good bowler, quick wicket keeper and fastest fielder.

Top 10 List of International Records of AB de Villiers

Top 10 List of International Records of AB de Villiers

1. Fastest 50

This is one of the biggest record hit by AB de Villiers. He is holding the record of fastest half century (50) in just sixteen balls (16) in ODI (One Day International) format against the West Indies. The match was played at Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg on 18 January 2015.

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2. Fastest 100

This is another International record of AB de Villiers which almost impossible to get crack. ABD has scored fastest hundred (100) in ODI (One day Internationals) format in 31 balls only. Again, this record was created opposite to West Indies. The match was played on 18 January 2015 at Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg.

3. Fastest 100 & 50

I think, West Indies is favorite opposite team of ABD. That’s why this record is also created against the West Indies.  ABD has achieved fastest hundred (100) and fifty (50) in ODI (One day Internationals) in just 64 balls in opposite to West Indies. The match was held at Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia on 27 February 2015

4. Fastest 8000 runs

Currently AB de Villiers is holding the record of fastest player to accomplish 8000 runs in ODI (One Day Internationals) format. He has scored fastest 8000 runs with the average of 50 including 24 centuries and 48 half centuries.

5. Most number of 6s

Yes, ABD has hits most numbers of sixes in One Day Internationals format. He reached the record of most number of sixes i.e 16 in an innings in ODI format alongside Chris Gayle and Rohit Sharma. This record is also against the West Indies at Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg on 18 January 2015.

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6. 37 sixes in World Cup 2015

South Africa reached up to semifinal in the captaincy of AB de Villiers. He has the big contribution in the cricket world cup 2015 in making it so entertaining for audience. He smashes the most numbers of sixes (37 sixes) in Cricket World Cup along with Chris Gayle.

7. 34 run in a single over

This is another time when de Villiers proved he is one of the biggest hitter in the world.  ABD scored 34 runs in a single over opposite to the West Indies bowler Jason Holder. This is the 3rd maximum runs in a single over after the Herschelle Gibbs (36 runs) and Thisara Perera (35 runs) in One Day Internationals.

The 34 runs were as following: 4 n b 6 2 n b 4 4 4 2 6.

8. Fastest 50 in T20

AB de Villiers is the fastest South African player to make fifty in T20. He has scored the quickest T20 half century just followed by 21 balls. The match was played against the England on 21 February 2016 at Jo’burg ground.

9. 3000 runs in Indian Premier League

AB de Villiers has not contributed only for South Africa team however he has rocked on in IPL as well. ABD is the third overseas player to complete 3000 runs in IPL with the average of 42.87 after Chris Gayle and David Warner. He has accomplished 3000 runs with the strike rate of 165.85 including 3 centuries and 19 half centuries. These all stats prove that AB de Villiers is a special cricketer who has contributed a lot to make cricket interesting and exciting.

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10. Most Fan Following

According to my observation, AB de Villiers is the only cricketer who has admirer only and no any criticizer. Currently he is holding more than 3.82M followers on Twitter. The followers on social media is not real picture, to witness his esteem, you need to watch him live in stadium. The whole crowd comes to watch his batting only like I am. So and so that’s why today he is most popular cricketer in the world.

I hope you all enjoyed to read this post and possibly I have not listed many other records of AB de Villiers. If you know any other record, you can mention it on comment section.

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