Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer


2018 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer – Do you know what’s going to be fashion trends for summer this year? If no, this is the best time to know fashion trends in 2018.

The world of fashion is constantly changing and introducing new ground breaking trends, and this season definitely proves that claim. If you would like to know what are the major trends that many expensive fashion brands will love this summer – stay with us. You will absolutely love the top 10 fashion trends listed below. So now get ready to introduce with top fashion trends for spring summer 2018.

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer 2018

10. Stripes All Over the Place

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer Strips are one more time rocking the world of fashion, however, now they are coming bolder and brighter than ever! They are no longer just horizontal or vertical – but rather scattered, chopped, or even curled. A statement cardigan or a maxi dress will definitely brighten up your whole outfit. That’s for sure this is going to be best fashion trends for spring summer of 2018.

9. Teeny Tiny Pleats

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer Another dress up that going to be rock among all fashion trends for this summer. It is well-known that pleats look sophisticated, which makes them perfect for glamorous occasions. Well, this trend is taken to a whole new level by introducing petite pleats that will rule this season. These micro versions are the best way to emphasis your femininity and look dam hot at the same time.

8. Pyjama Party

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer No matter whether you choose a two-piece set or a slip-on, you will make no mistake with pyjama-like items in your outfit. Needless to say – satin and silk are preferred fabrics when it comes to this trend, with just a pinch of lace. When talking about patterns – floral will look top-notch, as well as starry motifs.

7. Haute Slippers

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer Now that you have haute pyjama, it’s high time you got haute slippers to match it! Acne and Balenciaga really stepped their game up by creating perfect mules that resemble your favourite pair of slippers. However, these are upgraded with leather, lace, and some of the hottest prints for this summer. Aside from all that, these are super comfortable!

6. Bright, Bright Colours

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer When it comes to 2018, the rule is pretty much straight forward – the brighter the better! This summer will be all about the color, just make sure that you have ditched all those delicate pastels – make room for some bolder shades, such as orange, yellow, or turquoise. Being edgy will definitely pays off, so don’t be afraid to make a statement with your favorite color.

5. Patterned Patchwork

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer Patchwork will be a best fashion trends for spring summer of 2018, however, the mixing of different prints and patterns will make it even more wearable. This summer will be flooded with clothing items that are covered in patchwork all the way, so check out maxi dresses, skirts, and shirts in this style. The truth is that such pieces actually contribute to a boho chic look, so go ahead if that is your cup of tea.

4. Body Piercing on Fleek

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer The distant cultures of African tribes served as an inspiration for some of the most renowned fashion houses such as Givenchy, which introduced the trend of body piercing as a legit part of every stylish outfit. No matter whether you choose to accessories your ears, nose, or belly button, you will make no mistake because this ancient practice has been upgraded with urban detailing that will leave everyone breathless.

3. Extra Long Earrings

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer Also known as ‘shoulder dusters’, extra long earrings are very popular when it comes to complementing your look. However, designers have spiced up this trend a little bit by introducing mismatched pairs of these beauties. The rule is simple – the earrings should be similar in style, but you are free when it comes to their shape and design.

2. Mi Querida Señorita

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring Summer At the 2nd place in this list of top 10 fashion trends for spring summer 2018. Hints of romantic Spanish culture have been incorporated into the latest collections of Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg and other designers for a good reason. These will emphasis feminine silhouette in the best possible way. Off-the-shoulder details, flamenco ruffles, combo of black and red, and magnificent embroidery will definitely make you feel like a real Spanish señorita.

1. Gingham With a Twist 

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Spring SummerThis pattern will probably remind you of school uniforms, but this season it comes with a completely new look. It is perfect for spring, and some of the pieces that are just perfect for it are mid-length dresses and tailored pants. Victoria Beckham and Stella McCartney reinvented this classy pattern all over again for this spring, and it was totally worth it. That’s why its spotted at no.1 in this list of top 10 fashion trends for spring summer 2018.

As you can see, fashion trends for spring summer in 2018 which realize that this season will burst with different trends and styles. The fact that there are so many of them makes it even better, because that means that everyone will something that suits their own taste and personal preferences. After all, fashion is all about playing and fun, so set your mind free and you will enjoy it!


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