Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney, Australia


Best Beaches in Sydney- Beaches in Sydney, Australia aren’t simply a place, its a best attraction for the fun, entertainment and rest for the peoples. Sydney is well popular for its cool beaches. Thus because of so many cool beaches in Sydney, it’s a hard naming only just 10, but after being a Sydney resident long enough knowing the best beaches is second nature. Thus in this article, I am going to introduce  top 10 best beaches in Sydney. Just go and jump into the salt water in some of these Sydney’s and Australia’s best beaches!

Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney, Australia

10. Coogee Beach Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney

A short trip from the city will find you at Coogee Beach. Why not join a game of beach volleyball, or go for a surf? Coogee enjoys the same coastal vibe as Bondi, but like Maroubra it doesn’t draw as large a crowd. The 9km Coogee to Bondi walk will get your heart pumping and is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Sydney.

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9. Shelly Beach Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney

Shelly beach is a well-kept secret. Hidden from the rough swells of the ocean, Shelly is perfect for families and travellers looking to go for a relaxing dip without the large crowds of Manly. If you like to snorkel, Shelly is the place to be!

8. Clovelly Beach Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney

Clovelly beach is ideal for families or travellers not looking to be dumped ashore by waves. A quiet, secluded spot in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. An enclosed lap pool lay to the side of the beach for those looking to avoid the sand.
7. Maroubra Beach Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney

The glorious Maroubra beach is a local favourite. About 2 hours walk South of Bondi, Maroubra boasts the longest beach in the Eastern Suburbs, and is one of the quietest. A walk North or South will delight any photographer, with quaint rock pools and glorious headlands.

6. Balmoral Beach Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney

Balmoral Beach is a great beach to hire a kayak and adventure around. Balmoral is popular, yet not over crowded beach in Sydney’s North. It’s crystal clear water, lush green trees and yellow sand would have anyone hooked to the ocean!

5. Cronulla Beach Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney

The easiest beach to get to in Sydney! A short 2 minute walk from the train station will find your feet firmly in the sand of Cronulla beach. Grab some fish and chips and spend your day watching the waves crash ashore. But keep an eye out for seagulls trying to steal your lunch. This is best beach in the list of top 10 best beaches in Sydney.

4. Freshwater Beach Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney

‘Freshy’ as locals like to call it, is home to some of the best surf in Sydney. Head to the South end to dabble in some bodyboarding, or take a picnic and set yourself up for the day. Patrolled throughout the year by lifeguards, Freshwater is a safe beach to go for a swim!

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3. Manly Beach Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney

Jump on a ferry to Manly, wander along the promenade and you’ll find yourself at the stunning Manly Beach. Have your caricature drawn, sip on barista made coffee, swim between the flags, or go for a spot of shopping. Manly beach really has it all!

2. Palm Beach Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney

Walk to the top of Barrenjoey head and gaze out along the peninsula to Palm Beach. Known for it’s role as Summer Bay on the Australian Soap Opera Home & Away, Palm Beach is one of kind and not to be missed. This is one of the best Beaches in Sydney.

1 .Bondi Beach Top 10 Best Beaches in Sydney

Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach plays host to more than 2 million visitors each year, and there is no guessing why! Bondi is home to good swell, great local markets, delicious food, and great local culture. Grab an ice cream and check out the famous mural wall, you will not be disappointed!