Top 10 Most Important Android Phone Apps


People are using android Smartphone because android operating system offers user-friendly interface and supports many outstanding and useful applications. Apps are the main thing which makes Smartphone very interesting and exciting. Without Apps android phone is worthless and similar to simple phone.  In other words, to experience the android world you should have best quality apps.

We already plan, which apps we will install in our android phone before we purchase it. Thus, after starting new phone, the first thing that we do is to download and install all the important android apps in our Smartphone. But if you don’t know which apps you must have in your android phone, what will you do? Don’t worry, solution is here. Top10About have prepared a list of top 10 most important android phone apps. These are most downloaded and most popular android apps worldwide. Therefore, if you are looking for best android phone apps of all time check out this ultimate list including all must have apps for android phone.

The all android apps shortlisted here are completely free to download and install. You can easily download and install these apps in your Smartphone. You just to go on Google Play Store, search the app press for install. Now let’s have a look on this list of best mobile phone apps.

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Top 10 Most Important Android Phone AppsTop 10 Most Important Android Phone Apps

12. Google Drive Application

Google Drive is another must have Smartphone apps for official in current time. This application offers free cloud storage facility to the user. You can easily store and sync your required files with the help of this amazing application. This is one of the most powerful application for office use and also one of the best apps for android phones. You can also get some additional storage facility by paying some extra amount in case of Google drive application.

11. Last Pass Application

Most of the people uses same password for their different account which is always a wrong thing and not at all secured. We people are very bad to remember password but it’s quite necessary to have a strong password for various section for the security purpose. In such case, password manager like Last Pass application plays very important role. This is a special kind of password manager which always fills correct password of your and keep your password secret. This application also stores your personal information securely. You can also easily sync your password whenever you want.

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10. Swift Keyboard Application

Swift Keyboard application is one of the most important android phone apps which are necessary for every android phone user. This is an amazing keyboard application which is very user-friendly and good looking. You can easily type anything with the help of this key board with more accuracy and safety. This keyboard also offers 100 languages so you can easily choose your required language when you want to type any message or anything according to your requirement. No doubt this is a very useful application and it comes at number 10th position in our list of 10 most important apps for android phones.   

9. True Caller

True Caller is another most downloaded android apps which is very famous among people. Most of the times you must want to know the true identification of any unknown mobile number. But true caller is such an android app which is very useful and can inform you regarding the real location and proper identification of any unknown number. This is really an important apps for android phones and you can easily get the details information regarding any unknown number by a single click. This application deserves to be here in our list without any hesitation.

8. MX player

MX player is one of the popular apps for android phones. This is an excellent media player in which you can play any video format file easily. This application is very user-friendly and comes with many features like subtitle, aspect ratio adjustment, volume controller and brightness adjustment. This application bestows excellent video viewing experience to the user and no doubt this application deserves in our list of top 10 best android phone apps.   

7. IMO

Imo is a special kind of messenger application which has achieved too much popularity within some days. This is an excellent application and comes with many outstanding features like messaging, video call and voice call. You can easily connect with your friends with the help of this famous application. This is one of the most popular Smartphone phone apps best for high quality video calling. 

6. Google Maps application

Google Maps is one of the most important apps for android phones. This application is very useful and always guides you in any unknown places. If you are visiting to any unknown place then this application can guide you as a road map and show you the perfect way to rich your destination easily. You can easily find any particular location with the help of this application, it will guide you with showing proper direction. This application is very simple and user-friendly.

5. UC browser Application

A good browser application is quite important for an android Smartphone. UC browser is one of the popular apps for android phone because this application comes with many features like speed surfing facility, user-friendly, download facilities and many more. You can also get extra boosting of download speed with this amazing application. So this application always deserves the number 5th position in the list of most important apps for android phones. 

4. Youtube Go Application

Nowadays people are mostly looking for a good application for entertainment. In such case, there is nothing better than YouTube go application. This is an extraordinary application by which you can easily access any YouTube videos even if you have slow data connection. This is an extra ordinary feature of this application and no doubt this is another most popular android phone apps.

3. Share It Application

Nowadays no one have time to wait for anything but data transfer is always annoying as big files normally takes too much time for transfer from one mobile device to another through blue tooth and infrared. In such case, Share it application can works in an effective way. This is one of the amazing free android apps which can easily transfer big files from one android device to another within some seconds. The transfer speed of this software is just unbelievable and no doubt this is one of the most important apps for any android device.

2. Go Backup Application

Go back up is another most useful mobile apps for android mobile phone users. Sometimes accidentally people lose their phone contacts, call logs, messages which are always annoying for any user. But a good back up application like Go Backup is always very helpful in making your important things back up. You can easily restore your important texts, contacts and call logs on your SD card with the help of this useful application. This application works manually so it’s easy to use.     

1. Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus Application

Avast mobile security and antivirus application is one of the useful free download apps for android phone. This is best for antivirus, malware detection and phishing attracts. This application offers 100% effective and fully security to your android Smartphone and it comes at number one position in the list of 10 most important apps for android phone.     


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