Top 10 Car Insurance Cost Cutters


Car Insurance Cost Cutters- Due to the rising cost of the cars, the car insurance is hefty throughout the world. There are many things that you can do to decrease the burden on your wallet as the insurance price will not lessen soon. Here are some tips that you can save your good amount of money.

Top 10 Car Insurance Cost Cutters

Top 10 Car Insurance Cost Cutters

Insure multiple cars and drivers

If you get the quote from your car insurance company to insure your car then you might be end up in obtaining a higher quote on single vehicle. This is because many insurance companies offer the good amount to the bulk rate because they want the business and they will provide you the best deal. Many insurance companies are offering discounts when you insure the multiple cars or drivers. So talk to your agent or insurance company to see whether you are qualify for the discount or not. Some insurance company’s offers discount if you are having other policies with the same insurance company such as life insurance policy, home insurance policy, car insurance policy. Don’t forget to talk to your agent and ask which discount is available for you.

Keep your record clean

If you are getting in more accidents or having the more moving violations then surely you have to pay more annual premiums. If your record is having the more points then your annual premium will be increased. Make sure to keep your record clean and drive safely. As higher the points can results to higher the premium.

Take a defensive driving course

Many insurance companies are providing the discounts to those who have completed their defensive driving course. From this the driver can able to reduce the number of points from their license after completed the defensive driving course which is also known as the accident prevention course. Make sure to talk to your agent or insurance company about the discount before signing up for the class. It is very important that the driver sign up for the accredited driving course. As the effort is being expended and the cost of the driving course will be translated into the big savings.

Shop around

Before buying the insurance policy or before the renewal your policy considers the shopping around option so that you can obtain different quotes from the competing companies. Make sure to shop around so that there may be a chance to get the lower rate. Always remember that the cheap doesn’t means the good and don’t always go with the low priced company. Always make your wisest decision. The credit worthiness of the insurance company is also being considered. The financial strength of your insurance company is important but more important is what your contract covers. So understand your insurance contract properly.

Take mass transit

At the time of buying the insurance policy or at the time of signing up the insurance contract your insurance company will issue a questionnaire to you. Among the questions they might ask the number of miles you drive your car. If you are using your car for four hours to work every day then you have to pay more insurance premiums than someone who is driving two hours a day. Keep in mind that try to decrease your mileage and use the mass transit to fewer your miles. Talk to your agent or the insurance agent about the different mileage so that your efforts won’t be wasted.

Select your car carefully

Purchasing a huge SUV will sound exciting but insuring the 4000 dollar on top of the line vehicle is more expensive than insuring a small car. The older cars are cheaper to get insured than the modern cars. Don’t hesitate to talk to your agent or the insurance company to ask about the exact rates to insure your cars.

Consider raising your deductibles

While selecting the car insurance you have to choose the deductible. Depending on the policy the deductible will range from 250$ to 1000$. Lower the deductible the higher the premium and conversely the higher the deductible the lower the premium. Ask your agent how your premium will be affected if you increase your deductible.

Improve your credit rating

The factor in determining the auto insurance costs is the driver record. The driver who gets in lots of accident will surely have to pay more money to their insurance company. Insurance company will also consider the credit rating at the time of determining your insurance premium. Try to make your payments on time. As the negative points in your credit rating will raise your insurance premium.

Pay attention where you live

Many people shift from one state to another because it has the lower car insurance rates. But pay attention where you live. If your location is having the more crime scene such as theft and your insurance company gets to know about that crime then you have to pay more premiums on your insurance policy. As your area is a risky area.

Install anti-theft device

Individuals can lower their annual premiums if they install the anti-theft device in their car. Your agent or insurance company will guide you properly which device can lower your insurance premiums. If your car is equipped with anti-theft device such as car alarm, air bags etc. they you don’t have to worry about the insurance premiums.

Question your agent

If you are having any queries then talk to your agent directly. Ask about the discounts for which you are qualified or which is available for you. If you don’t talk or ask then you won’t get that advantage.

The price of car insurance is likely to continue to increase in the future. There are many things you can do to reduce the stings. Hopefully these tips will take you in the right direction.


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